Tech PR Agency London #1 2021 Technology PR Agency UK Tech PR Agencies List

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Tech Pr Agencies London tech pr agency london technology pr agency london technology PR agencies london tech pr companies tech pr company london banner large

Tech PR Agency London #1 2021 Technology PR Agency UK Tech PR Agencies List

Tech Pr Agencies London tech pr agency london technology pr agency london technology PR agencies london tech pr companies tec

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A lot of people seem to believe that they know how to do public relations or that good PR just happens.

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But in fact it takes a lot of content work and public relations with the media for technology companies has become a boom area due to amount of money at stake and the high level of foreign money funding going in through to the IPO process and that’s led to a whole eco-system of support companies booming underneath them.

So let’s take a look at some of the leading public relations services for startups and technology companies in the capital right now.

A great video explainer on how to run a successful campaign

Tech PR Agencies London

So welcome to our guide to some of the hottest public relations companies in london and if you like it do check out our B2B and corporate pr companies guides

Featured Tech PR Companies


wildfire banner
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WildFire was formed because the team believe it was time to create a new breed of technology public relations company, with a mission to deliver results-driven communications campaigns that create news buzz and business impacts for clients and their multi-disciplinary approach goes beyond traditional campaigns to meet their clients’ rapidly-evolving needs.

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WildFire add value to every element of the media and marketing mix, building awareness, engaging prospects and driving sales and their integrated communications campaigns marry all elements of the PESO model (paid, earned, social, owned) with quality content ideal for news broadcast at the centre.

wildfire team
Wildfire – best tech pr agencies london


0208 408 800 / [email protected]

wildfire logo

Fight or Flight

fight or flight banner
fight or flight gif

Before launching Fight or Flight Joe Walton, David Woodward and Charlie Meredith-Hardy led Weber Shandwick’s UK B2B and ICT practice, managing integrated news worthy content, media and communications campaigns including public relations services and social media services for some of the world’s biggest blue chips.

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your search is over…

They founded Fight or Flight in September 2019 with a shared belief that B2B communications campaigns should make your heart beat faster – and deliver a bigger commercial impact.

fighr or flight team
Fight or Flight with this top technology pr agency


0330 133 0985 / [email protected]

fight or flight icon

Listed in alphabetical order

Tech PR Agencies London

Tech PR Agency UK Guide

In broad alphabetical order


babel banner
babel gif

The Babel team launched in 2006 by Ian Hood & Narelle Morrison, Babel works with established global brands, market challengers and emerging disruptors.

Babel – Tech pr agencies
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Old news ..?

Clients reportedly rave about their work and ability to understand their business, bring strategic content and world communications insights and deliver amazing results and including public relations services and social media campaigns that transform their companies and personal reputations.

babel team
babel logo

The Babel team argue media and ICT companies approach them because they know they will gain access to services from a team who believe in hard work and some of the smartest communications strategists, implementors and people in the business.

Babel say that’s a reason why their business clients consistently rank us highly in terms of overall media agency satisfaction and why international media and news journalists, brands managers, analysts and other international business world influencers are happy to speak to them.


+44 (0)20 7434 5550 / [email protected]

babel icon


Ballou banner

Ballou are a specialist communications tech pr agency with a proven track record of helping small and large companies grow their brands and reputations across Europe and offer multi-channel communications services including public relations, content, social media, SEO and graphic design.

Ballou combine the science of data with the art of communications to deliver targeted, measurable and engaging comms campaigns


+44 20 3735 8756 / [email protected]

ballou logo

CC Group

cc group banner

CC Group is a B2B public relations, communications and marketing agency, headquartered in London, that trades on its deep specialist knowledge of four key markets: Mobile & Telecoms, Enterprise , Finance and Media and who pride themselves on being one of the few firms with a dedicated, in-house AR team.

cc group gif choir

CC Group help ambitious businesses get noticed by blending 30 years of experience in B2B markets, the expertise of their dedicated Analyst Relations team and their unique ‘Catalyst’ audience insight programme that identifies how their clients’ customers behave in the buying process and leverage these insights to create acutely targeted and commercially-focused public relations campaigns.


+44 20 3824 9200 / [email protected]

cc group logo


conteur pr banner

Conteur exist to help organisations with a strong social purpose to flourish through the power of strategic creative communications.

Conteur do this as specialist tech pr agency by harnessing the power of storytelling. Our passionate, professional and friendly team take a partnership approach to working with our clients, finding and telling exceptional stories, across traditional and digital platforms, to give them a strong voice in their marketplace.

Specialising in the Health & Social Care, Technology, Property and Social Housing sectors, our agile approach has seen us deliver consistently outstanding results for theri clients across the UK, Europe and the globe.


01905 670881 / [email protected]

conteur banner

Context (Macclesfield)

Context help technology companies grow their business through media relations, content marketing, social media and inbound marketing programmes based on 25 years’ experience, servicing over 200 technology clients and are a Hubspot partner and embrace the concepts of inbound marketing that turns PR and content into a strong sales pipeline.

Context as a tech pr agency specialist only work for technology-focused companies. That means they work hard to develop their knowledge of the sector, your products and the media.

This, Context argues, translates into higher levels of media coverage and hard-working content that drives new business and less time wasted in “educating the agency.”


+44 (0)1625 511966 / [email protected]

tech pr agency london context pr logo

Fourth Day

fourth day banner

Fourth Day creates communications campaigns and content that will enhance your reputation, and help change perceptions.

fourth day gif
Fourth day best Tech PR Agencies London

Specialists in technology public relations and news worthy content, Fourth Day craft stories that engage and inspire the people you want to reach – whether that’s customers, potential investors, partners or employees.

fourth day image

With a communications, news public relations and content services team based in London, Manchester, Paris, Berlin, Casablanca, Brisbane and Toronto, they can help your communications make an impression, no matter where you are based.

fourth day gif fingers
Fourth day best Tech PR Agencies London guide


+44 (0)20 7403 4411 / @FourthDayPR

fourth day logo
fourth day – pubic relations content and communications agency


Harvard banner

Harvard believe every company that comes to them for communications advice and support has a challenge it wants to overcome.

Harvard gif

Sometimes their clients want them to help them become more famous than they already are by raising awareness of their brand or changing their reputation. Sometimes they want to make their fortune by selling more products and services. Increasingly they’re looking for Harvard to help them do both.

The only way Harvard can do either is by understanding the people who buy from them and their dedicated planning and strategy team delves deep into the heart of our clients’ markets to work out what motivates, compels and excites the people behind the purchase.

Their full-service capability ensures we deliver the right answer, not just any answer, across consumer and B2B, for businesses big and small with a technology and innovation story to tell.


+44 (0)20 7861 2800 / [email protected]

harvard pr agencies london 1
tech pr agency


ITPR is a data-driven PR consultancy that supports business growth through measurable PR campaigns. 

Using a combination of digital PR, content creation, SEO and media relations, we build your business profile, support marketing campaigns and drive sales enquiries.


 [email protected] / tel:[+44 (0) 20 7183 8200]

Tech PR Agency London ITPR


Luminous banner

Luminous was founded by Kirsty Jarvis, a public relations and marketing expert with over 10 years’ experience working with digital businesses.

Throughout her career, Kirsty has worked on strategic media campaigns for exciting businesses including Transferwise, Azimo and Flypay.

Luminous stark trek gif

She is also passionate about helping startups flourish, and is an active mentor and advisor, providing expertise that helps businesses use communications, marketing and media to grow.


020 3858 7107 / [email protected]

Luminous logo
tech pr agency london


Marlin banner

Marlin are a B2B and B2C public relations and Communications agency based in Borough Market, London.

Marline gif

Marlin help their clients create and deliver strategic comms campaigns, and have high level expertise in-house that comprises communications, thought leadership, creative copywriting, social strategy, digital content, media training, media buying, and influencer relationship management.

Marlin work with some of the most forward-thinking and innovative companies in the UK, Europe, and USA, and help them deliver fearless campaigns across the world and their mission is to work with amazing brands who share their belief that innovation should fulfil its vast potential to make the world a better place.


+44 20 7932 5580 [email protected]

marlin logo
tech pr agency london


octopus banner

Octopus are the first to fuse research, social, communications, content, events and technology together into focused campaigns that help Brands and global business leaders arrive at Sales much faster.

octopus gif

All under one roof, with one team, and delivered in a way that makes commercial sense for their clients.

Brand To Sales™ is a refreshingly methodical approach that works. Tried, tested and proven, the campaigns they run for global market leaders are the true measure of their success.

While Octopus’s wide range of services, and talented people, are what make it all happen and have been recognised by the industry as an ‘Agency of the Future’.


020 3772 8899 /  [email protected]

octopus logo

PR Agency One

one banner

Agency One is no ordinary public relations company. Agency One is unique in the way it combines traditional PR, digital communication and marketing with reputation insight to create measurable outcomes that support growth for global business leaders and companies.

one gi

Agency One have a reputation for creative excellence and were named the Independent Agency of the Year 2019/20 and the CIPR Outstanding public relations Consultancy of the Year 2016/2017.

Agency One are also am awarded Top 150 public relations agency, and are in the top 25 outside London.


0161 951 5399 / [email protected]

one logo

PHA Group

pha group banner

PHA Group are an award-winning communications team that helps global business with B2B communication strategies across all channels.

pha group family hug
pha group hug….

PHA enhance and protect corporate reputations, providing global business and international startups operating in different sectors with public relations-driven solutions in order to achieve positive, tangible outcomes.

pha group image
PHA – Best Tech PR Agency London 2020


0207 0251 350 / [email protected]

pha group logo


positive banner

Positive are a communications media team united by a curiosity and a love of content and campaigns who provide services to help tech businesses sell to the right people.

positive gif
positive word gif

Founded almost 10 years ago, Positive was established to fill the gaps in the market.

positive icon
search and you shall find.. a good technology pr agency

Clients were looking for the service and relationships expected in a large agency but delivered at pace but without layers of management who are unfamiliar with the client and its proposition.


02036370640 / [email protected]

positive logo

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry

rlyl banner

Rlyl are a global b2b communications agency and one of the best tech pr agencies london has to offices with offices also in Berlin, Boston and Los Angeles and their Convoy international content and communications partner network delivers across the rest of the world.

rlyl lorry gif

Clients get a focused communications approach with full-service marketing and communications campaigns built around their challenges and scaled to the needs of global business leaders.

rlyl image

Rlyl’s work combines market research and audience insights with creative storytelling and engagement to build brands and drive demand and they win communications awards because they focus top talent into knowledgeable, industry-specialist teams with the insights and passion to make a difference for global business leaders and international startups.


+44 20 7403 8878 / [email protected]

rlyl logo


skout banner
skout gif

Skout specialise in business-to-business communications, delivering media, content programmes and integrated campaigns worthy of news coverage.

skout gif looking

Skout work across all communications including news and media to manage earned, paid and owned channels for their clients (i.e. people like us…) they are successful at helping them achieve marketing goals, whether that’s building demand, including public relations services, social media, brands winning more sales, or simply communicating brand messages.

skout team


01625 869 418 / [email protected]

skout logo
skout – pr companies uk


sonus pr banner

Sonus’s purpose is to take your great technology and spread the word through tech PR and content marketing so that people understand how your technology improves business, infrastructure and people’s lives.

sonus pr image

Sonos aim to research where your influencers are. Where your prospects are. What they read. What shows they attend. What they’re searching for. Who they follow. What they need.

Sonus’s team have worked for the really big players like Salesforce, IBM, SAP and VMware and know enterprise IT and how to get results through tech PR.


+44 20 3751 0330 / [email protected]

sonus pr logo tech pr agencies london


topline banner

Topline believe what is critical to the success of any tech company is the ability to get its products in front of the right people.

This affects everything from fundraising to talent acquisition to growth strategy. No matter how great your technology, if you fail to build a healthy, active customer base, your business will simply not reach its potential.

Topline are a technology PR agency that helps companies attract leads and convert them into customers through integrated digital PR strategies and will work closely with your web team, your customer acquisition specialists and your senior management to ensure we deliver results that matter: they also argue that unlike traditional technology PR companies, they like to be measured by their impact on your business rather than purely on the media coverage they generate (which is important too!).


+44 (0)203 778 0856 / [email protected]

Topline logo
best tech pr agency guide


Touchdown is a international enterprise technology public relations firm with 50+ staff in offices in the U.S. and across Europe.

The agency specialises in enterprise technology innovation ranging from mobility, security, data protection and storage to networks, communications, big data and analytics and cloud.

Clients turn to Touchdown PR to deliver integrated, multi-region PR, analyst relations and social media influencer programs that drive discussions, build brand awareness and impact lead generation.

Touchdown PR works with innovative technology brands that are changing the status quo. Clients range from VC-funded start-ups to large, publicly-listed technology innovators.


+44 (0)1252 717040 / [email protected]

Tech PR Agencies touchdown logo 1

Vitis (Birmingham)

vitis banner

Vitis is a communications and public relations, search and social agency set up in 2006 to provide public relations services to companies and global business leaders.

vitis image
vitis – public relations content and communications agency

Their work has gained their clients exposure in specialist and mainstream media, both on and offline.

vitis gif climbing

Vitis put their success down to the fact that their team is made up of experts – account directors, account managers, associates and writers – so their international clients always receive support from the best team for the job – not just the available team.


+44 121 242 8048 / [email protected]

vitis logo

With PR

with banner

With believe the nature of audience, influence and reputation will change seismically over the next decade and are working with their clients to shape a new way of thinking about human communication.

Contact: +44 (0) 20 7249 7769 / [email protected]

With make technology PR personal and argue they see human stories where others only see wires and code and are passionate about creating content that will make your audience care and take your business narrative from product to purpose.

With approaches briefs with minds wide open and are undaunted in proposing the right route to get your technology business to the future, faster.

With logo
tech pr agency

B2B PR Agencies

Think Tank

b2b pr agency london thinktank

Think Tank is one of the UK’s leading B2B marketing and PR agencies, offering a complete range of award-winning marketing services, including brand development, strategic thinking, tactical marketing campaigns, digital communications, PR and design.

Founded upon creative thinking and design, we have supported our clients to deliver successful marketing and PR activities in the UK, EMEA and beyond for more than 27 years.

We believe in developing integrated and innovative marketing solutions that add value and answer our clients’ briefs and objectives, based upon insight, creativity and the combination of marketing disciplines, ensuring media neutrality that delivers results and optimises their return on investment.

With a total of 18 award nominations in 2019, including winning Best PR Campaign at Prolific London Awards and Campaign Effectiveness Award at UK Agency Awards, this has been a rewarding year for us and our clients. 

B2b pr agencies london think tank

Corporate PR Companies


corporate pr agencies luminescence banner

Luminescence provides award-winning StrategyContentPR and Training services to ensure our clients cut through in a connected world.

Following our proprietary process, our work solves client communication challenges, makes their firms more valuable and trumps their competition.

corporate pr agencies london LuminescenceLogoFull WithBackground
Corporate and tech pr agency london

Tech PR Agencies (13)

What does the term and expression Technology public relations mean?

PR means public relations also known as “comms” primarily for technology companies and startups

How much Does it cost to hire a Public Relations Firm?

A public relations Agency mostly work on retainer as part of an ongoing campaign from around £5 to 50k a month with £1.5-2.5k for SMEs

What are the skills to look for in a Public Relations Firm?

Unlike traditional public relations firms the specialist tends to have a similar working culture to it’s clients with a strong knowledge of current trends as well as a specialist network

Should I go with a large generalist or specialist Public Relations Firm?

We prefer the boutique or specialist who not just will have the niche network but also will be using a similar marketing CRM and automation stack as well as sharing cultural traits that will bring productivity

Wildfire0208 408 800[email protected]
Positive02036370640[email protected]
Fight or Flight0330 133 0985 [email protected]
Skout01625 869 418[email protected]
Babel0207 434 5550 [email protected]
Fourth Day+44 (0)20 7403 4411
PHA0207 0251 350[email protected]
Vitis+44 121 242 8048[email protected]
RLYL+44 20 7403 8878[email protected]
CC Group+44 20 3824 9200 / [email protected]

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Tech PR Agency London #1 2021 Technology PR Agency UK Tech PR Agencies List
Tech PR Agency London #1 2021 Technology PR Agency UK Tech PR Agencies List
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