Why Games recruitment agencies could use gamification

Why Games recruitment agencies could use gamification

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Gamification for business to enhance the hiring process and amplify the candidate net has not been fully utilised by recruitment agencies. This is quite ironic considering that ecruiters service the beating heartland of gamification

Recent studies show that nearly 50% of the world’s population plays. We’re actually amazed it’s not more! And it certainly is in many countries with comScore estimating that daily online gaming outside of the USA is even greater, with APAC leading the pack (sorry), followed by Europe. And this might surprise you but as much as 70% of the online population in Turkey play while estimations are even higher in the Arab states particularly mobile social gaming acting effectively as a social network.

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Esports Executive Search Games Recruiter – Players meeting Fans

Using play in the recruit process is not at all a new concept. The U.S. Army famously was one of the first to use this technique s to both attract and qualify candidates using the game America’s Army significantly improved and enhanced its recruiting efforts to a new generation of game savvy potential recruits.

In terms of gamification providers Knack are helping connect candidates with employers. Their app has been specifically designed enables job seekers to play to understand what they do best and propose applicable job opps.

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So why not gamification for industry recruiters?

Using a gamification process to both attract talent into the games executive search industry and enhance and enliven the hiring process using the very same interfaces and experiences that the future member of staff will be working with seems so obvious. It also would be highly appealing for the games recruitment agency that they share the same values as their client which could form an important part of their client acquisition success rate.  Of course the games company might think it’s not as good as their efforts, well we’d like to think they can do better but at least they will admire the effort and maybe even offer improvement advice.

We think it’s a great idea. We’d recommend games recruitment firms give it a go!

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