Germany’s Mutares SE & Co acquires NL’s modular construction specialist Byldis

Mutares SE Acquires Modular Construction Specialist Byldis

Private equity holding company Mutares SE has acquired Byldis, a market leader in modular construction and modern methods of construction (MMC). Byldis is known for its expertise in precast concrete and facade technology, as well as its capabilities in design, manufacturing, and installation.

The acquisition is expected to strengthen Mutares’ position in the European construction market, particularly in the Netherlands where Byldis is based, and expand its product offering to include off-site produced building structure components.

Germany's Mutares SE & Co acquires NL's modular construction specialist Byldis 1

Byldis offers a one-stop-shop for MMC solutions, providing off-site alternatives to traditional construction methods.

Its project execution capabilities, combined with its proficiency in transportation and on-site assembly, allow for faster and safer construction with reduced risk of failure costs.

The acquisition is part of Mutares’ optimization strategy, as the company seeks to reposition and stabilize its portfolio companies for profitability. Byldis’ strong brand perception and operational excellence initiatives are expected to contribute to Mutares’ consolidated revenues, consulting revenues, portfolio dividends, and exit proceeds.

This marks Mutares’ eighth acquisition in 2023, putting the company on track to reach its goal of one transaction per month.

Mutares’ successful track-record in special situations and operational improvement potential make it an attractive investment for private equity investors.

The company’s corporate governance structure, management board, and supervisory board ensure a clear path to profitability and strong investor relations.

The Acquisition and its Implications

Germany's Mutares SE & Co acquires NL's modular construction specialist Byldis 3

Mutares SE & Co. KGaA has successfully completed the acquisition of Byldis, a market leader in modern methods of construction (MMC) based in the Netherlands. Byldis specializes in the design, engineering, and assembly of precast concrete and facade technology for mid-rise buildings and offices in Europe.

The acquisition is a strategic move for Mutares, strengthening its Engineering & Technology segment and expanding its product offering in the off-site produced building structure components market.

Byldis’ expertise and capabilities in MMC will allow Mutares to provide a one-stop-shop for project execution capabilities, optimizing profitability and reducing failure costs. Byldis’ corporate governance structure and brand perception will further enhance Mutares’ operational excellence initiatives in construction solutions.

The acquisition also provides Mutares with access to Byldis’ transportation and on-site assembly expertise, ensuring safety and faster than traditional on-site construction.

Byldis’ strong brand and reputation in the United Kingdom construction market will also open new revenue streams for Mutares.

The acquisition of Byldis marks Mutares’ eighth acquisition in 2023, demonstrating the company’s significant operational improvement potential.

Mutares’ consolidation of revenues, consulting revenues, portfolio dividends, and exit proceeds will continue to strengthen its position in the special situations private equity investor market.

Mutares is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange’s regulated market, and its investor relations are managed by CrossAlliance Communication GmbH. EQS Group AG provides corporate news for Mutares.