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Could the Next Private Equity Bar investment be a Subscription Drinking Club?

First things first, the team (Ed: you mean functioning alcholics….) here at Rainmakrr are massive fans of El Tab.

We consider it the best value drinks offer in London and probably the UK….and almost definitely the entire free world.

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Where else in the world can you drink for free in some of the best bars in the world for the mere price of a £20 subscription.

When we first heard about it – like you we’re sure – we assumed it was a scam or comes with massive caveats.

But it isn’t and incredibly, it doesn’t.

It’s hard to believe, but El Tab is a subscription app that gives you access to free drinks every day at up to four of the best bars in London.

The value of the tab varies each day, but it’s always over £750 and the bars are always excellent (think Queen of Hoxton, Mercato Mayfair and you’ll get the idea…).

And the cool kids in Shoreditch are pretty much in love with it and that’s why we think El Tab could be on to something.


In the age of Simmons which was recently funded by Lonsdale with wine at £12 (bottle, not glass…) and Mercato Food Drinking concepts storming across Pub land, you can see how a new concept like this could easily be expanded nationwide, into sub genres and even evolve into becoming a real world hybrid operator.

But this the road of drinking apps are littered with short lived well intentioned ideas often operating at a loss or living on the gas of the initial PR.

But with a brand or early adopters who trust El Tab for excellent value and classy good times why couldn’t it be expanded nationwide, launch sub genres and white label PubCo partnerships.

However, it’s early days and El Tab could well be operating at a loss and is probably more VC than PE territory.

But come on Lonsdale, after the Simmons happy hour ends, surely El Tab is worth a look….

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