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Top Agritech Startups London Guide #1 Best Agritech Startups UK Guide

Agritech Startups Guide

Top Agritech Startups London Guide #1 Best Agritech Companies UK Guide

The agricultural tech world is on a massive growth trajectory at the moment as part of a larger scale-up sector boom right now.

So to help you keep track of some of the players and shakers right now here’s a list of some of the top scaleups and across the UK to keep an eye on..

Agritech startups
London agritech startups London

Agritech startups UK

The Small Robot Company

uk agritech startups uk agritech companies small robot
agritech companies uk

The small robot company is a great example of a agritech startups london has to offer as they are reimagining farming with robotics and artificial intelligence.

Our vision is to make food production sustainable, reducing farming’s impact on the environment and increasing farm outputs globally. Our farmbots Tom, Dick and Harry will plant, feed and weed arable crops autonomously, with minimal waste. 

Agritech Startups UK

Agritech Startups London BEST UK AGRITECH STARTUPS UK agriculture startups london small robot company graphic

Earth Rover

uk agritech startups uk agritech companies earth rover

Earth Rover tracks every single plant from seed to farm gate.

Hummingbird Technologies

uk agritech startups uk agritech companies hummingbird
agritech companies uk

Hummingbird Technologies are in our agritech startups london guide as they are an Artificial Intelligence business that provides advanced crop analytics to its customers by using proprietary Machine Learning algorithms applied to remote sensing captured imagery.

Our expertise allows our customers: to increase their yields, optimise chemical inputs, farm more sustainably and make earlier, more informed decisions.

By pushing the boundaries of science and technology, our mission is to improve the efficiency of global crop production, and to feed the world’s growing population sustainably.

Mooo Farm

uk agritech startups uk agritech companies mooo farm
Mooo Farm logo

Mooo are in our Agritech Startups UK guide as the people who work at MoooFarm are driven by the idea that the optimum results are born out of perseverance, determination and strong team-connection. A group of young, dynamic and optimistic individuals coming from diverse range of backgrounds and experience, but with the Mutual goal – to empower the Dairy Farmers. This is team MoooFarm, a lot of smiling happy people who work hard to put a smile on the face of our Farmers.


uk agritech startups uk agritech companies oxbury

Oxbury is building the UK’s specialist agricultural bank, the only bank with a singular focus on British farmers. We will provide farmers with the specialised lending they need to run their farms, and provide savings accounts to any individuals or business that want to support British farmers and UK agriculture.


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uk agritech startups uk

Agritech Startups London

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