Tera Ventures Estonia: A Leading Venture Capital Firm in the Baltics

Tera Ventures is a venture capital firm that invests in early-stage born-global digital startups. Founded in 2016, the firm is based in Estonia, with offices in Tartu and Tallinn. Tera Ventures’ goal is to discover world-class founders tackling big problems and support them on the way to becoming industry leaders.

With a focus on exceptional founders from the Baltics, Scandinavia, and CEE disrupting digital space globally, Tera Ventures builds presence and networks in the markets where their portfolio companies want to expand to – the UK, the US, and Asia. The firm currently invests out of their 45 MEUR 2nd fund and offers initial check sizes between €200k and €2m.

Tera Ventures has a team of experienced investors, including General Partner Andrus Oks and Venture Partner Stanislav Ivanov. The firm’s portfolio includes companies such as Veriff, a global identity verification provider, and Bolt, a transportation platform that operates in over 200 cities worldwide. Tera Ventures’ focus on supporting born-global startups and their presence in key international markets make them a valuable partner for founders looking to scale their businesses.

Investment Strategy and Portfolio

Investment Focus

Tera Ventures is an Estonian venture capital firm that invests in early-stage, born-global digital startups. The firm’s investment focus is on companies that are disrupting traditional industries through innovative solutions. Tera Ventures is particularly interested in companies that are operating in the fintech, proptech, and business management software sectors.

Portfolio Companies

Tera Ventures has a diverse portfolio of companies that it has invested in. Some of the notable companies in its portfolio include Grabcad, Vitalfields, Avokaado, Flowstep, Scoro, Rendin, Brainbase, Strata, Monese, Ai Clearing, Rentle, 4Trans, and Siq. The firm’s portfolio companies are spread across various regions, including the UK, Finland, Nordic, Sweden, Poland, Baltic, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, and the Czech Republic.

Investment Partners and Collaborations

Tera Ventures has established partnerships and collaborations with various entities to support its investment activities. The firm has received funding from the European Investment Fund, Estfund, LHV Pension Funds, Mistletoe Venture Partners International, and other international investors. Tera Ventures has also collaborated with corporations such as ATM, Mistletoe, ITOCHU, Perot Jain, Masterborn, Inc., and Jonas E. Neihardt.

Regional Influence and Expansion

Tera Ventures has a significant regional influence in the New Nordics, which includes the Nordic and Baltic countries. The firm has established relationships with top-tier VCs and has a global advisory network that provides expertise in various sectors. Tera Ventures has also expanded its investment activities to other regions, including Japan and CEE.

The firm’s investment strategy is hands-on and founder-friendly, with a focus on building strong relationships with its portfolio companies. Tera Ventures is committed to supporting its portfolio companies through various stages of growth, from pre-seed to later stages. The firm is also actively involved in the start-up hub and has invested in companies in the mobility/logistics and healthcare industries.

Tera Ventures has a fund size of €43M and is focused on investing in deal-flow companies that have the potential to become industry leaders. The firm’s investment philosophy is based on its belief in the power of automation and the need for companies to stay ahead of the curve in the digital age.

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