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The UK’s Inflexion opens new Nordic office

Inflexion Private Equity has expanded its European footprint by opening an office in Stockholm covering the Nordic region.

The office will continue Inflexion’s strategy of backing high-growth, entrepreneurial businesses led by ambitious management teams and working in partnership with them to accelerate growth.

The private equity firm has a successful track record of investing in the Nordic region, and the new office will help build its regional portfolio.

henrik nordman ifx

Inflexion partner Henrik Nordman

Inflexion’s flexible approach allows for both majority and minority investments in the Nordic region with equity investments ranging from €15m to €450m across core sectors such as Business Services, Technology, Healthcare, Industrials, Consumer, and Financial Services.

Inflexion has invested in various businesses in the Nordic region, including Nomentia, Infront, Wood Thilsted, European LifeCare Group, EcoOnline, and Nordic Trustee.

The Nordic team will work closely with Inflexion’s sector teams and global network to identify exciting new investment opportunities across the region.

Opening our new office in the Nordics is a great opportunity for Inflexion

Inflexion Private Equity is excited to announce the opening of its new office in Stockholm, which will cover the Nordic region.

This move is part of Inflexion’s strategy to expand its European footprint and invest in high-growth, entrepreneurial businesses led by ambitious management teams. The new office will enable Inflexion to establish an on-the-ground presence in the region, fostering deeper connections with local businesses, entrepreneurs, and advisors. By working in partnership with them, Inflexion will unlock new opportunities for growth and investment in the Nordic region.

The new office will be led by Inflexion partner Henrik Nordman, who brings extensive experience in the region. Inflexion has appointed Petter Svensson as investment director and John Persson as investment executive, both of whom will join the Nordics team. This talented team will empower local startups and entrepreneurs with funding and expertise, accelerating their growth and expanding their reach.

Inflexion’s new office in the Nordics is a testament to the firm’s commitment to international expansion and entrepreneurship.

By investing in the Nordic region, Inflexion is supporting the growth of innovative businesses and ambitious management teams, creating new opportunities for success and prosperity.

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