Private equity news singapore Private equity news asia Singapore's Longreach acquires Japan's Nobitel assisted stretching company

Singapore’s Longreach acquires Japan’s Nobitel assisted stretching company

Longreach, a Singapore-based private equity firm, has acquired Nobitel, a Japanese company that provides one-on-one assisted stretching services.

The acquisition was announced on September 1, 2023. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Nobitel is a leading provider of assisted stretching services in Japan. The company has a network of over 100 studios across the country. Nobitel’s services are aimed at people of all ages and fitness levels. The company’s mission is to help people improve their flexibility, range of motion, and overall well-being.

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Longreach is a private equity firm that invests in growth-oriented businesses in Asia. The firm has a strong track record of success and has a team of experienced investment professionals.

The acquisition of Nobitel is a strategic move for Longreach. The company sees the assisted stretching market as a key growth area and believes that Nobitel is well-positioned to benefit from the market’s growth.

Longreach plans to invest in Nobitel to help the company expand its studio network and geographic reach. The firm also plans to help Nobitel develop new products and services.

The acquisition of Nobitel is a significant development for the assisted stretching market in Japan. It is a vote of confidence in the market and its future prospects. The acquisition is also a boost for the Japanese economy, as it will create jobs and generate economic activity.

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