Cyber security companies UK
Cyber security companies UK

Top Cyber Security Courses To Look For #1 BEST Cyber Security Training UK

Top Cyber Security Courses To Look For #1 BEST Cyber Security Training UK

Cyberspace has pervaded the lives of people all around the world. Whether it’s business, education, health sector, industries, you name it, they’re all heavily dependent on the internet. The Internet of Things has increasingly simplified our lives to the point that a lot of us are unable to live without it.

However, with the growth of technology and the cyber world, criminals have also taken onto new ways of scamming and robbing people. Cybercrimes have become a cause of global concern, with the ever-increasing frequency of such crimes. The COVID-19 global pandemic saw an even higher rate of cybercrimes. With the world on a pause, our lives switched to the online mode much more than before. As a result, a spike was observed in cybercrimes over the world.

The Need for Cybersecurity Training

The UK alone witnessed a 31% increase in the number of cybercrimes during the pandemic. Businesses lost more than £6.2 million to cyber scams. As of September 2020, 1,740 businesses fell victim to cyber scams since the lockdown was imposed, according to cybersecurity company Nexor. Hacking through social media and emails was the most common type of cyberattacks, while hacking of computer servers was a close second.

The damaging potential of these threats is as large as physical threats. The widespread nature of these crimes necessitates a system that promotes a digital society that prevents and withstands such crimes. To build such a society, it becomes essential to have an increased workforce of cybersecurity.

Are you a tech-savvy person or an IT enthusiast interested in learning about cybersecurity? Are you concerned about the prevalence and consequences of cybercrimes? You don’t have to feel helpless anymore.

We have compiled a list of cybersecurity courses for you to take and learn the necessary skills and knowledge. There are also cybersecurity training and certification that will equip you to work professionally in the field.

Cyber Security Courses UK


If you’re an absolute beginner in the world of cybersecurity but wish to develop skills for the same, CompTIA is where you sign up. You must learn to walk before you run, and this cybersecurity course enables you to do just that. It gradually builds your knowledge from scratch up until you’re able to appear for the final certification exam.

This online cybersecurity course runs for 12 months. The course is available for £889. It is a self-paced course and offers four types of cybersecurity certification, with the CompTIA Security+ certification being the most prestigious. It is highly regarded by the IT security industry and has the potential to attract an average salary of £48,850 per annum. 

A total of seven separate courses are included in the cybersecurity course bundle. Four of these are skill-based, with no certification. Three are exam-based certification courses. The final being CompTIA Security+. The courses begin from the absolute basics and gradually allow you to gain an in-depth knowledge of various areas of cybersecurity. The completion of the course will allow you to earn globally respected certification and equip you with the skills needed for a wide range of cybersecurity jobs.

Open University

The Open University are an essential for our Cyber Security Courses UK Guide, regarded as the largest e-learning institution in the UK, offers a free online cybersecurity course. The Introduction to Cybersecurity course was developed with support from the UK Government’s National Cyber Security Programme. The course does not provide accreditation, but it offers you an Open University digital badge. This badge reflects your interest in the field of study for further professional development.

The course does not require any prior knowledge of cybersecurity. All you need is an interest and an inclination towards it. The completion of the course will equip you with the ability to protect your own and your loved ones’ digital lives. You will be able to recognize threats and take the necessary steps to reduce them. It will also help you understand malware, trojans, viruses, and recognize network security, cryptography, and identity theft.

NCSC Certified Training

The NCSC certified cybersecurity training sets a benchmark in terms of content quality and delivery. The courses are delivered by highly experienced training providers. The assessment criteria require knowledge provided in training to be mapped against knowledge areas in the Cyber Security Body of Knowledge. APMG is an independent certification body that has been approved by NCSC to provide cybersecurity certification and maintain supreme standards of assessment.

This cybersecurity training is ideal for a beginner as well as a professional looking to expand their skills. NCSC certified training offers two levels of skills training– awareness level and application level. The former builds a foundation in cybersecurity, while the latter offers in-depth courses for professional development. Finally, courseware courses are synchronized with a certified trainer and quality management system. 

IT Governance

IT Governance is a trusted and accredited cybersecurity training and certification platform. It offers more than 40 courses that enable you to earn new qualifications and gain skills. The cybersecurity courses and training are led by experts. There are both self-paced and instructor-led options for courses.

Training Courses

  • Certified Cybersecurity Foundation Training Course
  • Certified Cybersecurity Practitioner Training Course
  • Managing Cybersecurity Risk Training Course
  • Cybersecurity for IT Support Training Course
  • Cyber Incident Response Management Foundation Training Course
  • Cyber Security for Executive Management Training Course

Professional Certification

  • CISM Training Course
  • CISMP Training Course
  • CISSP Training Course
  • CISA Training Course

Cybersecurity Staff Awareness Training

  • Cyber Security for Remote Workers Staff Awareness E-learning Course
  • Information Security & ISO 27001 Staff Awareness E-learning Course
  • Phishing Staff Awareness E-learning Course
  • Information Security and Cyber Security Staff Awareness E-learning Course


EC-Council offers globally recognized cybersecurity education. Its training and certification programmes are accepted and used by all the major professionals and organizations in the UK. In addition to cybersecurity certification, they also provide staff training on phishing attempts, ransomware protection, and overall security awareness. If you’re someone looking to advance your career in cybersecurity, join EC-Council for highly-renowned online courses and industry certifications.

It offers self-directed or scheduled courses and training ranging from beginners to the master’s level. EC-Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker and Security Analyst Training Programs are recognized by NCSC, Britain’s top intelligence agency.

The various training and certification programmes offered by EC-Council include:

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT) Track

  • Certified Network Defender (CND): It is the best way to learn network security.
  • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH): The most popular ethical hacking certification in the UK.
  • EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA): Advanced penetration testing course
  • Licensed Penetration Tester (Master): Fully online, remotely proctored practical exam

Incident Response and Handling Track

  • Certified SOC Analyst (CSA): Helps you master skills for an L1 and L2 SOC analyst
  • Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst (CTIA): Teaches you effective threat intelligence
  • EC-Council Certified Incident Handler (ECIH): Transforms your career

Forensics Track

  • Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI): A certification course for digital forensics

EC-Council delivers cybersecurity training via four modalities:

iLearn: This enables you to study flexibly by streaming videos anytime, anywhere.

iWeek: It is a live, online, instructor-led modality. It allows you to engage with the certified instructors in real-time.

Masterclass: It has been designed for current practitioners and is given by Master’s level instructors. It provides extensive hands-on opportunities.

In-person training: Offered by Accredited Training Consulting (ATC) partners across the country.

International Cybersecurity Institute

The International Cybersecurity Institute offers 100% online courses for self-paced learning. You can study anytime, anywhere. It offers NCSC certified training that has been accredited by the University of Lancashire. The course duration is 40 hours, but you will have the course access for 2 years once purchased to learn at your own pace. 

It is an intermediate level course that accounts for 20 credits in MSc Cybersecurity. You can either pay in full for the course at £750 or opt for three monthly payments £275. There’s also an option for six monthly payments at £145.

The course includes high-quality videos. It has a modular structure for a student-directed path. Your knowledge is checked at the end of each module and the course. You’ll receive instructor support through email along with one exam voucher, and a digital certificate of completion. 


FutureLearn’s Introduction to Cybersecurity helps you to explore the world of cybersecurity and helps you develop skills for your own safety. It enables you to recognize online threats and learn the steps needed to minimize risk. The cybersecurity course is supported by the UK Government’s National Cyber Security Program. It is GCHQ certified, and IISP accredited.

It is an eight weeks long course. Takeaways from the course include skills for keeping up to date with cybersecurity, identification of malware, understanding of firewalls, VPNs, and prevention technologies. You will also learn to apply basic risk analysis and management techniques. You will be able to use cryptography and understand legal and regulatory issues related to cybersecurity.

This course does not require you to have any prior knowledge as it begins from the basic and goes on to in-depth knowledge. It can be undertaken by anyone interested in pursuing cybersecurity whether for personal or professional reasons. However, there are paid-for and accredited courses on the platform. Accredited degrees in IT computer science on the platform include a masters degree in cybersecurity.

We hope you enjoyed our guide to cyber security courses. If you like this area do check out our guide to the top cyber security companies UK has to offer


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