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Apollo AlpInvest to Co-Lead Private-Market Strategy for Individuals

Apollo Global Management has appointed a co-head for its private-market strategy for individuals. The firm reached out to Dutch investment manager AlpInvest Partners to find a suitable candidate.

AlpInvest Partner will work alongside Apollo to lead the strategy.

Apollo’s private-market strategy for individuals is a vehicle that allows individuals to invest in private equity.

The firm’s CEO, Marc Rowan, has stated that this vehicle could become its largest fund. The appointment of AlpInvest Partner is a significant step towards achieving this goal.

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The private equity market has been booming in recent years, and Apollo is looking to capitalise on this trend.

By offering a private-market strategy for individuals, the firm is tapping into a growing demand for alternative investments. The appointment of AlpInvest Partner is a clear indication of the firm’s commitment to this strategy.

Apollo AlpInvest Partnership

Apollo Global Management has tapped AlpInvest Partners to co-lead a private-market strategy for high-net-worth individuals. The vehicle could become the largest fund for the firm, according to Apollo Chief Executive Marc Rowan.

AlpInvest Partners is a Dutch investment manager and a subsidiary of the Carlyle Group. The firm will co-lead the private-equity vehicle tailored to high-net-worth individuals with Apollo.

The partnership is expected to leverage AlpInvest’s expertise in private market investing and Apollo’s strong track record in the industry. Apollo has been one of the most successful private equity firms in recent years, with a long history of generating strong returns for its investors.

The private-market strategy will focus on direct investments in private companies, as well as co-investments alongside other private equity firms. The vehicle will also invest in private credit and real assets.

The partnership is part of Apollo’s efforts to expand its offerings to high-net-worth individuals, who are increasingly looking to invest in private markets. The firm has been raising capital for the vehicle since early this year and expects to start deploying capital soon.

Overall, the Apollo AlpInvest partnership is expected to provide investors with a unique opportunity to access the private markets through a highly experienced and well-respected team.

Private-Market Strategy Overview

Apollo AlpInvest Partner has recently announced that it will co-lead a private-market strategy for individuals. The strategy is designed to provide individual investors with access to alternative investment opportunities that were previously only available to institutional investors.

The private-market strategy will focus on co-investments, which are investments made alongside private equity firms in individual companies. This strategy allows individual investors to invest in a diversified portfolio of companies, which can help to reduce risk and increase returns.

The private-market strategy will be managed by Eric Hanno, who recently joined Apollo AlpInvest Partner. Hanno brings a wealth of experience to the role, having previously worked at AlpInvest Partners, where he was responsible for managing co-investment opportunities.

The private-market strategy is expected to have a minimum investment of $10 million, which will limit the number of individuals who are able to invest in the strategy. However, the strategy is expected to be highly attractive to high-net-worth individuals who are looking for alternative investment opportunities.

Overall, the private-market strategy is an exciting development in the alternative investment space. By providing individual investors with access to co-investment opportunities, Apollo AlpInvest Partner is helping to democratize the private equity market and provide investors with new ways to diversify their portfolios.

Role of First Republic

First Republic Bank has been selected as a partner to assist Apollo Global Management in the launch of its new private-equity fund for high-net-worth individuals. As a leading private bank with a strong reputation for serving high-net-worth clients, First Republic has been chosen to provide a range of services to support the new fund.

The services provided by First Republic will include custodial, administrative, and operational support. The bank will also provide access to its network of wealth management professionals, who will work with Apollo to identify and evaluate investment opportunities.

First Republic’s expertise in serving high-net-worth clients makes it an ideal partner for Apollo in launching this new fund. The bank has a long history of providing personalised service and tailored solutions to its clients, which will be critical in helping Apollo meet the unique needs of its high-net-worth investors.

By partnering with First Republic, Apollo is able to leverage the bank’s expertise and resources to provide a superior level of service to its investors. This partnership will enable Apollo to focus on its core competencies of investment management and strategy, while First Republic handles the administrative and operational aspects of the fund.