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Everstone: A Singapore Based Mid-Market Specialist

Everstone Capital stands as a commanding presence in the private equity landscape, particularly within the Asian market.

Based in Singapore, the firm has established itself as a pivotal player with a strong emphasis on mid-market investments possessing a connection to India and Southeast Asia.

Through a network of offices located in global financial hubs, Everstone deploys a calculated approach characterised by a control mindset and dedication to fostering growth within its portfolio companies.

Everstone: A Singapore Based Mid-Market Specialist 1

The firm’s investment strategy extends beyond traditional borders, indicating a recognition of the interwoven nature of today’s economies. By tapping into the potential of businesses that, while possibly headquartered elsewhere, have a operational or market link to India and Southeast Asia, Everstone Capital harnesses opportunities across a dynamic region known for its rapid expansion and evolving markets.

Key Takeaways

  • Everstone Capital is a prominent Singapore-based private equity firm with a focus on mid-market investments.
  • They operate on a global scale with a strategic inclination towards businesses connected to India and Southeast Asia.
  • The firm boasts a diverse investment portfolio, underpinning economic growth and value creation in the region.

About Everstone Capital

Everstone: A Singapore Based Mid-Market Specialist 3

Everstone Capital is a premier investment firm with a steadfast focus on mid-market opportunities, underpinned by a strong control mindset and a drive for growth. With a reputation for excellence and innovation, Everstone is dedicated to creating sustainable value within the businesses it engages.

History and Vision

Founded in 2006, Everstone Capital has established itself as a leading private equity and real estate investment firm, with a clear vision to drive economic growth and establish new standards for excellence. With an ethos grounded in courage, convictions, and foresight, Everstone has navigated through adversity, proving its potential in transforming reality into remarkable achievements.

Global Presence

Everstone Capital exhibits a formidable global presence, with offices located in financial hubs such as Singapore, Mumbai, New Delhi, Gurgaon, New York, and Dubai. This widespread network empowers the firm to act on its commitment to identifying and leveraging cross-border opportunities, especially those with a nexus to India and Southeast Asia.

Investment Philosophy

At the heart of Everstone’s investment philosophy is a control mindset blended with a growth bias, ideally positioning the firm to spur businesses toward sustainable value. The firm strategically invests across various sectors including private equity, venture capital, climate impact, digital innovation, and logistics, through platforms like IndoSpace. Everstone prioritises leadership excellence, seeking companies led by teams with strong MBA backgrounds and global expertise, such as Lightsource BP, in the renewable energy, healthcare, and financial services sectors. Everstone is guided by values that emphasise sustainable value and societal contributions, upholding the highest standards in all its dealings.

Everstone’s Industry Impact

Everstone: A Singapore Based Mid-Market Specialist 5

Everstone Capital has made significant strides in numerous sectors, leveraging its expertise to drive economic growth and create substantial value through its investments.

Sector-Based Investments

Everstone Capital has strategically positioned itself within the mid-market segment, focusing on areas such as consumer, healthcare, and real estate. The firm takes a hands-on approach to drive performance in their portfolio companies, recognising the transformative impact of sectors like logistics and renewable energy. In particular, they have honed in on opportunities to enhance efficiency and sustainability within these industries.

In healthcare, Everstone has invested in companies that are at the forefront of pharmaceuticals and life sciences, acknowledging the critical role these sectors play in advancing medical research and health services.

Notable Achievements and Partnerships

Everstone’s partnership with Lightsource BP reflects its commitment to renewable energy and addressing climate change. This collaboration underscores the Group’s venture into impactful investment with a focus on promoting sustainability.

A prominent example of Everstone’s ability to scale businesses effectively is their investment in Burger King India. The firm played a crucial role in its exponential growth and successful initial public offering (IPO), highlighting Everstone’s capability in steering consumer brands towards market leadership. Utilising their funds strategically, Everstone has not only propelled enterprise growth but also bolstered market confidence in their selected ventures.

Frequently Asked Questions

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In this section, readers will find concise answers to common inquiries about Everstone Capital’s focus, fundraising, career opportunities, ownership, financial performance, and contact methods.

What are the primary investment focuses of Everstone Capital?

Everstone Capital strategically positions itself in the mid-market, preferring to work with businesses that have a connection to India and Southeast Asia. They seek opportunities across various sectors where they can enact a control mindset coupled with a growth-oriented approach.

How does Everstone Capital raise funds and what is the size of their investments?

Everstone Capital has been known to seek substantial funds for its investment ventures, with recent initiatives aiming to secure up to $1 billion. The firm targets private equity investments, focusing on India and Southeast Asia.

Can you provide insight into the career opportunities available at Everstone Capital?

Career opportunities at Everstone Capital span a range of functions including investment analysis, portfolio management, and support services. With their diverse geographical presence, they may offer various roles in their global offices.

Who holds the ownership of Everstone Capital, and how does this influence their operations?

Everstone Capital is an independent investment firm. Its ownership structure allows for flexibility and autonomy in its operations, aligning closely with a hands-on investment management style and a long-term strategic vision.

In terms of financial performance, what is the reported revenue of Everstone Capital?

Everstone Capital’s estimated annual revenue is reported to be around $13 million, reflecting its active role in the investment banking and financial services sector.

How can one get in touch with Everstone Capital Advisors Pvt Ltd, and what is their preferred method of communication?

Those looking to engage with Everstone Capital Advisors can visit their official website for contact details. The firm provides channels for communication including office addresses and contact forms, suggesting a preference for direct and professional inquiries.

  • PT Bank Permata, a leading Indonesian bank
  • PT Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur, a leading Indonesian food and beverage company
  • PT Mitra Adiperkasa, a leading Indonesian retail company
  • TVS Motor Company, a leading Indian motorcycle manufacturer
  • Hero MotoCorp, a leading Indian motorcycle manufacturer

Everstone Capital Asia has a strong track record of investing in and growing businesses in the region. It has helped its portfolio companies to achieve significant growth and profitability.

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Everstone Capital Asia is also a trusted advisor to its portfolio companies, providing them with strategic guidance and support.Everstone Capital Asia is a valuable resource for entrepreneurs and companies looking to grow their businesses in Southeast Asia and India.

Here are some of the key reasons why Everstone Capital Asia is a leading private equity firm in Southeast Asia and India:

  • Strong track record of investing in and growing businesses in the region
  • Deep understanding of the region and its markets
  • Experienced and knowledgeable team of investment professionals
  • Strong network of relationships with key stakeholders
  • Commitment to providing strategic guidance and support to its portfolio companies

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