UnCaged Studios Raises $24M in Series A Funding


UnCaged Studios Raises $24M in Series A Funding

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New game platform aims to help developers integrate Web 3.0 aspects into their games. UnCaged Studios will also help web 2 companies with Game OS. The funding will be used to expand the team, develop new games and launch MonkeyLeague esports metaverse. The company also plans to introduce new games based on play-to-earn concepts. Interested investors can view the company’s website here.

UnCaged’s Game OS development platform

Israeli game developer UnCaged Studios has raised $24 million in Series A funding from investors led by Griffin Gaming Partners. The company, which developed the critically acclaimed MonkeyLeague and is now developing its own platform, will use the funds to create new games. The fundraising round closed last month, and UnCaged now has a valuation of more than $150 million. The company recently added Nick Tuosto to its board of directors.

The company was founded by Raz and Tal Friedman, who were both previously with Playtika and the General Manager of House of Fun. They are both seasoned industry executives and are well versed in developing games. Their teams include a CTO. The company employs 38 people and is actively hiring across various functions. It is working on launching its first game in July 2022.

The company has already launched MonkeyLeague, a play-to-earn soccer game hosted on the Solana blockchain network. The game has over three hundred thousand social media followers and 4,000 NFT holders. UnCaged Studios is using the funds to develop more games and to launch more titles. However, it is worth noting that the crypto-currency market has largely been unaffected by this, making it a good time to invest in web3 games.

MonkeyLeague esports metaverse

Web3-focused game studio UnCaged Studios has raised $24M in Series A funding from investors including vGames, Griffin Gaming Partners, Maverick Ventures Israel, Drive by DraftKings, and 6th Man Ventures. Previously, UnCaged raised $4 million from MonkeyLeague, a popular crypto-gambling community. The new capital will be used to create the infrastructure needed to develop future games.

The new funding will help UnCaged develop MonkeyLeague and its own platform. The Israeli-based studio is aiming to release new games in the future. Griffin Gaming Partners led the Series A round. Other investors included Drive by DraftKings and Nick Tuosto. The company is based in Solana, Israel, and its funding round closed last month. The new capital will help UnCaged develop MonkeyLeague, which is slated to go public at the end of 2018.

The new funding will support future projects on its Game OS platform. Game OS is an end-to-end developer platform that helps gaming companies move to the Web3 environment. UnCaged has also acquired Planetarium Labs, a Web3 gaming network that raised $32 million led by Animoca Brands last week. And Joyride, a platform for building games, has already raised $14 million. Founders Raz Friedman and Tal Friendman previously worked at Playtika and are co-founders of UnCaged Studios.

More games around play-to-earn concepts

The founders of UnCaged Studios, a web3 focused game studio, are former executives of Playtika and House of Fun. They have returned to their roles with UnCaged. The studio currently has 38 employees and is actively hiring across various functions. The funds raised will be used to develop good crypto games. In this way, UnCaged will be able to focus on building consumer-friendly games.

The funding will be used to create a platform for game developers and launch new titles, including MonkeyLeague. The funding will also be used to help individuals new to blockchain gaming develop a new game on its platform. UnCaged was founded in 2021 by brothers Raz and Tal Friedman. They are the cofounders of the Play to Earn project and raised more than $4 million in Series A funding earlier this year led by Griffin Gaming Partners. The company also received investments from Drive by DraftKings, Animoca Brands, and 6th Man Ventures.

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