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Atena Equity Partners

Atena invests in high-quality Portuguese companies facing succession or restructuring challenges. 

Atena has substantial experience investing in control-oriented equity and distressed debt instruments, adapting each deal structure to the needs of the seller and the stabilization of the company. 

Atena’s in-house portfolio development team works closely with the target company’s management team from day one to define and implement ambitious value creation plans. 

Since its foundation in 2014, Atena invested in four sectors: Industrials,  Education, Healthcare and Business Services.

Together they represented around 260M€ in sales, with over two thirds abroad, and more than 2000 people.

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Atena have experience with exporting to more than 40 countries, with local presence in Portugal, Spain, Poland, Brazil, Algeria, Mozambique and Cameroon. 

Atena was founded on the premise that it is crucial to have in-house operational experience to make sounder investment decisions and to support the portfolio management teams in the design and implementation of truly transformational projects.

Atena raised its first Atena I fund in 2014 and  is currently investing its Atena II fund, closed in January 2019 with 75M€. Atena’s funds under management have as ultimate beneficiaries its management team and several international (European and US) institutions. 

Atena Equity Partners and its funds under management are authorised and regulated by the CMVM.

Atena Equity Partners

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