blockchain recruitment agency talent wars
blockchain recruitment agency talent wars

The truth about salaries in Blockchain

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The truth about salaries in Blockchain

The salaries in cryptocurrency world are becoming a matter of curiosity amongst people. While some feel it’s not worth the while, others argue that they should be paid at par with other professionals who work equally hard.

Salaries in Cryptocurrency World are increasingly attracting everyone’s attention including those working within this space as well as outside observers and critics alike due to its meteoric rise over the past couple of years which has seen many big names like Bitcoin skyrocket exponentially making their owners multi-millionaires overnight! On one hand, there is no denying how attractive these figures seem but on another level entirely most industry insiders say cryptocurrencies will never replace fiat currency altogether because blockchain technology still remains largely experimental for now even though it does have an enormous potential upside

Bitcoin and blockchain companies are increasingly looking for employees who not only have the right technical skills but also a passion for Bitcoin. Employers want to attract people with interesting perks such as wok-from-home options, game rooms, or coffee machines that make life very cozy at work!

They want to be part of creating the Next Big Thing and contribute their skillsets. They are motivated by freedom instead of standard compensation packages because they’re not interested in doing things that have already been done before; rather, it is about discovery for them.

The signs are pointing to 2021 as the year that cryptocurrencies break out. The markets and investors have caught on to the massive growth in value that some coins are amassing, which means companies will look for ways to take blockchain power even further in 2018, needing both workers and experienced advisors along with them.

The upcoming opportunities are very promising for those who want to get involved in the revolution.

This new field is still in its early days. There are no salary surveys available to guide you on how much people can expect to earn, making it unclear how lucrative the job will be for newcomers! The first wave experts have already begun leading this revolution and aren’t looking for jobs which leaves those who want a career at their mercy.

They are ideologically driven individuals who work as consultants or advisors, avoiding the 9-5 grind instead working on independent projects.

Therefore, we do not have access to reliable industry salary surveys like in other fields. Like the core of our industries itself, we must self-educate and find solutions on where else to look for hints.

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