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What UK games recruitment can learn from London esports executive search

What UK games recruitment can learn from London esports executive search and not the other way round

With the recent phenomenal growth in esports across the west originating out of the well established markets in Asia you’d expect a lot of games to esports cross over in terms of executives, management, creatives and engineers but it’s not happening nearly as much as you’d expect.

And maybe it’s not the big London games recruitment agencies that are at fault. Maybe Games Recruitment firms are looking in the wrong direction for their future talent pool.

One of the reasons is games is also in a massive growth phase (as always!) with many new exciting platforms, business models and formats providing amble new challenges

So you’d expect with esports naturally keen to bring in creative and technical talent from the traditional games sector crossover should be rampant, but it just isn’t

UPDATE! Check out our list of the best games recruitment agencies in the UK!

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Gaming Executive Recruitment Gaming – Does uk games recruitment need a new approach

Why games is looking in the wrong direction

Games, sports and egaming are all such similar competitive stat based entertainment experiences to such an extent that football talent scouts both use Football Manager the football management to source talent that you’d expect a much larger crossover.

Once of the reasons is however much the games industry admires the rapid growth in the esports category it doesn’t fully appreciate some of the underlined skills and techniques that have been successfully utilised by esports studios to establish new IP by engaging heavily in player relations and, of course, the grand spectacle.

Esports Executive Search London - Games recruitment
Why games executive search is looking in the wrong direction

Why It’s all about community engagement

One of things egames organisers have nailed is community engagement and management from casual players up to the professional competitors. It’s a consistent case study in grass roots engagement and how it can be leveraged to launch new creative IP and global brand franchises.

Too many times do we see in the primordial pool of hyper competition that are the Appstore and Play platforms new excellent well crafted mobile games launch created by talented passionate teams prepared to risk and commit everything not succeed and one of the reasons has to be having the bandwidth, strategic focus, skill and experience to engage prospective players at the grass route level well before launch and that is a skill many of the successful new e-sports exchanges have absolutely smashed it out of the park on

Esports Executive Search London Boom - Executive Search eSports Bonanza
Boom – eSports Bonanza

Mobile games and the long lost art of the spectacular

Back in the day games was all about the launch and publishers would enlist all classical PR and marketing tricks to build up an event historically known in many new gaming categories such as mobile gaming as the now almost mythical “release date” because they had to do things in tandem, convince players to buy their game and retailers to stock and promote their boxed product. Now, with the advent of full digital product, self publishing or “submission”, territory soft launch, iteration and in-life management has meant the attempt to create a moment or spectacle is an under-appreciated skill in the modern mobile app business and to the lesses extent the traditional console business as it has move to more of an entertainment as a service model.

Why the wider industry should engage with esports industry talent

It’s not what esports can learn from games, it’s the other way round. games should engage with esports executive search and recruitment providers for the very reason that these industries have significant layers of talent with deep salient experience and understanding of how to engage with player communities prior to launch, how to manage live league tables and stimulate player engagement and how to deliver on the spectacle of the actual competition or game launch.

These skills are highly transferable as certain strands of the games industry and in particular Downloadable Content categories like steam and mobile gaming do not have them baked into the launch process and as a result they can be over looked during the all important launch process in favour of in-life acquisition, monetization and iteration which the format naturally favours.

Esports Executive Search London - esports recruitment
Why games executive search should engage with

How this cross fertilisation will strengthen the indie studio

Launching a successful new mobile games franchise is quite easy if you are already a successful publisher with significant ad budget and existing user base to convert to the release but for the small or even medium sized studio it’s a brutal world out there. Using an esports executive search or recruitment agency service or one from another talent cluster to bring in community engagement, live league management and engagement and event marketing skills could make the difference.

We hope you enjoyed our article on how games can benefit from esports and not the other way round!

Esports Executive Search Gaming crossover with Games Recruitment - Jerry Maguire
Go Jerry Maguire and cross the tracks

The US and UK both have established gaming headhunter divisions with the US largely coming out of sports management firms coming out of multinational specialists where London has always had a strong base.

Along with our own esports executive search and coaching service in partnership with recruiter specialists, here is a list of some of the best firms in London.


EISG – (hampshire)

Odgers Berndtson

Esports Force –

Prodigy –


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