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Ares’s Landmark Real Estate Fund IX

Landmark Real Estate Fund IX Launches: Navigating the Future of Property Investment

Ares Management Corporation, a leader in global alternative investments, has announced the successful raising of funds for Landmark Real Estate Fund IX.

The substantial capital accumulation of around $3.3 billion, which includes general partner commitments and affiliated vehicles, showcases the company’s influence and commitment in the real estate sector.

The fund has been earmarked as a significant player in real estate secondaries, underlining Ares’ strategic expansion within the industry and its capabilities of providing bespoke secondary solutions for its clients.

The Landmark Real Estate Fund IX distinguishes itself with a specialised focus on opportunistic investments in the real estate market. Its investment strategy is geared towards capitalising on market trends and harnessing potential in diverse real estate sectors.

Operating from its base in Simsbury, Connecticut, the fund is managed by Landmark Partners, an Ares Company, and is equipped to engage in investments scaling from modest to substantial sums, thereby offering a wide range of options to investors.

The fund’s proficiency in managing and operating such large-scale investments is indicative of a robust fund management structure equipped to adapt to the dynamism of real estate markets.

Ares Landmark Real Estate Fund IX Launches

Key Takeaways

  • Ares Management Corporation confirms a $3.3 billion fundraise for Landmark Real Estate Fund IX.
  • The fund focuses on opportunistic investments in diverse real estate sectors.
  • Fund IX operates with a flexible and highly adaptable investment strategy.

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Overview of Landmark Real Estate Fund IX

Landmark Real Estate Fund IX, managed by Landmark Partners, represents a significant initiative in the private real estate secondary market, targeting diversified portfolios with a strategic approach to managing equity in real estate investments.

Investment Strategy

The investment strategy of Landmark Real Estate Fund IX focuses on acquiring a mix of private real estate interests with an opportunistic approach.

It primarily engages in the purchase of existing investor commitments to private real estate funds. By doing so, it provides liquidity to those wishing to exit from their positions, gathering a diversified range of real estate assets.

Fund Objectives

The main objectives of the fund are to maximise capital appreciation and provide long-term growth of principal.

Landmark Real Estate Fund IX seeks to achieve these goals through a disciplined investment process, capitalising on a wide range of real estate opportunities with the aim to deliver strong risk-adjusted returns to its investors.

Historical Performance

While specific historical performance data of Landmark Real Estate Fund IX is not disclosed in this brief, historically, Landmark Partners has emphasised generating competitive returns within its real estate funds.

The performance of previous funds typically reflects the effectiveness of their secondary market strategy, concentrating on value maximisation and market cycles timing.

Key Players

The pivotal entities in Landmark Real Estate Fund IX include a premier management firm, dedicated general partners, and strategic limited partners, each playing a vital role in the fund’s operation and success.

Ares Management Corp

Ares Management Corporation oversees Landmark Real Estate Partners IX and is recognised for its extensive experience in the secondary real estate market. This Ares Company is instrumental in guiding the fund’s strategy and providing support to maximise investment returns.

General Partners

General Partners commit to the fund, contributing to the overall capital and decision-making processes. Among the notable individuals, Michelle Creed and Jamie Sunday are distinguished for their roles in driving the fund forward. They contribute not only fiscal capital but also invaluable industry insights for the fund’s ventures.

Limited Partners

Limited Partners, the investors providing capital to Landmark Real Estate Partners IX, have a significant albeit more passive involvement.

Their commitments fuel the fund’s capacity to execute its strategic investments. It is their confidence in the fund and its management that underscores the collaborative effort towards achieving substantial returns.

Investment Focus

Landmark Real Estate Fund IX has established a targeted investment strategy, centring on secondary market transactions, a specific geographical reach, and diversification across asset types.

Secondary Market Investments

The fund specialises in the acquisition of secondary real estate interests, focusing on seasoned assets and structured investments. It leverages its capital to invest in opportunities that offer the potential for value creation and yield enhancement.

Geographical Focus

Investments are primarily directed towards strategic markets in Europe and Asia. This geographical diversification is key to accessing a variety of real estate markets, potentially reducing risks associated with market volatility.

Asset Types

Landmark Real Estate Fund IX aims to curate a diversified portfolio. The fund’s assets include a mix of traditional real estate holdings, preferred equity, and a range of structured investments, each selected to bolster the fund’s performance across different economic cycles.

By adhering to this structured investment philosophy, Landmark Real Estate Fund IX seeks to capitalise on the depth and liquidity of the real estate secondary market, providing exposure to a handpicked range of assets in discerning locations.

Sector Analysis and Market Trends

Within the realm of real estate secondaries, Landmark Real Estate Fund IX positions itself in a dynamic environment where market value trends and forecasts are crucial for investor strategies.

Current Market Value Dynamics

The real estate secondaries market, as exemplified by entities like Landmark Real Estate Partners IX, is experiencing robust activity. Data indicates a strong appetite for investments ranging from USD 10 million to USD 50 million.

This highlights a significant orientation towards diversification and value optimisation within the secondary market.

The market analysis reveals that in recent times, transactions are being informed by a concise view of the entire transaction pipeline in England and Wales, from listings to completions.

A comparative examination of 2021 data against that of previous years showcases a consistent rise in asset value, indicating not only recovery post-market disruption but also a sound market trajectory.

Forecast and Projections

Projections suggest that, with entities such as Landmark Real Estate Fund IX securing significant capital, there’s a palpable confidence within the market for ongoing robust growth.

Forecasts lean towards a buoyant secondary market, with a propelled increase in net asset value signalling investor trust in the resiliency and profitability of real estate investments.

Given these trends, stakeholders are adapting their strategies to align with the shifts in market value, anticipating the ability to leverage opportunities that may arise as the sector continues to evolve.

The data prognosticates not only an increased volume of transactions but also enhanced diversity in investment types and geographical spread.

Investment Process

The investment strategy for Landmark Real Estate Fund IX focuses on fund and portfolio recapitalisations as well as limited partner interest acquisitions.

This process leverages a cycle-tested track record to secure real estate investments and generate value for investors.

Acquisition and Recapitalisations

The Acquisition and Recapitalisations strategy primarily targets mature real estate funds and portfolios.

The approach is meticulous, aiming to identify opportunities that enable investors to enter at attractive discounts. Investments are often sourced from sophisticated, discretionary sellers seeking liquidity solutions:

  • Fund Recapitalisations: Positions in existing funds are acquired often at the tail-end of the investment life cycle, injecting new capital and extending the investment period.
  • Portfolio Recapitalisations: Direct purchases or indirect interests across various assets, leveraging economies of scale and diversification.

Risk Management

Rigorous Risk Management underpins the Fund’s approach to ensure that capital preservation and appreciation are at the forefront.

  • Due Diligence: Each potential investment undergoes comprehensive analysis—financial, legal, and operational— to validate assumptions and projections.
  • Diversification: By acquiring interests in multiple funds and portfolios, the strategy mitigates sector-specific risks and captures a wide range of market opportunities.

Fund Management and Operations

The efficient management of Landmark Real Estate Fund IX is underscored by its robust asset management strategies, its proactive engagement with stakeholders, and its meticulous adherence to regulatory compliance, ensuring that investors’ interests are at the forefront of its operations.

Asset Management

The Ares Real Estate Secondaries Team oversees the operations of the fund, applying their extensive expertise to manage the diverse portfolio of real estate assets.

This team of seasoned real estate secondary investment professionals carefully curates the fund’s investments to maximise value and minimise risk, focussing on maintaining the integrity and performance of each asset within the fund.

Stakeholder Engagement

Deep relationships with stakeholders are central to the fund’s operations, and Landmark Real Estate Fund IX has a structured approach to stakeholder engagement.

They invest considerably in maintaining transparent communication, ensuring that all parties, from investors to affiliated entities, are well-informed and aligned with the fund’s objectives and progress.

Regulatory Compliance

The fund operates under the vigilant eye of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), ensuring full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

The Ares Real Estate Secondaries Team is keenly aware of the regulatory landscape and ensures that all affiliated vehicles operate within these guidelines, preserving the fund’s reputation and operational viability.

Financial Highlights

The Landmark Real Estate Fund IX, managed by Ares Management Corporation, represents a significant accumulation of capital, aimed at investing in diverse portfolios of private real estate secondary investments.

The Fund reflects the company’s confident strategy in addressing the refinancing needs of asset managers.

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Capital Commitments

Landmark Real Estate Fund IX, an initiative by Ares Management, has achieved a substantial capital commitment, aggregating to approximately $3.3 billion.

This fund is indicative of investors’ strong confidence and the general partner’s commitment to the strategic growth of assets under management in the private equity real estate sector.

  • General Partner Commitments: A substantial portion of the fund’s capital showcases the general partner’s aligning interests with limited partners.
  • Investor Contributions: Marked by robust investor backing, the capital commitments will drive the fund’s strategic purchases and investment ventures.

Performance Metrics

Performance metrics of the Landmark Real Estate Fund IX are strategically positioned to leverage the depth of the secondary real estate market.

  • Assets Under Management: The fund’s success in raising capital is expected to significantly expand Ares’ assets under management, securing its position as a formidable entity in the real estate investment landscape.
  • Private Equity Secondary Transactions: With the fund’s sizeable financial resources, it is well-prepared to capitalise on a range of private equity real estate opportunities, enhancing the performance and value for stakeholders.

Strategic Partnerships and Relationships

Landmark Real Estate Fund IX, managed by Landmark Partners, an Ares Company, leverages strategic partnerships and intricate industry networking to establish deep relationships within the real estate market.

These alliances facilitate opportunistic and secondary investments, reinforcing the Ares Secondaries Group’s position in the market.


The fund’s collaborative efforts are pivotal, especially in significant transactions such as the recapitalisation of a data centre in Portland, Oregon.

With an injection of $50 million in equity, these partnerships enable the fund to pursue sizeable deals that can range from USD 10 million to USD 50 million. This partnership exemplifies the fund’s approach towards making impactful and strategic secondary investments.

Industry Networking

Industry networking is a cornerstone of Landmark Real Estate Fund IX’s strategy. Often drawing upon the Ares Management Corporation’s approximately $3.3 billion of real estate secondaries capital, the fund effectively manoeuvres through the real estate secondaries market.

Through its robust networking, the fund positions itself to tap into a spectrum of opportunities, revealing a confident approach towards growth and investment that aligns with the Ares Secondaries Group’s objectives.

Future Outlook

Landmark Real Estate Fund IX has demonstrated a potent mix of a cycle-tested track record and robust fundraising capabilities.

With its latest substantial capital pool, it is strategically positioned to capitalise on the evolving landscape of real estate investments.

Growth Projections

The fund has secured nearly $3.3 billion, showcasing its substantial fundraising prowess. Driven by historical successes and an opportunistic investment approach, Landmark Real Estate Fund IX anticipates strong growth.

Its strategy leverages a cycle-tested record to navigate the variances in the real estate market confidently.

Emerging Opportunities

Investment in infrastructure and development is poised to create fresh avenues for Landmark Real Estate Fund IX.

With a keen eye for opportunistic ventures in diverse regions, the fund is well-positioned to engage with the emerging opportunities and expand its footprint in the secondary real estate market.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section addresses common inquiries regarding Landmark Real Estate Fund IX, offering concise insights into its structure, performance, and role within the larger context of Ares’ investment portfolio.

What constitutes a real estate opportunity fund and how do they function?

A real estate opportunity fund is typically a private investment vehicle that pools capital to invest in high-potential properties or development projects.

They often target higher returns through various strategies, including but not limited to, market timing, repositioning of assets, or development.

What is the typical size of a fund like Ares in the realm of real estate investment?

The size of a fund like Ares can vary, but substantial funds in the realm of real estate investment commonly seek capital in the range of hundreds of millions to several billion USD. For instance, Ares has successfully raised considerable funds for its real estate ventures, reflecting the scale at which it operates.

How does Landmark Real Estate Fund IX compare with previous Landmark real estate funds?

Landmark Real Estate Fund IX follows Landmark’s tradition of investing in real estate secondaries but is distinct for its scale and the economic context in which it operates. In comparison to earlier funds, Fund IX has been robust in its capital raise, reflecting both growth and evolving investment strategies.

In what ways do real assets play a role within the Ares portfolio?

Real assets, including physical properties, are key components of Ares’ portfolio, offering diversification, potential for capital appreciation, and income generation. They play a strategic role by providing a tangible anchor to the portfolio across market cycles.

Could you explain the purpose of secondaries in real estate investment?

Secondaries in real estate investment involve the purchase and sale of pre-existing investor commitments to private real estate funds. This allows for liquidity in an otherwise illiquid asset class and enables investors like Landmark to enter and exit positions in a fund’s lifecycle.

What strategies do investment management firms like Landmark employ to optimise returns on real estate funds?

Firms such as Landmark utilise a range of strategies, including targeting undervalued assets, strategic asset management, and exploiting market inefficiencies. The goal is to enhance value and, ultimately, to optimise returns for investors over the life of the fund.

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