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Technology Due Diligence Consulting top due diligence firms Tech Due Diligence consultancies - Technical Due Diligence Guide
Tech due diligence is essential for any private equity group or business that plans on investing in or buying another company that relies heavily on technology. By performing the necessary research and testing, you can identify key areas of your business that need to be optimized in order to stay competitive.
How AI May Make LPs Better Investors
AI, or artificial intelligence, is a rapidly developing technology that has the potential to revolutionize many industries, including venture capital. AI can be used to automate tasks, analyze data, and make predictions.
ChatGPT Private Equity News Most Influential
ChatGPT, a generative AI model developed by OpenAI, has quickly become one of the most influential technologies in private equity.
Arcven Capital
Arcven Capital is a new Dutch-based secondary investment fund that was launched in June 2023. The fund is focused on investing in minority shares in growth-stage technology startups in the EMEA region. Arcven Capital is targeting a fund size of €80 million and is expected to be fully deployed within the next two years.
Private Equity News UK - What are the threats to PE from AI...according to AI
Artificial intelligence (AI) can impact the PE industry in several ways, both as a potential opportunity and a threat. While AI offers numerous benefits, there are also challenges and risks that PE firms need to consider.
Karakuri Private Equity News UK Super Compressed
Karakuri, a kitchen robotics startup that was backed by Ocado, has sadly appointed administrators. The company, which developed technology capable of assembling ready-meals for food industry clients, has been struggling financially in recent months.
Cabot Square Capital: A Private Equity Firm Investing in the Technology Sector
Cabot Square Capital is a private equity firm that invests in the...