The ULTIMATE #1 graduate recruitment agencies list (Feb 2020)

graduate recruitment agencies London list

Graduate recruitment agencies London graduate recruitment agency London graduate recruiter London 2

The ULTIMATE #1 graduate recruitment agencies list (Feb 2020)

London has some great tech recruiters and there’s no surprise that some have chosen to specialise in young passionate grads fresh out of uni or on their first or second job and so here’s the list of the one’s we recommend

Graduate recruitment agencies London graduate recruitment agency London graduate recruiter London 1


We’ve been specialist recruiters in the media world since the dark ages. That’s right – there was no LinkedIn, we placed adverts in the back of the newspaper and online was called ‘new media’.

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Aspire – graduate recruitment agencies London

Inspiring Interns

In 2009; a time of recession and uncertainty, Ben Rosen founded Inspiring Interns & Graduates to match young job-seekers looking for their first graduate job or internship with companies looking to hire graduates. He spotted a gap in the market and wanted to use what he knew was the future of recruiting: video CVs

Inspiring Interns - Graduate IT recruitment agencies


At BrighterBox, we’re building something special. Offering end-to-end support, expert insights and genuine relationships, we’re an entirely new kind of careers service.

BrighterBox - Graduate IT recruitment agencies

We hope you liked our graduate recruitment agencies London list. If you did do also check out our IT recruitment agencies list for generalist tech recruiters whom you may also wish to contact

Give a Grad a Go

We’re the Graduate Jobs & Graduate Recruitment Experts

We help graduates find a job they’ll love, in a company that’s going places.

Since 2009, we’ve helped thousands of graduates land their ideal job. Here’s how we do it:

Graduate Recruitment Agencies London - Give a Grad a Go

IT graduate Recruitment

Each graduate comes to us with different aspirations and challenges and we take time to work with everyone on a personal level to devise an effective strategy to meet individual goals. To achieve that, we work with companies across the IT sector, from small-scale start-ups to large companies with household names. 

IT graduate recruitment london

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