7 Skills Your Social Media Manager Must Have

Social Media Manager skills
Social Media Manager skills

7 Skills Your Social Media Manager Must Have

Being a Social media manager isn’t just about posting content to instagram and you shouldn’t hire just to do something quite trivia (“We have an Instagram account. Now who are we going to get to run it?”).

Being a SM manager has become a multi skilled role and that person should be able to gel teams together to achieve a business goal.

Social media tasks and responsibilities should be everyone in the marketing team’s responsibility.

So whether you’re in the market for a pure play manager or a new team member who can also do paid search and analytics, these are the 5 skills you should be looking for in any new hire or to develop an existing team member

1. Graphics production

Well we know that! Posts with great graphics get more attention. Also you’ll have to be posting and deleting a lot sometimes and you don’t want to have the admin of an extra out sourced artist. So being able to generate great visuals while maintaining a brands identity and adjusting to short term messaging needs is a definite skill

2. Writing

Can your new Social Media Manager clearly convey an idea or passion and excitement for the business or products(s) through their writing. Getting the tone right for a segment is vital for engagement so if they can’t hit the correct tone of voice and create engaging writing to the business requirements you’ve got limitations

3. Customer Focused

A “customer first” mindset and the ability to respond quickly and correctly is vital. A good social media manager should be able to do this in real time and realise when it’s better to check in with management first.

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Social Media Manager skills
Social skills needed!

4. SEO understanding

Anyone working in SM should have a good understanding of SEO without necessarily being an expert

5. Paid social knowledge

You may well have a separate paid advertising role or have outsourced it but your social media manager candidate should be able to create and management paid social media campaigns

6. Automation understanding

Anyone working in SM should have experience of when to automate a process. There’s no glory hanging round the office until late to post. That should be done like all admin in a scheduler or other productivity tool

7. Analytics

It’s great that you can see an increases in say instagram followers but have you actually engaged wit the right influencers and followers. If you haven’t then whats the point. And a good manager should be able to use analytics to identify and then target and engage with the right influencers and marketing segments

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