The Rise of the Top Salesforce Recruiters

Salesforce Consultancy London Rise of the Top Salesforce Recruiters
Salesforce Consultancy London Rise of the Top Salesforce Recruiters

The rise of the top salesforce recruiters | Salesforce Consultancy London

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Niche recruitment currently is on the rise and recognised across the UK recruitment industry as a growth category particularly in IT, Tech and software recruitment.

It’s common now to see niche and boutique recruiters specialising not just in specific languages but data methodologies or platforms.

In this trend there is an absolute beast is specialist Salesforce recruiters.

Lost Salesforce Logins has more google searches than Brexit

Salesforce (“SF”) has become so omnipresent in the enterprise space and in particular CRM that google searches for are in excess of 135000 each month and people googling Salesforce login over 165000 times a month, that’s 30k more than the people alone who forgot their Salesforce password than searched for Brexit!

SF has become such a titan that even Startups known for their cutting edge take up of new software and cost cutting usually turn to SF for their CRM once they scale or get funding because everyone has worked with it at some point, it’s massively interconnectable and configurable and easy to hire for.

Top Salesforce Recruiters | Salesforce Consultancy London News | SF Tower
Salesforce Consultancy London News | SF Tower

IT recruitment agencies cash in

Now in the time of google Hiring Manager’s have learnt they can find quickly specialist recruiters using a search engine and cut through the generalists. This makes a lot of sense because SF has become so dominant that a whole ecosystem of specialist skills and consultancies have developed to service it from salesforce integrators, salesforce CRM manager to specialist software vendors who build bespoke salesforce software for enterprise customers.

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Salesforce Consultancy London Rise of the Top Salesforce Recruiters Lightening
Salesforce Recruiters Lightening

Specialist Salesforce Recruitment Firms

One of the specialist top salesforce recruiters that has established a global presence is Mason Frank with offices in the USA, Australia, London and elsewhere across the globe. Mason Frank markets itself as the global leader in recruitment and they may well be right on that particularly as they reportedly have exclusive agreements in place with more than 40% of the candidates that they work with and specialise in the following roles:

  • Technical Architects
  • Developers
  • Business Analysts and Project Managers
  • Administrators
Salesforce Consultancy London Rise of the Top Salesforce Recruiters Logo Appexchange
Salesforce Consultancy London Rise of the Top Salesforce Recruiters Logo Appexchange

The Salesforce supporting Appexchange ecosystem

The AppExchange is now just over 10 years old and has had over 4 million app installs. That may not sound like a big number when compared to the Apple App Store or Google Play but no if you are a serious B2B provider because an premium AppExchange app generates an average of well over £600K per annum.

App category breakdown includes Sales (41%), IT & Administration (22%), Collaboration (10%), Marketing (9%), Customer Service (8%) and Finance (6%).

The Future is bright for CRM specialist firms

With the SF CRM platform continuing to evolve and be adopted by large scale corporations the specialist SF firms who have carved out a healthy client list specialising in this CRM can look forward to many years of healthy growth in one of the most dynamic niche recruitment trends for 2018 and the sky really is the limit!

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