Interested in Cybersecurity and Tech City UK Jobs? Why not work at a Upscale 3.0 2018 startup!

Tech City UK Jobs - Upscale 3.0 Jobs Cybersecurity
Tech City UK Jobs - Upscale 3.0 Jobs Cybersecurity

Interested in Cybersecurity and Tech City UK Jobs? Why not work at a Upscale 3.0 2018 startup!

Upscale UK, Tech City UK’s support programme for upscaling startups now in it’s third year, launched its latest cohort included some of the UK”s hottest startups in January 2018.

Any of these companies would be an ideal place for anyone to start their career in startup land while also providing a relatively low risk career move in startup terms as one of the key criteria’s for joining Tech City UK is the startup must have successfully completed a series A funding round of £1 million or more. OK, these aren’t exactly a supermarket chain level of job security but a very healthier balance and it’s always great to work in a growth company during the early stages.

Tech City UK Jobs – Upscale 3.0 Cybersecurity Startup Jobs

The 37 companies that have been selected in the Upscale 3.0 program represent some of the finest early stage talent from across the UK and as a result they are growing fast and in this post we list as many open job positions at Upscale UK 3.0 companies that we can find so if you are interested in working in Cybersecurity and Tech City UK jobs here is the place to look!

Upscale UK 2018 Members:

  1. App & Software Development: JustParkVita Mojo
  2. Cybersecurity: AimBrainB-SecurGarrison TechnologyPanaseer
  3. Data & Analytics: ASI Data ScienceDecibel InsightPeak
  4. Fintech: AireBought By ManyCryptopayFlytMoneseNeosVoxSmart
  5. Digital Entertainment: AzoomeenDreamsVirtTrade
  6. eCommerce & Marketplace: BorrowMyDoggyCornerstonePrezola
  7. EdTech: BridgeUMakers AcademyMyTutor
  8. SaaS: AttestBeameryVeeqoWinnow
  9. HealthTech: ElderVida
  10. InsurTech: Zego
  11. Robotics, AR, Connected Devices: EmotechReach RoboticsSenseye
  12. Al, Machine Learning & Automation: Prowler, Rainbird
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Upscale 3.0 Cybersecurity Jobs


Machine Learning Software Engineer – Machine Learning Software Engineer (Biometric Authentication)
Infrastructure Engineer – Infrastructure Engineer
Enterprise Sales Lead – Enterprise Sales Lead / Business Development Lead


Commercial Manager –
Technical Sales –
Access Control –
Data Scientist –


Front End Engineer –
Software Engineer (Java Android) –


Data Platform Engineer –
Head of Engineering –
Product Manager –
Web Front Engineer –

So there you have it!

If you are interested in finding other Tech City UK Jobs in other categories please check back for when we cover the other categories or subscribe to the Rainmakrr newsletter!

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