Wellness Startups London Guide 2021 #1 BEST WELLBEING STARTUPS UK Guide

Wellness Startups London 2021 #1 BEST WELLNESS BEING UK Guide

Wellness Startups London

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With wellness and health in general being a massive lifestyle trend which is going from strength to strength and something we can all benefit from it’s only natural that new innovative ideas are coming to the market in this sector.

With that in mind (Ed; terrible….) we take a look at some of the new innovative wellbeing scales ups the capital has to offer.

London Wellness Startups London BEST UK WELLNESS STARTUPS UK

1. Inhere

London Wellness Startups London BEST UK WELLNESS STARTUPS UK inhere

Fresh from launching London’s first dedicated meditation centre, Inhere are now London’s first drop-in meditation studio and offering live meditation classes.

Inhere aim to give everyone the chance to develop a healthy relationship with their mind. Which means offering people the opportunity, the time and the space to tune out the noise of daily life and introduced custom-built meditation pods so people all over the country can experience what it’s like to stop and listen.

nHere - Meditation Classes London - Meditation Class London
best wellness startups london guide

In addition to their online meditation classes, Inhere also run mindfulness classes in workplaces and venues of your choosing.

Wellness Startups London wellness startups uk best top inhere

2. Unmind

London Wellness Startups London BEST UK WELLNESS STARTUPS UK unmind

Unmind enables your employees to assess, track, and understand their mental wellbeing over time.

Empower your organisation with aggregated and anonymous data to improve decision-making.

Wellness Startups London wellness startups uk best top unmind

3. Spill

London Wellness Startups London BEST UK WELLNESS STARTUPS UK spill

Spill was started by two friends who couldn’t believe how hard it was to access emotional support through the NHS, and how expensive it was through the private sector.

wellness startups london

Whether you’re suffering from a bereavement, feeling anxious, struggling with work and relationships, or just wanting to understand some of your thought patterns and habits, talking to a qualified professional is shown to work wonders — and Spill believe it should be a basic human right.

Wellness Startups London wellness startups uk best top Spill banner
Spill – Wellness Startups London

Spill’s aim is to smash down the barriers to accessing that support. We do that by working with organisations to make it free at the point of use for individuals, so that no one is excluded from getting support.

Wellness Startups London wellness startups uk best top Spill logo

4. Levell

London Wellness Startups London BEST UK WELLNESS STARTUPS UK levell

Levell’s user-centric data structure enables employees to share what they want, safely.

Managers can request data for check-ins, but otherwise no personal staff information is ever shared. 

Wellness Startups London wellness startups uk best top Levell


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What does wellness mean?

Wellness means different things to different people. For most people, wellness means physical fitness, happiness, relaxation, emotional balance or “well being”, and a higher quality of life and spiritual health through stress reduction.

Is there a difference between wellnes and well-being?

Most of us use the term wellbeing and wellness interchangeably, but there is a distinctive difference. Wellbeing refers to a more holistic, whole of life experience, whereas wellness refers to physical health. … Wellness is the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, as a result of deliberate effort. – wellbeingmessenger.com

What is a good example of a wellness startup?

Inhere which pioneered the London’s first dedicated meditation centre and now has an online guided meditation platform is a perfect example of a wellness startup as they are helping to change our lifestyle, mental health and general sense of well-being by improving our access to meditative experiences that have been proven to enhance a sense of positivity and self-worth.

Is the wellness startup category growing in terms of investment?

In 2018…there were 4892 startups in the health tech space and raised $504 million between 2014-2018. Same is true for the wellness industry as well, which has been growing at a CAGR of nearly 12per cent and is expected to be ₹1.5 trillion industry by 2020 – entrepreneur.com

London Startups 2021Guide #1 BEST STARTUPS LONDON

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