Bedroom to Billion dollar industry fuelling Esports Executive Search growth
Bedroom to Billion dollar industry fuelling Esports Executive Search growth

How games recruitment and executive search gaming increasingly crossover

How Games Recruitment And Executive Search Gaming Increasingly Crossover
games vr virtual reality augmented reality

How games recruitment and executive search gaming increasingly crossover

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In this article we cover how gambling, games and virtual reality including augmented are three distinct categories yet increasingly each have technological and cultural crossover.

How games and gambling are increasingly similar

Gaming and gambling has an obvious homonymous relation with games yet the industries have historically had virtual no crossover in terms of agenda, culture and people.  However in recent years this has significantly changed as both industries particularly on mobile have begun to share audiences, similar user experiences and KPIs. Let’s take the hugely successful genre of social gaming which if you look under the bonnet has very similar customer acquisition and conversion techniques as mobile gaming.

How the Gacha game mechanic blurs the lines between social games and gaming

How Games Recruitment And Executive Search Gaming Increasingly Crossover

In fact, social gaming in the west has arguably largely evolved out of the “Gacha” technique from Japan with many Asian and Western games companies openly tried to emulate this technique when they realised how popular this method was with users. When done under the banner of social gaming it’s a games service but stripped bare and presented in a more naked form, Gacha looks a lot like a slots machine and it has been long speculated in Japan that this would eventual lead to betting type re-classification and regulation.

Then there is the significant amount of shared platform and demographic between mobile games and gambling this time with mobile gaming looking to emulate modern hugely successful mobile games services and in game currencies which blur or even obfuscate that it’s real world hard currency the user is spending.

How Games Recruitment And Executive Search Gaming Increasingly Crossover
virtual reality augmented reality and gambling cross over

Virtual Reality and Games have always had the same backbone

Now if we look at virtual reality and games it’s easy to see the obvious commonalities in customer profile, market, business culture and technology with games platforms such as oculus rift, facebook, HTC, Samsung all leading the way for mass market adoption of virtual reality through games entertainment.

Even the underlined programming languages and frameworks such as Unity and new virtual world SDKs like Improbable being widespread in games and used by virtual reality and augmented reality developers

Esports Executive Search Gaming crossover with Games Recruitment - Jerry Maguire
Gaming crossover with Games Recruitment – Jerry Maguire

What does this mean for gaming executive search?

This coming together of shared audiences, platforms, user experience and monetization inevitably creates shared skill-sets across these previous distinct industries means that executive search gaming and games recruitment increasingly has these three global talent pools to source from.  Previously gaming and/or mobile gambling might have used gaming recruiters to source candidates from more “legitimate” categories such a telecoms and finance industries but now have the rich ecosystem of mobile gaming to select from where they can find amble talent with strong experience in modern funnels such as customer acquisition through mobile advertising and then converting through free introductory experiences into becoming a paid for customer, just like one of the key techniques for mobile gaming.

How Games Recruitment And Executive Search Gaming Increasingly Crossover

What does this mean for casino executive search gaming firms and gambling recruiters?

Casino executive search is probably where the potential crossover stops. Although Gaming Executive search and Casino recruiters may have significant crossover in terms of talents pools and transferable skills it does not translate across into the games, esports and virtual reality business cultures.

What does this mean for betting executive search?

The odds are evens on crossover with the games, esports and virtual reality talent pools. Here we have a clearly different business category with different career paths, business culture and product DNA. Although there is obvious cross over with gaming executive search the betting executive search firms rarely dive into the visual entertainment industries talent pools in the form of virtual reality or games and it is very rare to see an executive successfully transfer cross category here

Esports Executive Search London - Gaming Executive Search Gaming London
Good crossover? Esports Executive Search and Executive Search Gaming

How this talent cross fertilisation will strengthen all industries

With games, virtual reality executive search and uk games recruitment services driving this crossover this is arguably an example of a positive contribution progressive recruiters can make to the growth of a category by developing  network in parallel industries and encouraging career crossover which brings in new ideas, techniques and skills into each industry.

So there you have it!

We hope you enjoyed our article on how uk games recruitment trends and gaming executive search will increasingly over the coming years have crossover!

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