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Top business intelligence consultants UK

What do biz intel consultants do?

Free business intelligence consultancy consultation

BI consultants assist businesses and organisations with the collection, organisation, and use of data to help form an effective strategy and improve execution

The top UK Business Intelligence Consultants

As big data expands its influence the business consultancy sector is booming and so are the specialist firms with the skills and technology to make sense of it. So if you are a major company or financial institute looking to get yourself a commercial advantage through data please find below our list of the top UK business advisors for you to consider 

The top business intelligence consultants UK


Black Swan Data

Business Intelligence Consultancy Black Swan Data

One night in a Toronto bar, the founders of Black Swan Data, Steve King and Hugo Amos, had their ‘eureka!’ moment… to predict consumer behaviour. Having scribbled the idea down on the back of a beer mat, Steve and Hugo returned to the UK to start what became the UK’s fastest-growing tech start-up, Black Swan Data.

Black Swan’s client list is second to none and they have some great use cases on their site including Lipton Tea and Pepsi used their services. Black Swan Data are top of our list for good reason as they are probably the embodiment of the type of great business intelligence consultants London has to offer.

Power BI Consulting Services

Business Intelligence Consultancy - Fluent Pro

Power BI consulting service has over 10+ years of experience and will define your BI strategy, architect and implement all the needed infrastructure to turn your data into comprehensive and flexible Power BI dashboards to empower your decision making process.
  • Adopt and implement Microsoft BI technologies
  • Customize Power BI platform to your maximum benefit
  • Integrate any data sources and maintain data infrastructure
  • Generate business value through data analytics and visualization


Apps Associates

Business intelligence consultancy - Apps Associates

Apps Associates is an Oracle specialist, for walk on by if not for you! Recognised as an industry leader on our UK business intelligence consultants list for migrating and managing Oracle-to-the Cloud, Apps Associates has thousands of engagements bringing knowledge, flexibility and customer-first focus to companies who rely upon their help them to move to the cloud and solve their most strategic and complex business challenges. 


  • Migration to Private Cloud
  • Migration to AWS
  • Migration to SaaS Applications
  • Managed Services
  • Analytics & Data Management
  • Integrations

Blast Analytics

Business Intelligence Consultancy - blastam

Founded in 1999, Blast Analytics & Marketing is a strategic analytics consultancy the helps companies accelerate their complex analytics journey by helping them to solve client’ data challenges by optimiinge marketing campaigns, improving customer experience, increasing competitive advantage, and, ultimately, evolving your organisation.

Blast Analytics focuses first on the data and then on the analysis, in three key phases:

  • Data Management
  • Data Visualization and Dashboards
  • Business Analytics

Then Blast focuses on proper data governance including:

  • Defining the data structure based on business requirements
  • Defining data governance policies
  • Specifying the data collection process and methods
  • Processing and preparing the data for analysis



Business intelligence consultancy - Cognizant

Cognizant promises to deliver a distinctly superior experience to their clients and pride themselves on their client satisfaction which has made them one of the fastest growing companies in Europe. 

Cognizant have partnered with leading providers in the market to provide what they call Zone, Netcentric and Idea Couture solutions to reduce time to market while delivering quality results.


Berkeley Partnership

Business Intelligence Consultancy Berkeley Partnership

Founded in 1990, The Berkeley Partnership is an independent management consultancy which is based London and New York and works with many household names and global organisations to help them to develop strategies and transform their business.

Berkeley partnership has a great client slate including P&O ferries, NHS, Tesco and The Royal Mail.


Data Cubed

Business Intelligence Consultancy London List - Data Cubed

 Data Cubed are a Bristol based data lab that promise to use data analytics to help you make and save money and work with companies that want more insight into their business or customers but don’t have the resource to do so and pride themselves in the customer adbd HR data analytics specialisms

  • The right data skills
  • Enough time in the day
  • Enough money to hire full-time staff

Data Cubed’s approach is to fast-track data projects, upskill data teams and build data products and tools quickly and effectively often using a band of consultants, analysers and visualisers to help turn your data into stories and help your business to grow and, as a result, have a very impressive client list including Barclays, Wriggle and AXA. In case you’re wondering why Data Cubed is in our business intelligence consultancy London list it’s because they are largely remotely based thus ideal for smaller budget projects irrespective of your location.

The top business intelligence consultancy London list

What is BI?

BI In simple terms it is the accumulation, analysis, reporting, budgeting & presentation of your data. The goal of utilizing BI for your business is to improve your visibility of your operations and financial status to better manage your business.

We hope you enjoyed our business intelligence consultants list!

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The top Business Intelligence Consultants London List
The top Business Intelligence Consultants London List
The top Business Intelligence Consultants list - Big data is booming and so are specialist firms with the skills and technology to make sense of it. So if you are a major company or financial institute looking to get yourself an advantage through data please find below our iist of the top BI firms in London
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