Quantitative Protocol Engineer – Research at Clearmatics

About Clearmatics

Clearmatics is a blockchain protocol engineering company. In collaboration with trading and blockchain communities, we are building decentralised financial market infrastructure that is more open, efficient, and resilient than the legacy market structures in use today. The purpose of this new market infrastructure is to enable peer-to-peer trading and settlement of new markets and digital assets whose values track real-world risk factors that have no suitable expression in legacy markets today, thereby solving the problem of “missing markets”.

Whether it’s macro economic or climate change risks, our mission is to make every risk factor that the market cares about tradable, by anyone, anywhere, without reliance on financial intermediaries.

The Research group at Clearmatics is dedicated to developing solutions to the hard problems needed to advance our mission. We are academics and protocol engineers collaborating with teams inside and outside the company to translate theoretical results into running software implementations. Our work spans cryptography, game-theory, (computer) networking, identity systems and secure software implementation research, with a focus on their domain applications in financial markets.

We’re looking to hire a Quantitative Protocol Engineer to expand our Research team.

Job description

You will work to design, model and implement secure systems and protocols extending and building on top of PoS/BFT blockchains. Part of your work will be about designing and modelling protocols with sound incentives structures, creating proof-of-concept implementations, and collaborating with like-minded people and academics to find robust solutions to challenges faced by Clearmatics in the development of its product range.

As well as excellent engineering skills and problem-solving abilities, the ideal candidate will have a strong interest in finance, DeFi and financial engineering and be passionate about the disruptive power of decentralisation and cryptography.


Perform modelling and simulation to influence the design of new L1 and L2 protocols
Collaborate closely with colleagues in the Research team to deliver new protocol specifications.
Produce PoC implementations and iterate protocol designs to operate efficiently on-chain.
Contribute to the development of shared infrastructure for simulation, modelling and prototyping.
Make fact-based design decisions.
Produce technical design specifications.
Stay up-to-date with the latest discoveries in the decentralised finance (DeFi) space.
Contribute to breakthrough discoveries, keeping the R&D effort competitive.
Provide ongoing peer-reviews and write publications (blog posts, papers, …).


Fluency in English (written and spoken)
Team player with outstanding communication skills.
Excellent engineering ability with a good grasp of best practices.
Python development experience, including knowledge of SciPy libraries (numpy, pandas, …).
Love of Mathematics, with the ability to translate domain concepts into Mathematics, and Mathematics into code.
Strong data-driven mindset with attention to detail.
Deep understanding of blockchain systems and the associated threat models.
Experience writing smart contracts in Solidity.
Skills in systems security/applied cryptography/protocol design/distributed systems.
A hacker mindset and the ability to assess risks.
Track record solving complex problems in creative ways.

Nice to have:

Knowledge of stablecoin projects and cryptocurrency stabilisation protocol research.
An understanding of key concepts in quantitative finance, namely pricing and hedging models for derivatives and fixed income products.
An understanding of key defi primitives (collateralised lending, automated market makers, perpetual swaps).
Knowledge of PoS systems (especially BFT/Tendermint based dPoS systems)
Development experience in a trading-related project.
Experience working with financial timeseries, market data and back-testing

What we value at Clearmatics:

Collaboration and respect.
Honesty & Humility.
Ability to challenge others’ ideas and ability to be challenged.
Truth seeking.
“Can do” and “doer” mindset.
Willingness to deliver robust solutions.
Passion for the technology and its challenges.
Continuous improvement and learning.

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