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Attest: Revolutionising Data-Driven Strategies

Attest Market Intelligence Company: Revolutionising Data-Driven Strategies

Attest, a London-based company specialising in market intelligence, has been transforming the way businesses obtain consumer insights since its inception in 2015.

Founded by Jeremy King, Attest provides a platform that empowers companies to engage with their target audiences effectively.

Its user-friendly interface, paired with machine learning and artificial intelligence, streamlines the research process, delivering fast and accurate data that supports business decisions.

Attest: Revolutionising Data-Driven Strategies 1

The platform’s expertise lies in distilling complex consumer data into actionable insights, allowing businesses to stay ahead in the continually evolving market. By making market research accessible and easy to interpret,

Attest has become a trusted partner for companies looking to fuel growth and expand into new markets. Central to Attest’s offering is the capability to reach a global audience, ensuring that clients’ strategies are informed by diverse consumer perspectives.

Key Takeaways

  • Attest is revolutionising market intelligence since 2015.
  • Their platform turns complex data into accessible insights for business growth.
  • Jeremy King’s leadership guides Attest’s role as a key player in market expansion.

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Market Intelligence and Consumer Insights

Attest: Revolutionising Data-Driven Strategies 3

In an ever-evolving marketplace, harnessing the power of market intelligence and consumer insights becomes crucial for brands to maintain a competitive edge. Understanding consumer motivations, leveraging data analytics, and employing sophisticated technologies like machine learning are at the core of this approach.

Understanding Consumer Behaviour

Market intelligence allows businesses to grasp the patterns and preferences of their target consumers. Companies such as Attest provide the means to discern vital consumer data through surveys and analytics, driving the understanding that informs consumer profiling. It’s not just about gathering information; it’s about decoding the motivations behind consumer choices.

Data-Driven Decision-Making for Businesses

With an emphasis on consumer research and analytics, brands can make informed business decisions that are backed by data. Tools like Qualtrics and SurveyMonkey support brands in this journey. They facilitate a deep dive into consumer insights, allowing for a comprehensive market analysis that factors in the competition and competitor intelligence.

Innovation and Product Development

The intersection of consumer intelligence and product development is where innovation thrives. Brands can utilise creative testing and new product development strategies to stay ahead. This involves using sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine learning platforms to predict market trends, refine brand intelligence, and ultimately launch ground-breaking new products that resonate with consumers.

Business Growth and Market Expansion

Attest: Revolutionising Data-Driven Strategies 5

In the arena of market intelligence, Attest emerges as a powerful tool aiding companies in navigating the complexities of business growth and market expansion. By leveraging data quality and advanced analysis, it helps businesses penetrate new markets and scale effectively.

Emerging Markets and Global Reach

Attest enables organisations to identify and seize opportunities in emerging markets, providing insights into consumer needs across 58 countries. Their platform, refined through artificial intelligence and machine learning, offers access to over 125 million consumers worldwide, which supports companies in creating strategies for global reach and expansion.

Funding, Partnerships, and Industry Connections

With funding from respected entities such as NEA and partnerships with major firms like Santander and Klarna, Attest has the resources to support substantial business growth. Their industry connections extend to prominent names such as Unilever and JCDecaux, highlighting their capability to facilitate successful market expansion. These relationships not only bolster their service offerings but also provide clients with a wealth of expertise and industry insights. Their collaboration with Walgreens/Boots exemplifies their impact on sales and revenue enhancement, reinforcing Attest’s role as a partner in scaling operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section covers the core aspects of market intelligence companies, focusing on services, notable firms in the UK, career considerations, distinctive features of London-based firms, and participation in market research studies.

What services do consumer insights companies typically offer?

Consumer insights companies provide a range of services to help businesses understand their market and consumers better. These services include designing and conducting surveys, performing data analysis, delivering actionable insights, and offering competitive intelligence.

Which are the leading market research firms in the UK?

In the UK, one of the leading market research firms is Attest, which is renowned for its consumer research technology platform that allows companies to gather data globally for informed business decisions.

What considerations should be made when evaluating employer reviews on platforms like Glassdoor?

When evaluating employer reviews on platforms like Glassdoor, one should consider the overall trends rather than isolated opinions, check the dates of the reviews to ensure relevance, and balance the reviews with additional research about the company.

How can one identify the best market research companies to begin a career with?

To identify the best market research companies for career opportunities, one should assess the company’s market reputation, read employee testimonials, look at career progression opportunities, and consider the alignment of personal values with the company’s culture.

What are the distinct characteristics of London-based market research companies?

London-based market research companies often have a global reach, multicultural teams, and are at the forefront of incorporating advanced analytics and technology into their research practices.

What are effective ways to participate in market research studies for monetary compensation?

Individuals can participate in market research studies by signing up on reputable online panels or platforms that connect researchers with consumers willing to provide insights in exchange for monetary compensation. It’s important to ensure the credibility of the platform and understand the terms of participation.