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Sustainability Startups London: Pioneers in Urban Eco-Innovation

London has positioned itself as a significant hub for sustainability startups, leveraging the city’s entrepreneurial spirit to address pressing environmental concerns.

These enterprises are characterised by their innovative use of technology and a firm commitment to reducing environmental impact.

Spearheading movements in various sectors such as renewable energy, waste reduction, and sustainable agriculture, these startups go beyond mere profit-making motives to embed sustainability into their core business models.

The diversity among these sustainability startups is striking, with companies like CupClub introducing reusable packaging solutions, LettUs Grow advancing indoor farming technologies, and Bulb focusing on renewable energy supply.

They signal a broader trend of businesses seeking substantial, positive environmental change. This reflects a shift in consumer values, wherein there is a growing demand for products and services that contribute to a more sustainable society.

As sustainability becomes an increasingly critical aspect of business operations, London’s startups stand as a testament to the potential for commerce to drive positive change.

These companies represent a blend of entrepreneurial zeal and environmental stewardship, showcasing how innovative business models can contribute to the city’s and the wider world’s sustainability efforts.

Sustainability Startups London Guide

Overview of London’s Sustainability Startup Scene

London boasts an impressive array of sustainability startups. These enterprises are dedicated to fostering eco-friendly practices across various industries, driving the city’s ambition in becoming a beacon for clean-tech innovation.

Key Players: Among these innovators are CupClub with its reusable packaging solutions, and LettUs Grow, bringing cutting-edge indoor farming technology.

Brands like Wild make their mark with natural deodorants, advocating for consumer products that are both effective and environmentally conscious.

  • Sector Growth: The city’s sustainability sector is experiencing a surge in growth. Entities such as Bulb are disrupting traditional markets with renewable energy offerings, while platforms like Library of Things promote a circular economy with their borrowing system.
  • Community Support: London provides robust support for eco startups through ample funding opportunities, talent availability, and a thriving ecosystem of incubators and co-working spaces. The London Startup Ecosystem Report offers a comprehensive look into these valuable resources, underlining the city’s commitment to sustainable growth.
  • Impact Focus: Purpose-driven companies are central to London’s quest to address climate change. These startups not only contribute to the economy but also align with a broader societal objective of promoting sustainability, detailed in narratives like How London is thriving as a sustainable-tech ecosystem.

In summary, London’s sustainability startup scene is a dynamic and pivotal sector within the city’s economy, championing innovations that are essential for a sustainable future.

Sustainability Startups London Guide

Funding Opportunities

In London, sustainability startups have access to a myriad of funding sources ranging from government-backed initiatives to private investment pools. These opportunities are key to fuelling innovation and growth within the sector.

Government Grants and Schemes

The UK government has established various grants and schemes designed to support sustainable businesses. The Better Futures programme is notable for helping London’s SMEs intricately focused on sustainability. It offers business support and open innovation specifically aimed at Climate Tech startups.

Venture Capital and Angel Investors

Venture capital firms and individual angel investors are increasingly interested in green startups. Entities like Sustainable Ventures partner with businesses that have a strong sustainability purpose at their core, ready to provide not only funding but also strategic support for London-based entrepreneurs.

Crowdfunding Platforms

Crowdfunding is a powerful tool for sustainability startups in London seeking community-based financial backing. Platforms allow a startupto showcase its green mission and tap into a pool of individuals supportive of environmental causes, which can lead to substantial fundraising without the need for traditional financing methods.

Sustainability Startups London Guide

Key Players

London’s sustainability sector is vibrant and innovative, with a mix of startups, influential leaders, and supportive organisations shaping its landscape.

Notable Sustainability Startups

  • CupClub: Pioneering a returnable packaging ecosystem to reduce single-use plastic waste. Their reusable packaging system is designed to offer a sustainable solution in the food and beverage industry.
  • LettUs Grow: Revolutionising the farming industry with their indoor farming technology, they aim to lessen the environmental impact of traditional agriculture.

Influential Founders and CEOs

  • Alicia Navarro: As the CEO of Flora, Alicia Navarro’s leadership reflects a keen balance between entrepreneurial spirit and a commitment to sustainability.
  • Tom Kay: The founder of Finisterre, Tom has embedded a passion for the environment into every aspect of this outdoor clothing company.

Accelerators and Incubators

  • Sustainable Ventures: With a focus on nurturing businesses that prioritise environmental impact, Sustainable Ventures is home to a range of startups working towards a greener future.
  • Bethnal Green Ventures: Offering an intensive programme, they support startups that are dedicated to using technology to address environmental challenges.

Sustainability Startups London Guide

Challenges and Opportunities

In the discourse of sustainability startups in London, the dichotomy of regulatory frameworks and the fluidity of market trends are as influential as the innovation and technological advancements they harness. Each subsection below delves into the specifics of these imperatives and their impact on the sector.

Regulatory Landscape

The regulatory landscape that London-based sustainability startups navigate is both a hurdle and a catalyst for growth. Stringent environmental directives offer a rigorous threshold that startups must meet, and while compliance demands resources, it simultaneously ensures a level playing field.

The introduction of policies such as the Environment Bill positions startups to be more innovative in meeting or exceeding standards.

Market Trends

Market trends are powerful indicators of the trajectory of sustainability startups. There’s a growing consumer appetite for sustainable products and services, evident in the increased demand for offerings such as reusable packaging and zero-waste retail solutions.

This shifting consumer preference provides fertile ground for sustainability startups, although staying abreast of fast-evolving trends remains a challenge.

Innovation and Technology

Innovation and technology serve as the linchpins for sustainability startups in London. Ground-breaking approaches such as indoor farming technologies and renewable energy ventures are at the forefront of sustainable development.

These sectors present immense opportunities but require substantial investment in research and development, presenting both significant potential for impact and a barrier to entry for newer, less-funded enterprises.

Sustainability Startups London Guide

Events and Networking

London’s sustainability sector is vibrant with numerous events aimed at fostering collaborations and knowledge sharing.

These range from educational conferences to community-driven meetups, as well as prestigious awards that celebrate innovation and achievements in sustainability.

Conferences and Workshops

Conferences and workshops provide a platform for sustainability startups in London to learn about the latest trends, technologies, and best practices.

The Technologies for Sustainability International Roundtable, set to take place in London 2024, is one such significant event, where attendees can engage with experts and thought leaders. Workshops offer hands-on experiences and are ideal for startups looking to refine their strategies and operational capabilities.

Meetups and Community Events

Meetups and community events are essential for fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose among sustainability advocates. Events like People, Planet, Pint: Sustainability Meetup offer informal settings for networking, sharing ideas, and creating support systems. They serve as nurturing grounds for startups to connect with peers, potential mentors, and industry enthusiasts.

Awards and Competitions

Recognition through awards and competitions can be a driving force for sustainability startups. Sustainability LIVE London hosts the Global Sustainability & ESG Awards, celebrating enterprises that integrate sustainability into their core operations. Such accolades highlight innovative solutions and can significantly boost a startup’s visibility and credibility.

Sustainability Startups London Guide

Case Studies

In this section, we explore specific instances of sustainability startups in London, examining their achievements and the valuable insights they offer.

Success Stories

CupClub is a notable example of a successful sustainability startup in London. They have introduced a reusable packaging initiative designed to significantly reduce waste. Their initiative has not only garnered attention but has also set a precedent for environmental responsibility in the industry.

Another triumph comes from LettUs Grow, which has made strides with its indoor farming technology. This innovation is revolutionising the way we think about urban agriculture, using less space and resources for growing produce.

Lessons Learned

From Unpackaged, the zero-waste retail pioneer, other startups can glean the importance of challenging the status quo. Reducing packaging waste doesn’t just appeal to eco-conscious consumers; it also encourages a shift in retail behaviour.

The journey of Library of Things demonstrates that community-focused ventures can thrive. Their borrowing platform has shown that sharing resources can be both sustainable and economically viable, reflecting a growing trend in circular economy practices.

Sustainability Startups London Guide

Future Outlook

The trajectory of sustainability startups in London signifies an unmistakable trend towards increased investment and sector diversification. This aligns with the city’s strategic priorities for ecological and economic sustainability.

Predicted Growth

Industry analysts anticipate a robust expansion in the sustainability sector, driven by technological innovation and consumer demand. Notably, London has seen a surge in green finance and impact investing, which aims for a threefold increase in backing environmentally sustainable startups by 2025.

Emerging Sectors

  • Indoor farming technology, like LettUs Grow, is gaining momentum.
  • Zero-waste retail solutions, pioneered by firms such as Unpackaged, are flourishing.
  • The demand for renewable energy, driven by startups like Bulb, is set to broaden further.

Sustainability Goals

London’s sustainability startups are locked onto ambitious targets:

  • To slash CO2 emissions by 60% within the next decade.
  • For 65% of urban travels to be via sustainable modes by 2025.
  • Strive for a circular economy, reducing waste and reusing resources across sectors.


Sustainability Startups London Guide

Best Green Startups #1 Top Eco Startups

Being environmentally friendly is increasingly a purchasing decision for most of us from jeans to cars and as a result businesses are using data to embrace more environment friendly processes, materials and product methods and adding transparency on how they achieve this as much as possible.

It’s something that good for the planet, good for all living things and good for us so let’s take a look at some of the most exciting environment friendly london and the UK has right now.


London Eco Startups London ECO FRIENDLY STARTUPS UK Green Startups London UK olio

Olio connects neighbours with each other and with local businesses so surplus food can be shared, not thrown away.

This could be food nearing its sell-by date in local stores, spare home-grown vegetables, bread from your baker, or the groceries in your fridge when you go away. For your convenience, OLIO can also be used for non-food household items too.

Compare Ethnics

Compare Ethnics connects ethical shoppers to ethical brands by using the latest online and offline experiences. From social media  to pop-up shops, we are the link between the ethical shoppers and the ethical brands.

Compare Ethnics are currently developing a comparison tool that is set to launch later this year. The comparison tool will remove the barriers of finding the truly committed ethical brands.

Moving Mountains

London Eco Startups London ECO FRIENDLY STARTUPS UK Green Startups London UK moving mountains

Moving Mountains is a big, bold and powerful metaphor that maps to the brand’s massive and seemingly impossible goal of living in harmony on a sustainable planet, as well as a daily affirmation in the form of the plant based diet, food and human health.

Simeon, the founder & CEO of Moving Mountains®, is a Vegan and a firm believer in the plant based diet, as well as being a lifelong passionate supporter of environmental issues. Simeon set about to develop a company that could make a real and long-lasting positive change and disrupt the animal agriculture food industry that is responsible for the majority of the earth’s resource destruction.

It all started after a routine blood test at the GP, which returned Simeon with a high cholesterol reading. The GP’s responses were to cut out meat and dairy or go on statins. Already a Vegetarian at the time Simeon was surprised that dairy products could cause so much damage to the human body and decided to follow more of an overall plant based diet from then on.

Starting with the Moving Mountains® Burger, Simeon spent two years in development laboratories with a dedicated team of scientists and chefs to create the ideal tasting product. Hundreds of recipes have been tried and tested to achieve the final result of the burger that’s available for everyone today.

Sustainability Startups London Guide


London Eco Startups London ECO FRIENDLY STARTUPS UK Green Startups London UK unpackaged

Unpackaged vision is a world without unnecessary packaging, with resources preserved for future generations and their mission is to reduce packaging waste by developing systems that enable businesses and individuals to reuse and refill and campaign for policy change.

Pact Coffee

London Eco Startups London ECO FRIENDLY STARTUPS UK Green Startups London UK pact coffee

Pact Coffee was created to change people’s minds about coffee and they think about it like wine, not flour – it’s a cupboard staple, but one that’s infinitely better if it’s been lovingly grown and expertly processed.


London Eco Startups London ECO FRIENDLY STARTUPS UK Green Startups London UK delphis

Delphis is the first UK-based cleaning product company to make its bottles from 100% recycled plastic, and the first to receive EU E c o label accreditation for cleaning products.

In fact, Delphis boasts the largest accredited product range on the market, and the good news is, it’s a range that’s growing.


London Eco Startups London ECO FRIENDLY STARTUPS UK Green Startups London UK chipsboard

For Chipsboard sustainability is the core principle and the reason why Chip[s] Board was founded on and is the driving force behind our need to improve the world we live in. 

Their philosophy is that a circular economy within waste (by-product) management and material production will create a new sustainable model, utilising the abundant resources we currently have rather than continuing to process virgin materials. 

Sustainability Startups London Guide

Library of Things

London Eco Startups London ECO FRIENDLY STARTUPS UK Green Startups London UK library of things

Library of Things were 3 close friends when we started Library of Things. We tested the idea for 2 years+ in our South London neighbourhood, inspired by similar ventures in Berlin & Toronto.

We put in 000s of hours between us, unpaid, because we saw how powerful it was when neighbours became friends & local spaces became home. When a shared collection of high quality Things unlocked experiences for everyone.


London Eco Startups London ECO FRIENDLY STARTUPS UK Green Startups London UK notpla

Notpla are a combination of designers and chemists, engineers and entrepreneurs who create advanced packaging solutions that disappear, naturally.

Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez and Pierre Paslier cofounded Skipping Rocks Lab in 2013 while studying Innovation Design Engineering at Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art.

After their first video of Ooho went viral in 2013, they joined Climate KIC, Europe’s largest funded accelerator focused on climate innovation.

The team started collaborating with chemists and chemical engineers from Imperial College to test Ooho at running events, festivals and takeaway shops. They soon started working on a scalable manufacturing technology.

In April 2017, they raised their first round on Crowdcube which helped grow the business, build the first machine and set up a manufacturing hub in London.

Sustainability Startups London Guide


London Eco Startups London ECO FRIENDLY STARTUPS UK Green Startups London UK pavegen

Pavegen are in our green startups guide as they claim to be the global leader in converting footfall into off-grid power and data.

We supply both permanent installations and experiential activations and can power off-grid applications such as lighting, data capture and transmission, and environmental monitoring.

Each footstep on a Pavegen walkway generates 2 to 4 joules of off-grid electrical energy or around 5 watts of power for the duration of a footstep. Bluetooth beacons in the system connect to smartphones, rewarding users for their steps and generating permission-based analytics.

The tech can operate as a standalone or be embedded simply into existing web platforms.

Sustainability Startups London Guide

Riding Sunbeams

Riding Sunbeams is a world-leading innovator founded by climate charity Possible and Community Energy South. Our corporate mission is focussed on decarbonising rail traction networks through the development and connection of unsubsidised, direct-wire renewable generation with significant social impact for line-side communities. 

We were the first to achieve this globally through our pioneering FOAK 2019 project (funded by Department for Transport) which connected solar energy directly into Direct-Current, third rail powered railways, in conjunction with Network Rail at their Aldershot site. We have now received funding on FOAK 2020 to both develop and demonstrate the required technology to connect solar energy and line-side energy storage to feed an Alternating-Current, overhead-wire railway.

Our commercial model uses external finance and a Power Purchase agreement to minimise or eliminate capital outlay for transport operators such as Network Rail, with the cost of purchasing the green energy being offset by a reduction in energy purchased from the comparatively carbon-heavy grid. Riding Sunbeams estimate that each MW of solar capacity connected the rail traction system will deliver annual carbon savings of around 245t/CO2e.

Sustainability Startups London Guide

Ovo Energy

Ovo Energy launched in 2009 to make energy cheaper, greener, and simpler. Since then we’ve welcomed over a million members, planted a million trees, and set our sights on helping save the planet.

Home energy is an amazing tool to fight the climate crisis with. On average it makes up 26% of your carbon footprint1. So if we all cut this to zero, we could create huge positive change, together.

We’re building a supportive zero carbon team – and bringing everyone the green energy, technology and guidance they need to make change happen. And, to lead by example, we’re committed to becoming a net zero carbon business by 2030.

Oxford PV (Oxford)

Oxford PV – The Perovskite CompanyTM is the pioneer and technology leader in the field of perovskite solar cells.

The company was established in 2010, as a spin-out from the University of Oxford. Today, we have the largest team globally, exclusively focused on developing and commercialising a perovskite based solar technology. We have a research and development site in Oxford, UK and an industrial site near Berlin, Germany. We are building the world’s first volume manufacturing line for perovskite-on-silicon tandem solar cells.

Solar panels built with Oxford PV’s perovskite solar cell technology will generate more power, critical for delivering more affordable clean energy, accelerating the adoption rate of solar and addressing climate change.


PEP Kitchen is new food startups london guide was born to revolutionise the ready meal, inspiring everyone to eat more plant-based food the only way they know how – by creating insanely tasty, PEP’d up, plates of food! Our dishes are 100% vegan, delivered frozen, in sustainable packaging, direct to your doorstep.

Freezing allows PEP to help battle food waste one meal at a time. PEP meals can be reheated from frozen in under 10mins, meaning ready to eat when you are. Keeping things icy in the kitchen also means they don’t have to use unnecessary preservatives, simply cooking like you would at home.

Sustainability Startups London Guide

Ethical is increasingly a purchasing decision of customers and as a result businesses are embracing their more ethical future and that can at times be difficult to define exactly what this means in terms of business practice.

But one thing is sure it’s a journey and every step forward should be encouraged, embraced and rewarded so here we take a look at some of the scales ups in both the capital and the UK and some special examples from around the world that are taking bold new steps and helping lead the way.

Element AI

london ethical startups london best uk ethical startups uk element ai

Element AI (i,e, artificial intelligence) work hard to ensure that artificial intelligence and big data is designed, developed and deployed in service of the public good.

Not because it is one possible path to safe artificial intelligence among many, but because it is the only way forward.

Element AI engage with governments, civil society, academia and businesses to ensure deployment respects laws and regulations and is grounded in human rights and research the design and technical aspects of explainability and transparency, choose artificial intelligence projects that lead to positive social impacts and are dedicated to putting our own house in order first through responsible and sustainable business practices.

Element AI help organizations adopt the safe and responsible AI that they believe will be imperative to long-term growth.

Sustainability Startups London Guide


london ethical startups london best uk ethical startups uk glimpse

Glimpse is one of the more cool start ups in this guide as they are a new collective for creative people who want to use their skills for good and run independent campaigns and work with NGOs, brands and people they like. How cool is that!

Safe & the City

london ethical startups london best uk ethical startups uk safe and the city

Safe & the City‘s award-winning team provides the technology and insights to improve safety risks and create the visibility to share the difference you’re making.


london ethical startups london best uk ethical startups uk logically

Logically app is home to a suite of tools, including bespoke fact-checking and an AI-curated feed designed to help you navigate the news. Using the app, you can submit claims to be checked by our team and share the results on social media.

Our news feed is automatically generated by a specially designed AI to help you to contextualize what you see, think critically, and see stories and viewpoints from across the political spectrum.

Symmetrical (London / Poland)

Symmetrical’s mission is to bring financial strength to people. Our vision is to enable inclusive and fair access to money across the world in only one click. We wish Symmetrical, as a great example of how cross country start ups can work, well!

Sustainability Startups London Guide

Green Startups

All Plants

London Eco Startups London ECO FRIENDLY STARTUPS UK Green Startups London UK allplants

All Plants believe the world (and everyone on it, including us) would be better off if we ate more plants and they believe eating 100% plant-based meals should be tasty, easy and convenient.

The chef-made dishes contain the tastiest, most exciting plant-based ingredients we can find. 

Instantly freezing our meals ensures nutrition and taste is locked in – so it tastes just as good in your kitchen as it does in ours.

Sustainability Startups London Guide

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