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Private Equity News Europe Finnish Long Drink
The Finnish Long Drink is a gin-based, grapefruit-flavored alcoholic beverage that has been a popular drink in Finland for decades. In recent years, the Long Drink has been gaining popularity in the United States, and is now one of the fastest-growing brands in the country.
Private Equity News Rapid Growth Companies On Running One of The Fastest-Growing Running Shoe Brands
On Running is a Swiss footwear company that has quickly become one of the fastest-growing brands in the world. The company's signature shoes feature a unique CloudTec® sole that provides a cushioned and responsive ride.
private equity news uk Dirtea
Dirtea is a brand and company that is on the rise for sure and, as already identified as a company to watch, their growth has absolutely mushroomed.

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Category Trend Prebiotic-Soda-Fizzes-Up
Prebiotic soda is a relatively new category of beverages that are gaining popularity among health-conscious consumers. These sodas are made with prebiotics, which are non-digestible food ingredients that feed the beneficial bacteria in your gut.

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