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Eric Hanno Apollo & AlpInvest to Co-Lead Private-Market Strategy for Individuals

Eric Hanno Apollo & AlpInvest to Co-Lead Private-Market Strategy for Individuals

Apollo Global Management has appointed a co-head for its private-market strategy for individuals. The firm reached out to Dutch investment manager AlpInvest Partners to find a suitable candidate.

AlpInvest Partner will work alongside Apollo to lead the strategy.

Eric Hanno Apollo

Apollo’s private-market strategy for individuals is a vehicle that allows individuals to invest in private equity.

The firm’s CEO, Marc Rowan, has stated that this vehicle could become its largest fund. The appointment of AlpInvest Partner is a significant step towards achieving this goal.

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The private equity market has been booming in recent years, and Apollo is looking to capitalise on this trend.

By offering a private-market strategy for individuals, the firm is tapping into a growing demand for alternative investments. The appointment of AlpInvest Partner is a clear indication of the firm’s commitment to this strategy.

Apollo AlpInvest Partnership

Apollo Global Management has tapped AlpInvest Partners to co-lead a private-market strategy for high-net-worth individuals. The vehicle could become the largest fund for the firm, according to Apollo Chief Executive Marc Rowan.

AlpInvest Partners is a Dutch investment manager and a subsidiary of the Carlyle Group. The firm will co-lead the private-equity vehicle tailored to high-net-worth individuals with Apollo.

The partnership is expected to leverage AlpInvest’s expertise in private market investing and Apollo’s strong track record in the industry. Apollo has been one of the most successful private equity firms in recent years, with a long history of generating strong returns for its investors.

The private-market strategy will focus on direct investments in private companies, as well as co-investments alongside other private equity firms. The vehicle will also invest in private credit and real assets.

The partnership is part of Apollo’s efforts to expand its offerings to high-net-worth individuals, who are increasingly looking to invest in private markets.

The firm has been raising capital for the vehicle since early this year and expects to start deploying capital soon.

Overall, the Apollo AlpInvest partnership is expected to provide investors with a unique opportunity to access the private markets through a highly experienced and well-respected team.

Eric Hanno Apollo

Private-Market Strategy Overview

Apollo AlpInvest Partner has recently announced that it will co-lead a private-market strategy for individuals.

The strategy is designed to provide individual investors with access to alternative investment opportunities that were previously only available to institutional investors.

The private-market strategy will focus on co-investments, which are investments made alongside private equity firms in individual companies.

This strategy allows individual investors to invest in a diversified portfolio of companies, which can help to reduce risk and increase returns.

The private-market strategy will be managed by Eric Hanno, who recently joined Apollo AlpInvest Partner.

Hanno brings a wealth of experience to the role, having previously worked at AlpInvest Partners, where he was responsible for managing co-investment opportunities.

The private-market strategy is expected to have a minimum investment of $10 million, which will limit the number of individuals who are able to invest in the strategy.

However, the strategy is expected to be highly attractive to high-net-worth individuals who are looking for alternative investment opportunities.

Overall, the private-market strategy is an exciting development in the alternative investment space.

By providing individual investors with access to co-investment opportunities, Apollo AlpInvest Partner is helping to democratize the private equity market and provide investors with new ways to diversify their portfolios.

Eric Hanno Apollo

Role of First Republic

First Republic Bank has been selected as a partner to assist Apollo Global Management in the launch of its new private-equity fund for high-net-worth individuals.

As a leading private bank with a strong reputation for serving high-net-worth clients, First Republic has been chosen to provide a range of services to support the new fund.

The services provided by First Republic will include custodial, administrative, and operational support.

The bank will also provide access to its network of wealth management professionals, who will work with Apollo to identify and evaluate investment opportunities.

First Republic’s expertise in serving high-net-worth clients makes it an ideal partner for Apollo in launching this new fund.

The bank has a long history of providing personalised service and tailored solutions to its clients, which will be critical in helping Apollo meet the unique needs of its high-net-worth investors.

By partnering with First Republic, Apollo is able to leverage the bank’s expertise and resources to provide a superior level of service to its investors.

This partnership will enable Apollo to focus on its core competencies of investment management and strategy, while First Republic handles the administrative and operational aspects of the fund.

Eric Hanno Apollo

Eric Hanno Apollo

Eric Hanno has made a significant transition in his career, joining Apollo Global Management in 2023. At Apollo, he holds the position of Co-Head of Apollo Aligned Alternatives (AAA) and serves on the AAA Investment Committee.

This move comes after his tenure at The Carlyle Group, where he greatly impacted AlpInvest’s Primary Investment Team as a Partner and Co-head and was an active member of AlpInvest’s Global Investment and Management Committees.

His expertise in private market investments is now directed towards AAA, where he plays a pivotal role in overseeing the firm’s strategic initiatives.

Hanno brings over two decades of experience in private markets to Apollo, which is invaluable as the firm expands its reach and enhances its offerings in alternative investment strategies.

With a seasoned professional like Eric Hanno at its helm, Apollo’s Aligned Alternatives branch is well-positioned to navigate the complex landscape of private market investments.

Hanno’s leadership is expected to drive innovation and growth, ensuring that Apollo continues to provide sophisticated investment solutions to meet the diverse needs of its clientele.

Eric Hanno Apollo – Early Life

Eric Hanno is known for his substantial influence in the global financial sector, having carved a reputable career in investment management. His formative years, though not extensively chronicled, laid the groundwork for his eventual professional journey.

Hanno’s early life is marked by a dedication to education and a burgeoning interest in finance.

He pursued his academic efforts with a focus that would later be reflected in his professional achievements. Eric’s scholastic achievements underscored a propensity for analytical thinking and a grasp of complex financial frameworks.

The foundation of Eric’s financial acumen was built upon a formal education that likely included stringent coursework in economics and finance.

It is from these early academic pursuits that he garnered the knowledge necessary to navigate the intricate world of private equity and investment strategies.

While specific details about Eric Hanno’s early life are scarce, it is evident that a strong educational background and a keen interest in finance were pivotal.

These elements played a significant role in shaping the person who would become a leader in the financial industry.

Eric Hanno Apollo


Eric Hanno has a solid educational background that has contributed to his expertise and competence in the financial sector. This foundation set the stage for a career that has been marked by significant achievements and impactful projects.

Academic Achievements

Eric Hanno’s academic credentials include a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.

The CFA credential is known for its rigorous programme and is highly respected in the field of finance and investment. Hanno’s attainment of this qualification showcases his commitment to upholding the highest standards of education and professional conduct.

Notable Projects

Throughout his career, Hanno has been involved in several notable projects, leveraging his education and experience.

His involvement in sophisticated financial strategies and initiatives at prestigious firms has been a testament to his capability in navigating complex investment landscapes.

These projects have often spanned across various aspects of private equity and alternative investment strategies.

Eric Hanno Apollo

Career at Apollo

Eric Hanno’s tenure at Apollo Global Management is marked by his instrumental role in co-heading the Apollo Aligned Alternatives and his strategic leadership within the investment community.

Key Contributions

  • Strategic Acumen: Within the first year at Apollo, he has demonstrated significant strategic input, helping to enhance the firm’s diversified investment portfolio.
  • Collaborative Efforts: He has fostered numerous partnerships, contributing to Apollo’s robust network within the investment sector.

Leadership Roles

  • Co-Head of Apollo Aligned Alternatives: Entrusted with joint leadership of this critical division.
  • Committee Membership: Serving as a Member of the AAA Investment Committee, he plays a vital part in steering investment decisions.

Innovation and Development

  • Product Innovation: Eric Hanno has been influential in developing new investment products that align with market trends and client needs.
  • Growth Initiatives: He has also been pivotal in driving the expansion of Apollo’s investment strategies, securing the firm’s position at the forefront of the industry.

Eric Hanno Apollo

Later Career

Eric Hanno has cemented his status within the finance sector by assuming a role as the Co-Head of Apollo Aligned Alternatives at Apollo Global Management.

His later career is marked by significant advisory roles and contributions to public speaking events.

Advisory Positions

As Co-Head of Apollo Aligned Alternatives, Eric Hanno wields considerable influence in shaping investment strategies. He took on this position in 2023, further demonstrating his expertise in private market investments.

Previously at The Carlyle Group, he served as a Partner and Co-head of AlpInvest’s Primary Investment Team, reinforcing his experience in steering complex investment initiatives.

Public Speaking

In public forums, Eric Hanno is recognised for his informed perspectives on investment trends and market volatility. His speaking engagements serve as platforms where his insights into the intricacies of private markets are disseminated to professional audiences. As a finance veteran, his ability to demystify investment strategies is highly valued at industry conferences and seminars.

Awards and Honours

Eric Hanno’s accolades are a testament to his prominent position within the private equity sector. His transition to Apollo Global Management as Co-Head of Apollo Aligned Alternatives was a significant move within the industry.

While specific awards and honours for Mr. Hanno are not detailed in the available information, the roles he has assumed and the responsibilities he carry speak to the level of recognition and trust he has garnered.

At The Carlyle Group, his position as Co-head of AlpInvest’s Primary Investment Team and a role on the Global Investment and Management Committees would only have been possible with a demonstrable track record of excellence.

The decision by Apollo to bring him onboard underscores the value of his more than two decades of experience and implies a level of esteem from industry peers and institutions.

Further details about awards and honours can be typically found on professional networking platforms like LinkedIn, however, the specifics of Mr. Hanno’s recognitions in this category are not expressly mentioned in the public domain.

In the absence of concrete accolades, Mr. Hanno’s professional journey itself reflects a career punctuated by noteworthy achievements in the realm of private markets investment, which in itself is indicative of his merit and distinction within the financial community.

Personal Philosophy

Eric Hanno, having ascended to the ranks of Apollo’s leadership, attributes his success partly to a philosophy grounded in commitment, innovation, and strategic foresight. His approach emphasises the importance of adapting to market changes with agility and intelligence.

Key Tenets:

  • Commitment: Dedicated to excellence in every endeavour.
  • Innovation: Encourages forward-thinking to stay ahead of industry trends.
  • Collaboration: Believes in the synergy of a team to achieve common goals.


  1. Meticulous analysis of market dynamics.
  2. Investment in continuous learning and development.
  3. Prioritisation of client and stakeholder interests.

Undeniably, his methodical nature and insightful leadership decisions reflect a personal philosophy that positions him as a driving force in the private market domain.


Eric Hanno’s tenure at Apollo Global Management is marked by significant contributions to the firm’s private equity landscape.

Upon joining Apollo in 2023, he became the Co-Head of Apollo Aligned Alternatives (AAA) and a Member of the AAA Investment Committee. His arrival aligned with Apollo’s strategy expansion, tailoring sophisticated private-market solutions for individual investors.

Before his engagement at Apollo, Hanno carved out a formidable reputation at The Carlyle Group. As a co-head of AlpInvest’s Primary Investment Team, his role was pivotal in overseeing primary fund investments globally.

His performance there earned him a place on both the Global Investment and Management Committees.

At Apollo, Hanno’s leadership encompasses steering a fund instituted the previous year, demonstrating his adeptness at not just traditional private equity but also innovation in investment products tailored for individual client needs.

His extensive experience exceeding two decades fortifies Apollo’s capabilities and is instrumental in elevating the firm’s position within the private market sector.

His expertise reflects in considerable fund growth and a strategic vision that underpins Apollo’s foray into diversified investment products.

These strides manifest Hanno’s lasting impact on Apollo’s evolution, ensuring the firm remains at the forefront of private investment management.

  • Positions Held:
    • Partner, Co-Head of Apollo Aligned Alternatives
    • Member of the AAA Investment Committee
  • Previous Experience:
    • Partner at The Carlyle Group
    • Co-Head of AlpInvest’s Primary Investment Team
    • Member of AlpInvest’s Global Investment and Management Committees

Hanno’s legacy at Apollo is ongoing and poised to redefine industry benchmarks through innovation and seasoned leadership.

Eric Hanno Apollo

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