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River Capital Announces New £10m Fund

Private Equity News UK River Capital Announces New £10m Fund

River Capital, a private equity firm based in Liverpool, has announced the launch of a new £10m fund to support SMEs in the North West of England. The fund will provide investment from £500k up to £2m, and will focus on acquisitions, management buy outs, partial realisations, and growth funding.

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“We are excited to launch our new private equity fund and the opportunities it presents,” said Mark Borzomato, CEO of River Capital. “As with all River Capital’s funds, we are looking to back ambitious management teams. The new fund is focused on providing and supporting such teams to acquire the business they work for or fuel its future growth plans be it by acquisition or organic expansion.”

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The launch of the new fund is part of River Capital’s ongoing growth strategy. In the past 8 months, the firm has also launched a £8m Business Growth Loan Fund and the North’s first dedicated artificial intelligence fund, “fund:AI”.

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“There is significant evidence that private equity-backed businesses perform more strongly than others,” said Borzomato. “However, often the funds providing such support are focused on larger transactions. We believe there is huge untapped potential in the North West at the sub-£2m investment level, or sub-£10m transaction level.”

River Capital has a strong track record of supporting SMEs in the North West. Since 2002, the firm has invested over £163m in more than 2,000 businesses.

The new fund is expected to invest in a broad range of sectors, including manufacturing, technology, healthcare, and professional services. The firm is currently in the process of identifying potential investment opportunities.

“We are looking for businesses with strong management teams and clear growth plans,” said Borzomato. “We believe that our fund can provide the support these businesses need to achieve their full potential.”

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