Venture capital consultancy

What does a specialist B2C VC consultant do?

We specialise in due diligence for VC’s covering potential acquisitions specifically in the digital marketing and B2C ecommerce space.

What does the due diligence involve?

Normally this would be their digital marketing, tech and ecommerce stack and general team quality to produce a due diligence report to improve your hit rate on successful B2C brand acquisitions

How much does a digital intelligence assessment cost?

One or more of our highly experienced CMO and CDO consultant network will assess the acquisition based on your criteria. If agreeable budget vary from £10-50k per assessment.

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We are a VC consulting firm based in London providing due diligence to VC firms looking to make acquisitions in fast pace ecommerce, retail and tech categories.

Our team is highly experienced in tech, start up and digital marketing.

We’ve ran email campaigns, launched startups, implemented customer data platforms and messed up our DMARC score all before so we know how to technically access ecommerce operations.



Rainmakrr is a digital marketing and IT recruitment agency specialising in high tech including Blockchain, Data Science, Games and DevOps

Rainmakrr - Venture Capital Consultancy
Free venture capital consultancy assessment consultation

We combine with business intelligence venture capital consultancy partners and specialist technical consultants. covering email deliverability, ERP, CRM, CDP and SEO specialisms to assess the digital marketing and ecommerce status of your potential investment and assess the digital marketing and ecommerce team quality.

Please contact us for further information regarding our services and to deploy us and our network to assess your next investment.

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