Want to be big in Transnistria? Use a Transcreation agency services

Want to be big in Transnistria? Use Transcreation agency services
Want to be big in Transnistria? Use Transcreation agency services

Want to be big in Transnistria? Use a Transcreation agency services

Transnistria? Until recently we’d not heard of either and you’re probably wondering one does a small breakaway state in Easter Europe only recognised by three countries have in common with an increasingly successful sub-category of the professional translation services sector. Well, it turns out this almost surreal communist republic which still has the emblem of the hammer and sickle in their national flag and an unrecognised currency there’s quite a lot actually. Let’s start by explaining what the meaning first

Transcreation meaning

The Transcreation meaning is the technique of adapting a message from one language to another, while keeping its intent and context and, if appropriate its style and tone. Examples of transcreation are best found in the advertising and marketing categories whereby it is viewed as superior to standard translation services.

Translation vs transcreation

In translation services it can mean the literal word-for-word translation with images and content staying the same and most likely the layout and brand vocabulary also having no change. It literally is what it says, a translation of language from one language to another

Localisation vs transcreation

Localisation of press announcements, advertising and news stories is pretty much the industry standard and professional translation specialists are usually retained ad-hoc for performing this duty. A good localisation agency will deploy native language speakers to ensure the language is culturally appropriate with images also changed to suit local tastes. However, localisation agencies will probably not change the meaning or the brand vocabulary unless specifically requested by a sophisticated or large scale client

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Transcreation examples

With transcreation the meaning, content, image and layout are all adapted to suit the local language and market with possibly only parts of the brand vocabulary staying consistent in english or other mother tongue.

Why is transcreation on the rise

With the increasing importance of content marketing and influencer its vital that brands use a specialist transcreation agency to speak to their potential customers in an authentic tone. non-transcreated messages on social networks and via influencer campaigns just don’t work and can also have a negative effect on all involved. These localisation trends combined with the realisation that localisation was not working in an increasing globalised market, for instance localisation of western into asian markets and vice versa, has meant the rise of importance of the transcreation agency.

So if want to be big in Transnistria…use a transcreation agency

Transnistria, a seemingly strange breakaway republic of Moldova still preserved in a Soviet past? If you want your product to be big in Transnistria do you really still think just localising your content is going to work? We’d suggest that if you want to be big in Transnistra you should consider using a transcreation agency!



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