AlbionVC is a venture capital firm based in London, UK. It was founded in 1996 and has over $1 billion in assets under management.

AlbionVC invests in early-stage B2B software and healthcare companies.

The firm has a team of experienced investors with a track record of success.

AlbionVC has backed over 50 companies, including four unicorns (companies valued at over $1 billion). Some of AlbionVC’s notable investments include:

  • Active Hotels
  • Antenova
  • Atego
  • Blackbay
  • Bloomsbury AI
  • Clear Review
  • Credit Kudos
  • Dexela
  • Exco Intouch
  • Grapeshot
  • MPP Global
  • MyMeds&Me
  • Omprompt
  • Panangium Therapeutics
  • Perpetuum
  • Phrasee
  • PSE
  • Regulatory Genome

AlbionVC is known for its hands-on approach to investing.

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The firm works closely with its portfolio companies to help them grow and scale their businesses. AlbionVC also provides its portfolio companies with access to its network of experienced mentors and advisors.

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