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ACE Equity Partners: A Korean Mid Market and Growth Specialist

ACE Equity Partners LLC is a private equity firm headquartered in Seoul, South Korea and Singapore.

It was founded in 2005 by a team of experienced investment professionals who have worked in the Korean and Southeast Asian private equity industries for over a decade.

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The firm focuses on investing in mid-market and growth-stage companies in Korea and Southeast Asia, with a particular focus on the technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) sectors.

ACE Equity Partners has raised three funds to date, with a total of over $1 billion in capital commitments.

ACE Equity Partners

The firm’s investment strategy is to partner with management teams to help them grow their businesses and achieve their strategic goals.

ACE Equity Partners provides its portfolio companies with capital, strategic guidance, and operational support.Some of the notable investments of ACE Equity Partners include:

  • Ezbuy: An online marketplace in Singapore.
  • Geniee: A digital advertising company in Japan.
  • Naver Webtoon: A digital comic platform in South Korea.
  • Sea Limited: An e-commerce and gaming company in Southeast Asia.
  • Tokopedia: An e-commerce platform in Indonesia.

ACE Equity Partners has a strong track record of success and has helped its portfolio companies achieve significant growth. The firm is well-positioned to continue to invest in and support the growth of Korean and Southeast Asian companies in the years to come.Here are some additional information about ACE Equity Partners:

  • The firm’s current CEO is Young Wook Kim.
  • ACE Equity Partners has raised over $1 billion in capital.
  • The firm’s portfolio companies have a combined market capitalization of over $50 billion.
  • ACE Equity Partners is a member of the Korea Private Equity Association (KPEA) and the Asia Pacific Private Equity Association (AIPA).

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