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Heliconia Capital Management: A SME Focus PE House Based in the Heart of Singapore

Heliconia Capital Management operates as a key proponent in the financial landscape, nurturing the growth and development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Based in the heart of Singapore’s financial district,

Heliconia is an investment firm known for its strategic approach to providing growth capital. Being a wholly-owned subsidiary of Temasek Holdings, it leverages the financial clout and expertise of its parent company to empower high-growth companies in their quest for expansion and market leadership.

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The firm focuses not just on financial investment but also on imparting strategic support that is instrumental for businesses in their scaling journey. It tailors its investments according to the unique needs of each company, with a keen eye on long-term value creation. Through its portfolio management, Heliconia has become synonymous with fostering sustainable growth and innovation in its investee companies, which range across various industries.

Key Takeaways

  • Heliconia Capital Management is pivotal in financing growth-oriented SMEs in Singapore.
  • It is recognized for aligning financial and strategic support to boost investee company value.
  • The firm’s investment philosophy is tailored to sustain long-term business growth and innovation.

Overview of Heliconia Capital Management

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Heliconia Capital Management is a strategic investment company that primarily targets growth-oriented firms in Singapore. As a subsidiary of Temasek Holdings, it plays a crucial role in financing the growth stages of small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Investment Philosophy

Heliconia Capital Management positions itself as a catalyst for growth, operating with the conviction that small and medium-sized businesses can achieve significant scale and higher levels of success with the right financial backing. Its investment approach is centered on a few key areas: providing Growth Equity, Mezzanine Capital, and Buyout opportunities, as well as investing in a Fund of funds. The firm places a particular emphasis on the long-term value creation for its investee companies.

Management Team

Steered by an experienced leadership team, Heliconia Capital Management boasts a group of professionals possessing deep industry knowledge and investment expertise. This team is responsible for overseeing the firm’s varied investment portfolio and executing its strategic vision. Together, they ensure that prudent yet ambitious investment decisions are made to aid businesses in scaling up and expanding their operations effectively.

Strategic Initiatives

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Heliconia Capital Management employs strategic initiatives to strengthen its investment approach, focusing on fostering growth and value creation within its portfolio companies.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Heliconia Capital forms strategic partnerships to expand its influence and provide additional resources to its investees. For instance, by taking a 2.0% stake in Health Management International (HMI), Heliconia has positioned itself to support HMI’s organic and inorganic growth strategies. These strategic collaborations often extend Heliconia’s network and industry insights to its partners, benefiting both parties involved in the venture.

Portfolio Development

Portfolio development is a critical aspect of Heliconia’s strategy. The firm actively engages in nurturing growth-oriented SMEs, as noted in the company’s focus on Growth Equity, Mezzanine Capital, Buyout, and Fund of Funds investments. In July 2020, Heliconia became a strategic investor in CSE Global Limited, exemplifying its commitment to advancing technology solutions on a global scale. Through its investments, Heliconia not only injects capital but also leverages its expertise to drive business expansion and innovation within its portfolio.

Frequently Asked Questions

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In this section, you will find detailed responses to some of the most common inquiries about Heliconia Capital Management, providing insight into their investment strategies, company culture, office location, specific investments, and career opportunities.

What types of investments are included in Heliconia Capital’s portfolio?

Heliconia Capital specializes in growth capital investments and their portfolio encompasses a range of sectors, including direct investment funds that co-invest with private equity investors, mezzanine capital funds, and a fund of funds.

What are employee experiences and reviews for Heliconia Capital on Glassdoor?

Employees have shared their experiences at Heliconia Capital on Glassdoor, noting a dynamic deal flow and a positive company culture that fosters professional growth.

Where is Heliconia Capital’s office located in Singapore?

The office of Heliconia Capital is situated in Singapore at 9 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec Tower Two, providing a strategic location for its investment operations.

Has Heliconia Capital made investments in Wine Connection, and what are the details?

This information about specific investments in companies such as Wine Connection is not included in the provided search results; thus, it remains undisclosed in this context.

How can someone submit their resume or look for career opportunities at Heliconia Capital through MyCareersFuture?

For those interested in career opportunities with Heliconia Capital, they should visit the MyCareersFuture platform to view available listings and submit their resume. However, direct details and links regarding this process are not available through the search results provided.

What is the approximate value of the investment portfolio managed by Heliconia Capital?

The exact value of the investment portfolio managed by Heliconia Capital is not specified in the provided search results; hence, only a general description of their funds under management is accessible.

Heliconia Capital Management

Heliconia has a strong track record of success.

The firm has invested in over 30 companies and has achieved an average internal rate of return of over 25%.

Heliconia’s portfolio companies include some of the leading technology, healthcare, and consumer companies in Singapore, such as ShopBack, ABR Holdings, and Tealive.Here are some of the firm’s most notable investments:

  • ShopBack: A Singapore-based cashback and rewards platform with over 10 million users in Southeast Asia.
  • ABR Holdings: A Singapore-based healthcare services provider with over 20 hospitals and clinics in Singapore.
  • Tealive: A Malaysia-based bubble tea chain with over 1,000 outlets in Southeast Asia.
  • NTUitive: A Singapore-based research and development company that commercialises technologies from the National University of Singapore.
  • Sea Ltd: A Singapore-based technology company that operates e-commerce platforms Shopee and Garena.

Heliconia is a leading private equity firm in Singapore with a strong track record of success.

The firm’s focus on early-stage and growth-stage companies in the technology, healthcare, and consumer sectors make it well-positioned to continue to grow and achieve its investment objectives.Here are some additional details about Heliconia Capital Management:

  • The firm has over $1 billion in assets under management.
  • The firm has a team of over 20 investment professionals.
  • The firm’s chairman is Derek Tan, a former managing director of Temasek Holdings.
  • The firm’s CEO is Oliver Wong, a former head of mergers and acquisitions at RHB Securities Singapore.

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