Brainlabs Presence and Expansion Plans Brainlabs Revenue: Why the UK's Brainlabs is Valued at £320m (E370m)

Brainlabs Presence and Expansion Plans

Brainlabs, a leading provider of digital marketing services, has been expanding its presence across Europe over the last few years.

With a strong foundation in the UK and US, the company has gained international recognition through its work with notable clients such as Formula1 and TUI ^(Livingbridge).

As a part of their expansion strategy, Brainlabs has acquired several organisations throughout Europe, enabling them to provide a comprehensive range of services to their growing client base.

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Source: Deloitte / Brainlabs

MediaCityUK, located in Manchester, serves as a hub for many media companies, including the BBC, ITV, and Capital FM ^(MediaCityUK). Brainlabs’ presence in this area demonstrates its commitment to staying at the forefront of the digital marketing landscape on a European scale. Companies such as Shein and Missguided have also benefitted from Brainlabs’ digital marketing expertise ^(Creativityunleashed).

North England Outreach

In addition to their European expansion, Brainlabs has focused on strengthening its presence in the North of England, with operations in Manchester and Leeds.

Establishing connections in these areas allows the company to tap into the pool of talent and resources present in the region. Brainlabs has made efforts to be featured in the Prolific North’s Northern Agency Guide, which showcases creative and marketing agencies in the North of England ^(Prolific North).

Working with various clients in the region, Brainlabs has been involved in events such as the Prolific North Marketing Awards and projects for Channel 4 Dispatches, contributing to the growth of the marketing industry in the area ^(PNMarketingAwards).

Some of the key collaborations where Brainlabs has played a pivotal role include:

  • Fearless Adventures: Providing marketing support for the launch of Fearless Adventures, an initiative by comedian Russell Brand.
  • Mobile Tornado and Instacom South Africa: Brainlabs has assisted in the growth of communications technology companies like Mobile Tornado and Instacom South Africa.

These regional endeavours, paired with Brainlabs’ continuing European expansion, are a significant factor in its current valuation of $320 million.

Future Developments

Brainlabs has experienced significant growth throughout the years, especially after securing the next round of private equity investment at a valuation of $320 million 1. In order to maintain their impressive growth trajectory, Brainlabs plans to harness this investment towards various future developments.

One main focus for Brainlabs is expanding its global presence. The company aims to enter new markets by acquiring and integrating additional businesses into its brand, as seen with recent acquisitions such as Distilled and Hanapin 2. By doing so, Brainlabs demonstrates a commitment to providing their data-led marketing services on a much larger scale.

The increasing number of employees, which reached over 400 after the acquisition of Fanbytes 3, is further testament to the agency’s ambitions for growth. As the company continues to expand, it is expected that Brainlabs will further invest in attracting top talent and developing their workforce in order to maintain their competitive edge in the digital marketing industry.

In addition to expanding their global reach, Brainlabs also intends to enhance their technology offerings and biddable agency services. By solidifying its position at the forefront of data-driven marketing, the company will be better equipped to serve its clients, including prestigious brands such as Formula1 and TUI 4.

In conclusion, Brainlabs’ $320 million valuation can be attributed to the company’s ambitious growth strategy, acquisitions, and commitment to offering cutting-edge data-driven marketing services. By continuing to invest in talent, technology, and global expansion, Brainlabs aims to solidify its position as a leading digital marketing agency.

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