What Is Devops?
What Is Devops?

What is DevOps?

What is DevOps?

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The concept of DevOps is an emerging trend in IT which values automation and integration. It aims to bridge the gap between development teams, operations managers, systems administrators as well as other stakeholders by focusing on four core principles: communication/feedback loops; continuous delivery pipelines ; shared services across organizational units (such as infrastructure); cultural awareness among diverse groups within your organization who work together daily- all while putting people first!

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DevOps is a philosophy that brings together two formerly separate roles: the developer and operations staff. Developers create platform environments, while those in charge of implementing it use; these are aligned with agile development which addressed communication gaps between end-users and software developers by creating solutions for each group on their own terms. In short Devops seeks to close this same gap throughput/implementation services so that both sides may serve users better overall.”

The DevOps process has been around for quite some time, but it’s only recently come into the limelight and become an integral part of modern IT. The two processes used to be siloed in different departments which led to slowdowns due communications about project needs or resources between teams working on them; this was especially true with developers who typically worked alone more often than not when developing new tech such as Cloud services that required both development expertise from engineers alongside service management skills like those needed by a “DevOp.” With all these acronyms being tossed around nowadays—SDL: Software Development Life Cycle? MVP : Merchant

DevOps ledg, Patrick Debois refers to Dev and Ops in two ways:

1. DevOps: collaboration, optimization across the whole organisation. Even beyond IT (HR, Finance…) and company borders (Suppliers)

2. DevOps ‘lite’ : when people zoom in on ‘just’ dev and ops collaboration.

Debois states, “New names will survive only if they make sense. I have seen DevDesignOps, NoOps, FrontEndOps, and other variations. They are useful because it helps to create a new mindset or ideas. You must be aware that whenever a new idea or buzzword comes around, like DevSecOps or SRE, there’s value to it because it brings a new perspective to the table. It does not mean that DevOps as a term will exist forever. Some will say that what will survive is the delivery pipeline, and others will think broader. So, new terms will inspire new things to happen.”

Gene Kim, one of the world’s most respected thinkers on management and leadership states that it is possible for organizations to create a continuous flow from dev through testing all the way up into operations with better quality.

In his book “The Innovator’s Dilemma: Why Most New Technologyventures Fail” Gene shares research about 5 reasons why projects fail before they even get off their feet including lack if commitment by top managers or executives not recognizing its value at every level within your company .He goes onto say “It is really about enacting technology practices  and architecture

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