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Earlybird Swooping In to Open a London Office

Looking to start or grow your business in the UK? Look no further than Earlybird Ventures! This exciting venture firm has announced plans to open a new office in London, tailored specifically for UK entrepreneurs.

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Just like its predecessor offices in San Francisco and New York City, this new location will offer entrepreneurs access to world-class resources and support, as well as the opportunity to meet and collaborate with other entrepreneurs from around the globe.

With this latest announcement, Earlybird Ventures is firmly establishing itself as one of the leading venture firms for business growth in the UK. Keep your eyes peeled for more news and information about this exciting new development!

Earlybird Swooping In to Open a London Office 2

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earlybird ventures to open a london office

Earlybird ventures, a Helsinki-based technology company, is opening its first office in London. The company plans to hire more than 50 new employees over the next three years and invest £5 million into development growth. CEO Timo Soini said that London was an “ideal” place to do business because of its strong economy and diverse population. London is the company’s fourth market after Helsinki, Stockholm, and Berlin, and it plans to open more offices in Europe in the coming years.


Earlybird Ventures, a global venture capital firm, has announced that it will be opening its first London office. This exciting news marks a milestone for the venture capital industry in the UK, and Earlybird Ventures is well-positioned to benefit from the growth of the startup scene. With its strong focus on equity and later stage deals, Earlybird Ventures is sure to play an important role in cultivating the London startup ecosystem. Stay tuned for more news from Earlybird Ventures as it develops its presence in London.

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