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Verdane Raises €1.1bn Fund for Tech Investments

Exciting news in the investment world as Verdane, a renowned private equity firm, has successfully raised a whopping €1.1bn fund.

If you’re an investor or have interest in the financial landscapes, then buckle up because this is one announcement that is sure to pique your interest. 

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Verdane, you may be asking, why does that name sound familiar? Well, it’s because they have been something of a trailblazer in the European private equity space. Built on a legacy of entrepreneurial and growth-oriented investment, Verdane has always been a name that resonates trustworthiness and excellence. 

“With this newly raised €1.1bn fund, we aim to support a great number of visionary entrepreneurs and give a welcomed boost to the tech and growth sectors”, says the CEO of Verdane.

But, let’s break this down a little further, shall we? This isn’t just about a big figure in Euros, it’s about the potential impacts and changes that this massive fund can bring about. To help you grasp the magnitude of this situation, here are some key facts about Verdane that might be helpful: 

  • Founded in 2003, Verdane has been successfully aiding tech and growth sectors for nearly two decades.
  • They have made significant contributions to over 120 companies across e-commerce, software, energy, and life science sectors among others.
  • With this new fund, Verdane is set to further propel the European market with fresh investments and opportunities.

Now let’s go into the details…

Verdane Capital XI has successfully raised €1.1 billion in funds, reaching its hard cap and almost doubling the size of its predecessor fund, which closed at €610m.

The oversubscribed fund received strong support from both new and existing investors, with a re-up rate of over 100%. The fund received commitments from private and public pension funds, leading global university endowments, foundations, insurance companies, family offices, and government agencies from 21 countries.

Verdane is a European specialist growth investment firm that partners with growth companies in Europe, investing thematically in digitalisation and decarbonisation.

The firm can take majority or minority positions in single companies or portfolios of companies, investing between €20 – €150+ million in equity tickets.

With one of Europe’s most flexible investment mandates, Verdane can leverage deep thematic expertise to invest in Europe’s most ambitious growth companies with a genuine partnership mindset.

Verdane has invested in more than 300 companies to date, including notable successes such as Forsta, Momox, and Nomentia. On average, investments have grown more than 20% year on year and realised gross returns of 3.8x and an IRR of 60% across the Verdane platform, which is comprised of its Edda, Idun and Capital funds.

With this fundraise, Verdane will continue to address the growth funding gap in Europe, partnering with European growth companies that are digitalising and decarbonising the economy.

The firm only backs companies that pass Verdane’s proprietary ‘2040 test’, meaning they will thrive in a more sustainable future economy. Verdane always supports portfolio companies to improve their ESG credentials, aiming to exit a business that’s more sustainable than when Verdane first invested.

Verdane’s largest portfolio companies have already created well over 13,300 jobs during their holding period, highlighting the importance of private capital to Europe’s economy.

The firm’s regional presence with seven local offices also supports its partnership approach, creating close alignment between Verdane and management teams to elevate regional market leaders to the global stage.

The World Economic Forum estimates that 70% of the new value created in the whole economy over the next ten years will be digitally enabled. With this in mind, Verdane will continue to partner with European growth companies that are digitalising and decarbonising the economy.

The firm’s Elevate team of operational experts provides dedicated expertise in every function needed to support scaling growth companies, including data and technology, finance, and go-to-market strategy.

Verdane’s portfolio companies benefit from deep sector expertise, a proven value-creation engine, an unparalleled ecosystem of people, and over 80 million data points to support scaling.

With a team of 130+ investment professionals and operational experts, Verdane’s local presence in core European markets enables access to the region’s best technology companies.

Overall, Verdane’s successful fundraising for Capital XI demonstrates strong support from investors, allowing the firm to continue addressing the growth funding gap in Europe by partnering with European growth companies that are digitalising and decarbonising the economy.

The firm’s flexible investment mandate, deep thematic expertise, and partnership approach have enabled it to invest in Europe’s most ambitious growth companies, creating significant value for investors and portfolio companies alike.

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