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Capital Maharaja: Giving Sri Lanka The Courage To Be Different

The Capital Maharaja Group, also known as CMG, is a significant player in the Sri Lankan business landscape. Established in 1930, this multifaceted organisation has grown exponentially over the past nine decades, diversifying into various industries to become an integral part of Sri Lankan life.

For instance, the group supplies a wide range of products and services, encompassing sectors such as PVC piping, Ceylon Tea, chemicals, media, information communication technology, and personal care and consumer products.

Capital Maharaja: Giving Sri Lanka The Courage To Be Different 1

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The foundation of the Capital Maharaja Group was laid during a period of global unrest: the years that preceded World War II. Since then, CMG has demonstrated a commitment to expansion and investment in a variety of sectors.

Through consistent, strategic investments, the company has successfully navigated the complex world of business, adapting to changes and evolving needs. In this way, CMG has secured its place as a significant force in the Sri Lankan market.

As the largest privately owned group of companies in Sri Lanka, the Capital Maharaja Group now boasts more than 20 operating companies under its umbrella.

From humble beginnings as a distribution business acquired by two friends in 1930, CMG has expanded its reach into numerous markets such as manufacturing, media services, hospitality, and technology.

This wide-ranging portfolio and growth strategy stand as testament to CMG’s unwavering commitment to innovation and the courage to be different.

Operations and Investments

Capital Maharaja: Giving Sri Lanka The Courage To Be Different 3

The Capital Maharaja Group (CMG) has a wide range of operations and investments across various sectors. In this section, we will focus on two key areas: Media and Communications, and Manufacturing and Infrastructure.

Media and Communications

CMG’s Media and Communications sphere includes their strong presence in the media industry, exemplified by their nation’s first total entertainment solution provider. The group’s media arm encompasses numerous FM radio channels, showcasing their ability to touch the lives of everyone in the island nation. Furthermore, CMG has invested in Information Communication Technology (ICT), signifying their commitment to staying ahead in the rapidly evolving world of technology.

Manufacturing and Infrastructure

Capital Maharaja Group has made significant investments in the Manufacturing and Infrastructure sectors, with diverse interests in several industries:

  1. Manufacturing: CMG has developed substantial expertise in manufacturing, particularly in the production of PVC piping through their S-Lon brand. Additionally, they are involved in packaging and have a Prima Flour Mill, which highlights their dedication to meeting the needs of various clients and markets.
  2. Tea: Through their partnerships and subsidiaries, CMG has connections with Ceylon Tea, demonstrating their support for one of Sri Lanka’s most iconic products.
  3. Chemicals: The group has a footprint in the chemicals industry, which enhances their ability to cater for distinct market sectors.
  4. Infrastructure: As an essential aspect of their investments, CMG plays a vital role in improving and developing Sri Lanka’s infrastructure.

By maintaining a strong portfolio across Media and Communications as well as Manufacturing and Infrastructure, the Capital Maharaja Group has become an integral part of Sri Lanka’s economic landscape. With their confident and knowledgeable approach, CMG continues to exemplify their motto: “courage to be different.”

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