The b2b digital marketing agency toolkit Part II: Outbound

b2b digital marketing agency toolkit part II

The b2b digital marketing agency toolkit Part II: Outbound

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Here’s our follow up toolkit guide for those wanting to emulate the services of a specialist internally or just to improve your own work tools to help you and your clients find more business

Prosper Works i.e. Copper for CRM

CRM who needs it? Well an agency does! It not only takes just one extra sell to wipe out any CRM investment but just one quicker sale to achieve more or less the same! Sales people are normally great at hunting down the new prospect and focussing in and getting the sale but usually terrible at going back and re-watering or retargeting lapsed or stalled deals and thats when CRM really kicks in as it gives you solid visibility of the health of your deal flow. Step in Prosper Works or Copper CRM as it’s now called. No we don’t like it either but Google has invested in them and they do have this small product called Chrome…

Anyway Copper is a hot CRM and in our opinion way better than Sales Force (although Sales Force is good) for SMEs and incomparable to Pipe Drive and Zoho both of whom provide great value CRMs at a lower per seat price than Copper. Where Coppper really does well is it’s well crafted pipeline interface and its ability to scrape the prospects public domain data and put it against the record. This means just by adding your John Doe’s email into Copper in the flash of an eye and sometimes a bit longer you’ll see all of John’s linkedin and social media data linked in against his record. How cool is that for next time you’re profiling and engaging your prospective clients!

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b2b digital marketing agency toolkit part II
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Drip or ConvertKit for email marketing

Email Marketing mostly likely plays a pivotal role in your clients business or how you win new business. As a result either your team or your client from a personal or professional perspective will have a working knowledge of Mail Chimp. Mailchimp rocks and we have used it ourselves but no way should it be in your b2b digital marketing agency toolkit! Mailchimp is simply not designed for the type of automated workflows that your client would benefit from. It will take some time due to the IP warming process and lack or prioritisation but you must get your client onto a email platform with workflows and processes which are better suited to their requirements. The reason for this is MailChimp is pretty much list based and email focussed. Once you switch to a Email platform with a “Subscriber” model and ability to create workflows of which email is just one mechanism you’ll understand the difference. Sure much of this is possible within Mailchimp but since you now have more mature understanding and needs why not look at Email platforms which are better suited and for that purpose we recommend Drip and ConvertKit, although there are plenty of great enterprise level our there. for you to assess and try out Visit

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Well that’s it for our outbound tool kit. If you’d like to see our b2b agency toolkit recommendations for web analytics you can check out the link and the bottom or right hand side of this article. Thanks for reading!

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