The B2B digital marketing agency software toolkit part 1

The B2B digital marketing agency toolkit part I: web analytics

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Welcome to the toolkit list! Our guide to the online tools that can help you and your internal team operate and achieve results as good as a external specialist. In recent years software that would have been prohibitively expensive for single company usage or were simply not available on the oprn market and would have had to been bespoke built are now available as off the shelf software and have entry level plans available to the hobbyist upwards

Go Nacho and spy on competitors GA account (Spyfu)

OMG Nacho! Just released in late 2018 but the team behind Spyfu Nacho Analytics provides a view into your competitors web traffic and google analytics account. Occasionally you hear of software that is both potentially a game changer and too good to be true and Nacho falls firmly into this category. OK it has its limitations for example it’s only for web traffic and is just an apportioned view and does not work well in some categories (for example taxi apps) with low web traffic but if you are, for instance, involved in ecommerce it is going to produce some absolute gems around traffic source for competitors and traffic generated pages and articles. If you are a B2B Digital Marketing Agency go check out Nacho you could be amazed!

Ahrefs for SEO

OK we do love SEM Rush to and Spyfo (see later) but we just love Ahrefs as a tool which helps in analysing the website performance of your client and consider it the most useful SEO Audit tool out there due to it’s massive keyword database. If you are going to create and execute a campaign based on a group of keywords you want the most accurate diagnosis of the volume and value of that word and hard it will be to achieve a ranking. Ahrefs is pretty much the best in the business at that

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Manage social media with Later

Later is a great tool to have in your B2B digital marketing agency toolkit for scheduling social media posting and streamline your social media posts. It goes without saying that social is a key weapon for marketing strategies and using Later will definitely help you in audience engagement with little effort. We also recommend BufferApp is a must free tool for managing multiple social media and may in fact be better suited for an agency usage.

Organisation of your thoughts and ideas becomes difficult while marketing. You may come up with any innovative idea at any hour; hence it becomes indispensable to prioritise them. ‘Evernote’ can store your ideas and inspirations at one accessible place. Access them anytime from your laptop, phone or tablet. Visit

It is one of the best online free tools for surveys. Surveys are a good medium to gather customers’ information, keep them engaged and get good insights of your business. With ‘SurveyMonkey’ one can create, design and publish business survey. Visit

The B2B digital marketing agency software toolkit

So there you have it! Rather than create an endless list we will be breaking up our b2b digital marketing agency toolkit series into sections based on different areas so look out for the next in our series about outbound tools to help you and your clients win more business!

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