Recruitment tips – How to keep your CV at the top of the recruiter pack

Recruitment tips – How to keep your CV at the top of the recruiter pack

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It’s 2020 and you’ve uploaded your Resume to one of the many job boards and recruitment sites and now it’s time to sit back, sip your coffee and wait for the high rolling interview recruiter requests to come in.

Accept it isn’t.

Because all these beautiful integrations with Linkedin has made it super easy for everyone to apply for any old job. And search agencies love this because it gives them liquidity which they can then filter as they fit.

And recruiters are doing this through a whizzy bit of software called an Applicant Tracking System or “ATS”.

This is a huge simplification but an ATS boils down your resume into keywords which are then assigned values based on the job position’s key words and requirements. Like a mini google for search agencies, basically.

Some of them might be very good at it but don’t bet on it. Some ATS’s will probably be jazzed up but quite rudimental under the bonnet. And that means your Resume might be buried under a sea of well worded mediocrity.

So it’s still war out there and so here’s three tips to help you turn the odds in your favour and hopefully land you that dream interview and you on the pitch.

Not only that, you might have your resume turning up in the search criteria of a recruiter or HR departments for years to come.

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Does that sound good to you? Then read on…

Recruitment Tips 1 – The Footer trick

This is a well known hack. Basically you load lots of keywords relative to a spread of possible job positions you could do into the footer in white font so that the ATS search picks up your resume, which will remain visibly concise, while a human will overlook it.

It’s nice – and just about acceptably underhand – but I would imagine most modern ATS’s will filter any none visible syntax, particularly if it’s in the footer.

So do try it out but I recommend more the second hack, which is also more honest…

Recruitment Tips 2 – Meta tag your resume

Not many people use the Meta tags in Word docs and that’s why you absolutely should.

Meta tags are there to tell your computer’s file finder app and now modern search engines what exactly is contained within the document to help them make the search return more relevant.

Therefore loading your resume’s meta tags up with keywords is a good honest step forward and likely to be picked up by an ATS. This technique might also work even better in the long term with direct agency applications as the recruiter is likely to save it in a shared drive.

But you’re missing out on a key element here.

The recruiter and the hiring manager don’t know you did it, and strangely, that might be what you are after…

Read on to find out how hiding in plain sight might in many professions be literally a no-lose-win-win too good to be true scenario…

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Recruitment Tips 3 – Mega long resume file name

A word document’s title can be up to 248 characters long. Every single word, provided they are separated, are directly readable by Google, Finder and the recruitment agency’s ATS and they are all treating them like holy canonical code.

Without narrowing your resume with the regular repeat of keywords, there really is nothing else they can value so highly that can so easily inserted.

And that’s the same for the file search function for Dropbox, Box or whatever other cloud based file management system your prospective employer or recruitment agency are using.

So even if you don’t get the first interview, your pimped up resume will sit the search or talent agencies shared drive for years turning up in their file search every time one of those keywords in your 248 spaces is searched for.

This means if they are searching for “Indeed”, “Monster”, “Hired” “SEO Expert” “Qualified Prospect list 1”, “Validated”, “Executive” or “Mother Theresa’s Assistant”, if it’s in your title, your resume will be appear somewhere at the top of the stack.

That. Is. Not. Bad.

But it gets better…

If you work in Digital, Internet, Sales, Marketing, SEO, Tech or even a bog standard world changing unicorn or any career which has an involvement in search or marketing you are just doing exactly what you would be doing in your role.

To make a good product visible.

And that’s why this is the most important hack of the three because this is the only one which the average IT recruitment agency or hiring manager will likely see.

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And who wouldn’t like the brazen chutzpah of you applying your very own ninja skills to get yourself – YOU, THE GOLDEN PRODUCT – openly and transparently to the top of the deck.

Go hide in partial or plain sight…

What do you think?

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