CVC Capital Smells Like a Potential bidder for £1bn Aesop deal 1

CVC Capital Smells Like a Potential bidder for £1bn Aesop deal

It’s been reported that CVC Capital Partners, a PE firm, is a potential bidder for the £1bn Aesop deal.

If this pans out, it will be the largest PE investment in Australia to date.

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This would make CVC Capital Partners one of the most significant investors in Australian businesses, and would be a testament to the firm’s investment prowess. Keep your eyes peeled for more news about this potential acquisition as it develops!

CVC Capital Smells Like a Potential bidder for £1bn Aesop deal 2

Private Equity News UK – CVC Capital Partners a potential bidder for £1bn Aesop deal

Aesop, a company that makes sanitizing wipes and other hygiene products, is reportedly among the bidders for the £1bn Aesop deal. The company, headquartered in Australia, was founded by two brothers in 1987. According to the BBC, Aesop is a favourite of Australian actress Margot Robbie, and is said to be among the final contenders for the deal. If successful, it would be CVC Capital Partners’ second major investment this year. Earlier this year, it invested in the Six Nations Rugby Championship.

Aesop was founded in Australia by in 1987

Aesop, a cosmetic and skin care brand founded in Australia in 1987, is reportedly up for grabs by private equity firm CVC Capital Partners. If the deal goes through, it would be CVC’s largest acquisition to date. What’s more, it’s still unclear whether or not Aesop will go public with the purchase – this is still pending decision by its board of directors. Regardless of the outcome, this news marks a significant milestone for the company, and we can’t wait to see what CVC has in store for Aesop.

Aesop, which is reportedly a favourite of Australian actress Margot Robbie

Australian company CVC Capital Partners is reportedly a potential bidder for Aesop, the Australian luxury fashion brand that is currently owned by Italian luxury fashion brand Valentino. If the acquisition goes through, CVC will become one of the largest shareholders in Aesop and gain access to the designer’s creative talent pool. Margot Robbie is well known for her love of Aesop clothing, so if this deal goes through, fans can expect more designer collaborations in the future!

CVC Capital Partners, investor in the Six Nations Rugby Championship

It’s been a busy week for the tech world, and no deal has been more talked about than the Aesop deal. According to The Guardian, CVC Capital Partners, an investor in the Six Nations Rugby Championship and English Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur, is a potential bidder for the company. If CVC Capital Partners does end up bidding for the Aesop deal, it’ll be one of the main contenders for ownership. The winner of this auction will control global marketing assets worth £1bn. With so much at stake, it’s sure to be an exciting few months ahead!

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