Pimlico, a London-based crypto startup, has raised £3.4m in seed funding, led by a16z

Pimlico, a London-based crypto startup, has raised £3.4m in seed funding, led by a16z

Pimlico, a London-based crypto startup, has raised £3.4m ($4.2m) in seed funding, led by US investor a16z.

The startup offers infrastructure for developers to build decentralised products and services on the Ethereum network.

The investment from a16z comes after the VC firm opened its London office last week. Pimlico aims to simplify the user experience of cryptocurrency by offering services such as gas fee sponsorship, payment with ERC-20 tokens, social recovery schemes, batched transactions, spending limits, and different account access levels.

The startup was launched earlier this year by founder and CEO Kristof Gazso, who attended the VC firm’s crypto startup school, where they impressed with the velocity of product and partnerships.

Pimlico’s developer library, which helps developers create smart account wallets and applications, has been used for almost three million user operations.

Despite the wider market downturn in the crypto industry, startups in the space continue to raise funds.

Earlier this week, blockchain payments startup Due raised £2.7m. Pimlico’s success in securing seed funding from a16z is a testament to the growing demand for infrastructure that simplifies the user experience of cryptocurrency.

The startup aims to make using Ethereum easier for developers and users alike, and it plans to use the funding to expand its team and continue developing its suite of products.

With the support of a16z, Pimlico is well-positioned to become a major player in the crypto industry and contribute to the growth of the tech ecosystem in Greater Manchester and the UK as a whole.

Pimlico, a London-based crypto startup, has raised £3.4m in seed funding, led by a16z

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The UK government has also implemented initiatives to support startups, such as tax breaks for investors and the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS), which offers tax relief to investors who invest in qualifying startups.

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Additionally, securing funding can be difficult for startups, particularly those outside of London and the Southeast.

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