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Wework Beer Taps UK Exclusive: WeWork Reassures UK Startup Members: Free Beer Supply Unwavering Until At Least Thirsty Thursday…

Wework Beer Taps UK Exclusive

WeWork, the free beers giant, has recently reassured its UK members that they can continue to enjoy free beer supplies within their workspace, for at least a few more happy hours.

This announcement comes as a relief to many startup workers who see the provision of liquid beverages as a perk of their office environment and fundamentally different to financial liquidity – which has never bothered any Unicorn before – as well as being the sole reason to cycle down the canal from Hackney to Farringdon on a Thursday. The little troopers…

While concerns about excessive consumption have been raised in the past by no sane person we’ve ever asked, it seems startup up growth teams and social media managers alike can rest easy knowing their thirsts will be quenched for free for, at least, a little bit longer.

Wework Beer Taps UK

Wework Beer Taps UK

Now, let’s take a moment to summarise the main points of this article:

Key Takeaways

  • WeWork UK members can continue to enjoy complimentary beer supplies in some locations, primarily where the auditors and debt funds are based
  • Provision of free beer demonstrates collaboration in office environments and is the sole reason to go to work (Source: Brewdog)
  • Liquid Beer and Financial Liquidity are different things…

Wework Beer Taps UK Exclusive

The Comical Conundrum of A Never-Ending Free Pint

Wework Beer Taps UK

The Liquid Based Passions of Desk-Occupying Dwellers

Ah, the humble beer tap, an object to create a delightful drinking culture in the world of WeWork office spaces, where free beer flowed like rivers, tags on desks beamed with pride and esteem, and kegs were king.

However, in recent times, the atmosphere shifted, as the once-merry land of unlimited access to alcoholic beverages began to reveal its darker side, in people not actually working after the taps turned on at 4pm.

In response to these incidents and as an act of corporate responsibility, WeWork started limiting alcohol consumption within its hallowed halls. Tea and wine replaced beer, bringing sobriety and a different work vibe to the desks of office dwellers across the hinterlands of EC2 and that bit of Moorgate Commercial Agents assured us was, in fact, part of Shoreditch…

As the taps of free beer started to run dry in some WW locations, an air of uncertainty hung in the air; was this the end of an era?

Wework Beer Taps UK

The Post WeWork Frothy Future Awaits

Fear not, O devotees of desk-bound beer revelry!

WeWork reassures UK members of the beer-loving community that their supply of free beer shall continue to flow – at least for now.

Despite facing criticism and risks associated with the once-prominent, free-flowing beer taps, WeWork UK appears to have found a delicate balance in maintaining the availability of beer whilst reducing potential issues arising from iminent bankrupty.

And with that, the grand tale of the never-ending pint begins a new chapter, as WeWorkers adjust to a world with rules and less mythical dimensions, where a beer tap remains for now, yet tempered by the acknowledgement of the responsibilities that accompany free beer offerings during a company liquidation.

Wework Beer Taps UK Exclusive – Frequently Asked Questions

Wework Beer Taps UK Exclusive: WeWork Reassures UK Startup Members: Free Beer Supply Unwavering Until At Least Thirsty Thursday... 1

How do I keep my pint full at WeWork?

So you still fancy a pint while, ahem, working?

WeWork has got you covered, for a time at least, unlimited free beer for functioning alcoholics (Never you….) and very astute startup workers (You…) will be available at some last locations, depending on the leasing lock-in length…

Is the ale flowing endlessly?

Regrettably, the days of endless ale at WeWork have come to an end. With the company phasing out free beer and wine due to some complicated financial thingy called Bankrupty (Note; that is not a name of a new Craft Beer).

A bit of a bummer for those who fancied a pint whilst typing away, but chin up—your work may be more productive without the temptation.

Is WeWork the new Cheers, where everyone knows my name?

While WeWork might not be an exact replica of the classic TV show Cheers, it does provide a community atmosphere where networking and collaboration are encouraged.

However, don’t bank on everyone knowing your name right away—initiate conversations and attend networking events to make your presence felt and where, incidentially, the free drinks still abound…


Editors Note: None of the above is vaguely true apart from the bit about everyone else being a functioning alcoholic, just not you….

Wework Beer Taps UK Exclusive

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