The Top 5 Uk Startups

The top 5 UK startups

The top 5 UK startups 2019

Challenger bank Revolut has claimed first place in a list of the UK’s top 100 startups of 2019 by’s Startups 100 list for 2019, as it counts 5m customers around Europe and the UK with energy startup Igloo taking second and Trouva, Soldo and Elder taking the remaining top 5 positions

UK Fintech startup Revolut tops UK's top 100 startups of 2019

1. Revolut

Revolut is a challenger bank which has attracted millions of users with competitive international spending options and are planning to become a global bank offering financial services to users around the world.

2. Igloo

igloo Energy helps make customers’ homes smarter and more efficient by combining smart technology with simple and actionable advice using algorithms to generate recommendations.

3. Trouva

Trouva is a retail marketplace startup which uses software-enabled marketplace to bring customers and indy retailers together.

4. Soldo

Soldo help’s companies balance their budgets by providing a unified account to manage all staff and depart or division spending with each employee provided with a prepaid card with set limits, giving complete control to finance teams while enabling staff to spend when they need to.

5. Elder

Elder is tech-enabled healthcare business that helps older people live in the comfort of their own homes. Elder uses personality compatibility ai along with preference manual matching to ensure every carer can be a trusted source of companionship.

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