Green Venture Capital Firms UK & Global Guide
Green Venture Capital Firms UK & Global Guide

Green Venture Capital Firms UK & Global Guide

Venture capital is a key ingredient for startups and early stage companies. However, most venture capitalists are not focused on environmental and social issues when making investment decisions.

Green Venture Capital Firms UK & Global Guide

That’s where green venture capital firms come in – they provide the capital these companies need to address these issues.

In this blog, we’ll be discussing the different types of green venture capital firms and how they operate.

We’ll also discuss how these firms can help startups succeed by providing them with the capital they need to address environmental and social issues.

So if you’re looking for a reliable partner that can help your startup achieve success, look no further – green venture capital firms are here to help!

What is a green venture capital firm?

As the world becomes more and more aware of the need to take care of the planet, many investors are turning to green ventures for their growth potential. This is why green venture capital firms are becoming increasingly popular.

These firms encourage innovation and sustainability through their investments, which benefits both the business owners and the environment as a whole.

They focus on early-stage companies and invest between $250,000 and $5 million. As a result, green venture capital firms offer investors a high-return opportunity while also helping to promote environmental awareness and change.

If you’re interested in investing in a green venture capital firm, be sure to research the different firms available before making a decision.

Types of green venture capital firms

Venture capitalists are essential to the growth of startups.

Their expertise and capital help companies achieve their goals, and green venture capital firms are no different. These firms focus on investing in startups that reduce the negative effects of climate change or pollution. Social impact venture capital firms invest in companies that create solutions to social problems, while environmental impact venture capital firms invest in companies that reduce the negative effects of climate change or pollution.

There are two main types of green venture capital firms – social impact and environmental impact.

Social impact venture capital firms provide seed money and guidance to early stage businesses, helping them scale up and achieve their goals.

Environmental impact venture capital firms invest in companies across a variety of sectors, including clean energy, transportation, food safety/nutrition, healthy living products/services, and sustainability minded hardware & software startups.

How do green venture capital firms operate?

If you’re looking for a different kind of venture capital firm, look no further than green venture capital firms. These firms operate in a different way than traditional venture capitalists.

Their focus is on sustainable and ethical practices, which sets them apart from their competitors.

In addition, green venture capital firms are also experts in early-stage companies, and they are devoted to helping these businesses reach their full potential. They offer funding, mentorship, and other support services.

As a result, green venture capital firms are a valuable resource for startups, and they are often sought out by companies looking for guidance and help in achieving their goals.

What are the differences between green venture capital firms and other types of venture capital firms?

There are several key differences between green venture capital firms and other types of venture capital firms.

First of all, green venture capital firms emphasize the importance of human well-being as a key success factor in their portfolio companies.

This means that they are more likely to invest in later stage companies that have an impact on the growth and development of a business in a positive way. Furthermore, green venture capital firms are also more interested in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impact of a company.

This is because they believe that companies with a good ESG track record are more likely to be sustainable in the long term. This is something that other types of VCs may not be as interested in.

What is the process for becoming a partner at a green venture capital firm?

To become a partner at a green venture capital firm, you will need to have experience in the environmental or clean tech industry and access to a large amount of capital. Partnerships with green venture capital firms typically last for three to five years and offer an excellent opportunity for investment returns.

So with all that said, let’s take a look at some of the leading clean venture firms out there!

Europe / UK

ETF Partners – London

ETF Partners supports talented entrepreneurs and management teams with investment capital and experience and their funds come from institutional investors, global corporations and family offices.

Ldinvest – Paris

Established in 1997, Idinvest Partners is a leading pan-European Private Equity firm. With €9.4bn under management, the firm successfully supports the growth of companies by financing them through its several complementary areas of business expertise including Venture & Growth Capital, Private Debt and Private Funds Group.

Recent success stories include Criteo, Meetic, Vestiaire Collective, Talend, Demeco, Deezer, Sarenza, Secret Escapes, Arena, Peakon, Wefox and many more.

Munich Venture Partners

Munich Venture Partners is a European venture capital investor backing entrepreneurs driving the eco-industrial revolution with transformative technologies.

Their investment focus is on sectors with CO2 emission-intensive value chains: energy, mobility, agriculture and food, and industrial technologies.

MVP has more than 15 years of experience investing in cleantech start-ups across Europe, including investments in recent success cases relayr and sonnen.


E8 Angels

E8 (formerly known as Element 8) is a member organization of private, accredited angel investors anf their sole focus is on early-stage cleantech companies whose innovations will increase the sustainability and health of our planet.

E8 meld their pursuit of profitable investments with their pursuit of a higher purpose – accelerating the transition to a cleaner future and a better world.

Their members, whether seasoned investors or new angels with a desire to learn, gain access to quality deal flow and the tools for successful investing.

Powerhouse Ventures

Powerhouse ventures supports early-stage companies in high-growth sectors, where technology is the driver.

PV enables its entrepreneurs to execute in dynamic markets, and, more importantly, places a premium on integrity and accountability and their team works to foster entrepreneurial aptitude by supporting peer-to-peer learning, building enduring partnerships, and by encouraging entrepreneurs to use its network of exceptional business managers and domain experts as sounding boards.

Energy Impact Partners

Energy Impact Partners LP (EIP) is a global venture capital firm leading the transition to a sustainable future.

EIP brings together entrepreneurs and the world’s most forward-looking energy and industrial companies to advance innovation.

With over $2.5 billion in assets under management, EIP invests globally across venture, growth, credit and infrastructure and has a team of over 70 professionals based in its offices in New York, San Francisco, Palm Beach, London, Washington D.C., Cologne, and Oslo.

Clean Energy Venture Group

Clean Energy Venture Group is an investment group with offices in Boston and New York which provides seed capital and management expertise to early stage clean energy companies.

Their focus is in the Northeastern United States, but they occasionally invest in companies located in other areas within North America.

Their mission is to invest in and support early stage clean energy companies that have the potential to mitigate climate change and achieve attractive financial returns and aime to collaborate with entrepreneurs and other stakeholders in an atmosphere of mutual respect, intellectual curiosity and analytical rigor.

Energy Foundary

Energy Foundry invests venture capital in today’s most promising energy innovators and work with the world’s leading energy companies to build and scale new ventures.

Their approach merges venture capital with the perks of partnership, and includes an arsenal of essential tools and relationships to help bring great ideas to market.

Energize Ventures

Energize Ventures is a leading global alternative investment manager focused on accelerating digital transformation in energy and sustainable industry.

Founded in 2016, Energize has funded 20 companies to-date and is backed by strategic and institutional LPs including CDPQ, Invenergy, Schneider Electric, General Electric, Caterpillar and many more.

With, what they argue, is an unmatched depth and breadth of industry and operational expertise, Energize works in partnership with its portfolio companies to realize their full potential from early commercialization to growth scaling and into the public markets.

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