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The Blockchain can be more sustainable helped by companies like Circularise

The Blockchain can be more sustainable helped by companies like Circularise

Circularise, a company that connects ocean plastic pollution with sustainable fishing practices in an effort to help stop the flow of garbage into our oceans has just raised $1 million. With your support and funding they will be able make their ambitious goals come true!
In order for us all imate more on this issue together—supporting projects such as these allows us working towards solutions from every kind where people can take action locally or internationally while being part of something bigger than yourselves.”

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Circularise, the blockchain solution for tracking materials and sharing data in a circular economy has recently raised €1.5 million from the EU Commission’s H2020 SME Instrument Phase 2 program to fuel their continued growth as they continue on this collaborative project of plastics industry sustainability with an emphasis on creating reusable parts or recycled content where possible while also striving towards green technologies such is solar power generation since it can be emission free unlike other methods used now like fossil fuels

The EU funding is seen as a big step forward for Circularise to continue its work on making supply chains more transparent and sustainable, so that plastic waste can be countered. It’s the first time an international organization has given them this kind of support – it means they’ll have greater access not only in Europe but also worldwide because now other countries see what great things we’re doing! The vision? Becoming industry standard: secure & open system globally.”
The European Union (EU) recently announced plans  to invest €1 million into circular economy projects across multiple sectors including manufacturing; food production/chain

With our first version of the systems built and tested, Circularise Plastics has been selected into an acceleration program by Alliance to End Plastic Waste. Now that we have raised capital for continued growth, this is a major milestone on the way towards solving one-third (or more)of global plastic pollution in rivers by 2028 as part of UNEP’s Global Apollo Programmefor Clean Seas & Great Oceans!

The Covestro/Domo collaboration was announced last year when they committed $10 million USD over five years with other partners including Germany’s Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie(BMWi); Recycling organisations from aroundthe world who want solutions too reduce marine litter.

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