Top Environmental Startups Climate Tech Startups UK
Top Environmental Startups Climate Tech Startups UK

Top Climate Tech Startups London – Best Climate tech companies London

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Top Environmental Startups Climate Tech Startups UK

Top Climate Tech Startups London – Best Climate tech companies London

Climate Tech Startups UK: Innovators Leading the Charge in Sustainability

The United Kingdom has emerged as a hub for innovation in the climate technology sector, often referred to as climate tech. UK-based startups in this space are playing a key role in addressing environmental challenges through groundbreaking technologies.

These companies are not only contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions but are also paving the way for a sustainable future, drawing significant investor interest and public support.

At the forefront of technological advancements, these startups span various industries, from renewable energy to sustainable agriculture, and are characterised by their commitment to environmental concerns.

Their work is instrumental in driving the UK’s green agenda and aligning with global efforts to combat climate change.

With a thriving ecosystem supported by a blend of entrepreneurial spirit and government initiatives, the climate tech scene in the UK is consistently making headlines for its impactful solutions.

By leveraging cutting-edge technology and innovative business models, these startups are fuelling the UK’s position as a leader in the global quest towards a low-carbon economy.

Climate Tech Startups UK

Overview of the UK Climate Tech Landscape

The UK possesses a robust and innovative climate technology sector, emerging as an essential player on the global stage. It experiences a flowering of climate tech companies, leveraging technology to address pressing environmental challenges.

The technology start-ups in the UK that focus on climate change often attract significant venture capital investment, highlighting the nation’s commitment to innovation in this sector.

Fuelled by a combination of entrepreneurial talent, regulatory framework, and an established venture capital ecosystem, these companies are not only driving economic growth but also playing a critical role in advancing sustainability.

Amongst European nations, the UK stands out, with a reported increase in the number of climate tech companies.

It hosts a diverse array of start-ups and scale-ups dedicated to various aspects of climate technology. The spectrum ranges from energy efficiency solutions to sustainable transportation and waste reduction technologies.

Climate Tech Startups UK

The following list provides a snapshot of the UK’s climate tech landscape:

  • Venture Capital Leadership: Ranked third globally for climate tech venture capital funding.
  • Rapid Growth: Significant growth in the number of UK climate tech companies.
  • London’s Prominence: London is recognised as a leading hub for climate-tech after the Bay Area in California.
  • Capital Flow: In 2022, European climate tech companies raised substantial funds, with the UK contributing notably to this figure.

It is evident that the United Kingdom is making strides towards becoming a pivotal hub for climate tech expertise and innovation, signalling its determination to lead the race against climate change.

Emerging Technologies in UK Climate Startups

The United Kingdom is becoming a prominent hub for climate technology startups, with a focus on innovation aimed at reducing carbon emissions and sustainable living. These startups leverage cutting-edge technologies to address various environmental issues, from renewable energy solutions to waste reduction systems.

One remarkable venture is Magway, which provides an all-electric delivery system, aiming to diminish the carbon footprint associated with transport and logistics. Their approach includes a low-footprint, zero-emissions delivery method, indicating the UK’s commitment to sustainable supply chain solutions.

In the energy sector, UK startups are devising ways to harness renewable energy more efficiently. Innovations such as advanced solar panels, wind turbines and energy storage systems are witnessing substantial investments, reflecting a shift towards more resilient and cleaner energy sources.

Climate Tech Startups UK

SectorTechnology ExamplesImpact
TransportElectric delivery systemsReducing emissions from logistics
EnergyEnhanced solar & wind techIncreased renewable energy uptake
ConservationAI-driven resource managementImproved ecosystem monitoring

Further investments in UK climate tech, as indicated by recent figures, suggest that the nation is fostering a growing number of startups with global influence.

They stand out not only for their financial achievements but also for their contribution to tackling climate change. The £2 billion raised by these impact startups underscores the potential for significant environmental and societal benefits through technological advancements.

Notable UK Climate Tech Startups

The United Kingdom is home to a vibrant climate tech startup ecosystem, boasting a range of companies dedicated to mitigating climate change through innovative technologies. These startups operate across various sectors, including energy, agriculture, and transportation, aiming to reduce carbon footprints and enhance sustainability.

Energy: One of the leading areas for climate tech startups is the energy sector. Companies like Solarcentury specialise in solar power solutions, providing renewable energy technology to households and businesses alike. Their commitment to affordable and clean energy is key in combatting climate change.

Transport: In transportation, Arrival stands out with its development of electric vehicles (EVs). They tackle the pressing issue of emissions from traditional combustion engines by introducing a line of EVs designed for both public and commercial use.

Waste Management and Recycling: Startups such as Bio-bean revolutionise waste management by recycling coffee grounds into biofuels. They convert thousands of tonnes of coffee waste into products like biomass pellets, displacing fossil fuels and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Agriculture: LettUs Grow operates in the agriculture technology space, using aeroponic technology to develop indoor farming solutions. Their systems lead to faster plant growth while using less water than traditional agriculture, exemplifying sustainability in food production.

It is clear that the UK’s commitment to fostering climate tech innovation is evident in the diversity of startups with a shared goal of supporting the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Each company contributes unique solutions to the collective effort of tackling environmental challenges.

Climate Tech Startups UK

Investment Trends in UK Climate Tech

Investment in UK climate tech startups has experienced fluctuations, with significant growth in some periods and declines in others.

Amidst economic uncertainty and geopolitical conflict, there was a 40% decline in climate tech investments in 2023, as highlighted in PwC’s 2023 State of Climate Tech report.

However, despite recent dips, the United Kingdom has emerged as a leader in Europe for climate tech investment, achieving record levels of venture capital investment.

Specifically, the UK’s climate tech startups have been particularly successful in attracting funding, with investment levels surpassing £2bn between the second half of 2020 and the first half of 2021. This trend underscores the UK’s position at the forefront of European climate tech innovation.

Moreover, investment in UK startups aiming to tackle pressing global issues such as climate change, health, and food insecurity has been significant, amounting to £2 billion in 2021 as underscored by a UK government announcement.

Looking ahead, there are indications of a renewed and increasingly selective interest in the sector. By Q3 of 2023, the portion of private market equity and grant investment dedicated to climate tech in the UK rose to 11.4%, signalling sustained investor confidence in specific segments like electric vehicle (EV) charging network operators, according to analysis provided by EmpowerRD’s climate tech insights.

These investment patterns signify a complex yet optimistic landscape for UK climate tech, suggesting the potential for continued growth and innovation in this vital industry.

Climate Tech Startups UK

Government Policies Affecting Climate Tech Startups

The UK government has implemented various policies to bolster the growth of climate tech startups. These policies are designed to encourage innovation, investment, and the sustainable development of the tech industry.

Tax Incentives and Support Schemes: One significant policy is the extension of the Venture Capital Trusts (VCT) and Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) until 2035. These are crucial vehicles for funding, offering tax breaks to investors and startups in the early stages of development, particularly valuable within the tech ecosystem.

Funding for Impact Startups: Additionally, impact startups, which include many in the climate tech sector, have seen substantial financial boosts from the government, with investments amounting to a landmark £2 billion. This is a testament to the country’s commitment to addressing global challenges like climate change through technological solutions.

A Commitment to Innovation: The government acknowledges the importance of being at the forefront of climate-tech innovation, backing this with world-class regulations and fostering an environment where venture capital can thrive. London notably ranks as one of the top global hubs for climate-tech, a sign of the UK’s prominent position in this sector.

Industry-specific Events and Platforms: Programmes and platforms like the techUK Climate Action hub serve as focal points for discussions on sustainability and carbon reduction strategies. This hub provides a cohesive framework for climate tech startups to engage with policy changes and industry trends.

These initiatives show a clear and structured approach to fostering an environment where climate tech startups can flourish, underscoring the government’s role in driving forward the UK’s sustainability agenda.

Climate Tech Startups UK

Challenges Facing Climate Tech Startups in the UK

Climate tech startups in the UK are crucial in advancing environmental solutions, but they face several challenges. Firstly, access to capital is a significant barrier. Despite a rapid growth in investment, securing early-stage funding remains a hurdle for emerging companies. Startups need to demonstrate strong, scalable solutions to attract investors.

Regulatory frameworks also pose a challenge. While the UK government has been supportive of clean technology, regulations can lag behind innovation. Startups often find themselves navigating complex and sometimes restrictive policies that can stifle growth.

There’s also the challenge of the talent gap. Climate tech startups require a workforce with specialised skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), as well as an understanding of sustainability. However, there’s a competitive market for these professionals, making recruitment difficult for startups.

Supply chains have their role in challenges too. Startups in the climate tech space often depend on international supply chains which can be disrupted by global events, affecting their operations and scalability.

Finally, market readiness can vary. While there is a growing public demand for sustainable solutions, the market’s readiness to adopt new technologies at scale can be slow. Startups must navigate consumer education and acceptance while competing with established, less sustainable alternatives.

These obstacles require strategic planning and adaptability from startups in the UK’s climate tech landscape. Addressing these issues is vital for their success and the wider adoption of climate technologies.

Climate Tech Startups UK

Future Prospects for UK Climate Tech Industry

The UK climate tech industry has shown remarkable growth, signalling a strong future trajectory. Investment trends indicate doubling capital in climate tech startups, affirming investor confidence in this sector.

They are demonstrating a steadfast commitment to innovative solutions addressing climate change.

Key areas showing promise include Mobility and Transport, Energy, and Agriculture. These fields have seen an influx of innovative startups, with the industry’s expansion bolstered by supportive policies and collaborative initiatives.

A notable collaboration is the Climate-tech Policy Coalition that includes influential tech groups advocating for progressive climate technology development.

The number of climate tech companies in the UK has marked a significant increase, reinforcing the nation’s reputation as a European leader in this domain. This growth is set to continue as society becomes more cognisant of the urgency to mitigate climate change impacts.

With initiatives such as the Net Zero Future50 report, identifying top UK startups, and active government involvement, the industry’s influence is poised to expand globally.

These startups are not only contributing to greener economies but are also fostering the next generation of sustainable technologies.

The Financial Services and GHG Capture sectors are anticipated to evolve, with startups working on novel approaches to remove and manage greenhouse gases. The ecosystem’s support and the government’s robust stance on climate issues promise a globally competitive edge for UK ventures in climate tech.

Climate Tech Startups UK


Being environmentally friendly is increasingly a purchasing decision for most of us from jeans to cars and as a result businesses are using data to embrace more environment friendly processes, materials and product methods and adding transparency on how they achieve this as much as possible.

It’s something that good for the planet, good for all living things and good for us so let’s take a look at some of the most exciting environment friendly london and the UK has right now.



Top Climate Tech Startups London - Best Climate tech companies London 1

Tepeo‘s product combines resistive heating with high density dry core thermal storage to deliver the performance of a fossil fuel boiler without the related emissions and with this enormous flexibility it allows them to support the self-consumption of renewables and balancing of the electricity grid.

Climate Tech Startups UK


Top Climate Tech Startups London - Best Climate tech companies London 3

Antonym is trying to tackle the issue with smarter and cleaner logistics by using proprietary EV technology and manufacturing techniques. In this way Antonym can offer a bolt-in plug and play solution to electrify existing diesel lorries to make them electric and with zero-emissions.


Top Climate Tech Startups London - Best Climate tech companies London 5

Circulor are in our Climate tech companies London guide as they allow businesses to manage their supply chains and improve responsible sourcing and recycling by creating an immutable record of the supply chain of materials, linking the end products to their source an it’s this traceability that empowers organisations to make informed decisions to reduce their carbon footprint.

Climate Tech Startups UK

Connected Kerb

Top Climate Tech Startups London - Best Climate tech companies London 7

Connected Kerb are developing an entirely new environmentally sensitive combined infrastructure that aims to enable the mass transition to electric vehicles, while acting as an interoperable enabler for current and future technologies.

Best Climate Tech Startups London


Top Climate Tech Startups London - Best Climate tech companies London 9

Ecologi has the grand ambition to avoid the majority of carbon emissions for individuals and businesses by allowing us all to remove their carbon footprints by subscribing to grow their own forests or contribute to other carbon reducing activities while providing transparency to where their money goes.

Climate Tech Startups UK


Top Climate Tech Startups London - Best Climate tech companies London 11

Topolytics analyses waste and generates granular insights for the recycling industry sector to help prevent more materials from ending up in landfills or in nature.

By using data , Toplytics make the world’s waste visible and verifiable by using machine learning to make sense of thw complex process and material sourcing involved.


Top Climate Tech Startups London - Best Climate tech companies London 13

Electron, is creating a next-gen marketplace platform for low-carbon electricity systems to enable multiple market operators to interact with distributed energy resources and create incentives to use renewable generation and capacity more efficiently. 

Climate Tech Startups UK


Top Climate Tech Startups London - Best Climate tech companies London 15

CupClub are in our Climate tech companies London guide as they enable customers to siginficantly reduce CO2 consumption by switching to reusable packaging by charging customers a flat per order fee to collect, sanitise and redistribute their packaging.


Top Climate Tech Startups London - Best Climate tech companies London 17

Earthly helps businesses invest in eco climate solutions that take them beyond carbon neutrality to become climate-positive with each project is vetted by an independent scientific board, monitored by satellite, and visualised on a shareable immersive platform.

Climate Tech Startups UK

Riding Sunbeams

Top Climate Tech Startups London - Best Climate tech companies London 19

Riding Sunbeams is a world-leading innovator founded by climate charity Possible and Community Energy South.

Riding Sunbeams were the first to achieve this globally through our pioneering FOAK 2019 project (funded by Department for Transport) which connected solar energy directly into Direct-Current, third rail powered railways, in conjunction with Network Rail at their Aldershot site. 

We have now received funding on FOAK 2020 to both develop and demonstrate the required technology to connect solar energy and line-side energy storage to feed an Alternating-Current, overhead-wire railway.

Climate Tech Startups UK

Better Dairy

Top Climate Tech Startups London - Best Climate tech companies London 21

Better Dairy is aiming to build the future of food by developing animal-free dairy products that are molecularly identical to traditional dairy, using a process not unlike beer brewing to give consumers better food options and food producers better ingredients.


Top Climate Tech Startups London - Best Climate tech companies London 23

Boxergy platform brings together existing low carbon technologies to improve efficiency and integrates them with their smart tariff to allow customers to buy energy when it’s cheap and green, and use it whenever they want.

Climate Tech Startups UK


Elmo’s platform provides integrated e-mobility, with insurance, breakdown, road tax and a carbon offset donation included as standard plan while including a home charge point, discounted renewable energy and public chargin all wrapped into a single monthly plan.


Airex enables smart ventilation control that helps reduce heat demand in homes, whilst managing indoor air quality using the system’s built-in sensors to monitor and analyse environmental conditions while its algorithms automatically regulate air flow.

Climate Tech Startups UK


Giki’s mobile app empowers people to find more sustainable and healthy products in UK supermarkets by helping peopleunderstand, track and reduce their environmental footprint and then drive change through their own actions and set their own personal xero net targets. 


Hark is helping enterprises increase efficiency, maximise yield and reduce waste by providing energy analytics for enterprises, allowing businesses to easily monito their buildings, energy meters and industrial assets. 

LettUs Grow

LettUs Grow aeroponic and farm management software for indoor and vertical farms delivers higher crop yields to help reduce the environmental impact of agriculture and also helps enable people to grow produce nearer to the point of consumption which reduces the carbon footprint. 


Lixea’s BioFlex tech takes any type of wood based biomass that normally would be unrecyclable and then separates the components to make them usable by converting them to products, such as bulk chemicals, bioplastics, renewable fibres and biofuels by using low cost, eco friendly solvents.

Naked Energy

Top Climate Tech Startups London - Best Climate tech companies London 25

Naked Energy is trying to redefine solar energy solutions and tackling the global challenge of decarbonising heating and cooling with their Virtu product which is more efficient than existing solutions and takes less space.


Petalite wants to reinvent the electric vehicle industry by creating a charging technology that’s cost efficient and is more reliable using their SDC charging technology that lowers charger costs and lengthens lifetime.


Top Climate Tech Startups London - Best Climate tech companies London 27

Pivot Energy’s platform uses machine learning to generate an energy efficiency projection that is over 90% accurate and comes with an insurance guarantee.


Reath enables businesses to break the pattern and transition away from single-use by applying track and trace technology and are currently developing the world’s first global Open Data Standard for reusable packaging.

Route Konnect

Top Climate Tech Startups London - Best Climate tech companies London 29

Route Konnect makes traffic more predictable and more eco-friendly by making smarter junctions and predicting the amount of vehicles and people.

Route Konnect does this using real time automated insights from their combined camera and traffic sensors which are able to produce a dashboard that gives the ability to see the road network at any time to give people infromation to make better choices to avoid traffic jams and therefore causing unnecessary pollution and burning of fossil fuels. 


Sero develops homes that change energy systems using their energy platform which saves residents money, effort and is more planet-friendly. 

Small Robot Company

Top Climate Tech Startups London - Best Climate tech companies London 31

Small Robot Company offer a new model for sustainable, efficient and profitable farming which involves their farmbots caring and farming each plant to increase yield, soil quality, biodiversity and also to significantly reduce carbon emissions and chemicals.

Ember Core

Ember Core delivers an integrated platform for managing vehicles, chargers, routes and drivers allowing them to operate electric vehicles at an improved utilisation as well as improving the passenger experience.

Oxford PV

Oxford PV – The Perovskite CompanyTM is the pioneer and technology leader in the field of perovskite solar cells.

Green startups london ethical startups uk eco startups uk oxford pv logo

The company was established in 2010, as a spin-out from the University of Oxford. Today, we have the largest team globally, exclusively focused on developing and commercialising a perovskite based solar technology. We have a research and development site in Oxford, UK and an industrial site near Berlin, Germany. We are building the world’s first volume manufacturing line for perovskite-on-silicon tandem solar cells.


Surple aims to hels businesses make smarter energy decisions through their energy management software by helping them to reduce energy usage, emissions and overall costs.


Top Climate Tech Startups London - Best Climate tech companies London 33

Wondrwall is enabling intelligent AI powered home automation with clean energy production and super efficient heating systems to help homes save money, time and the environment.


Zeigo is a a one-stop-shop for stakeholders to transition to clean energy through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and short-term contracts. Zeigo uses data insights to increase market transparency.

Top Climate Tech Startups London – Best Climate tech companies London

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