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Ion Equity

Ion Equity is a private equity firm that invests in private businesses, primarily in Ireland and the UK. It was founded in 2000 by a group of experienced entrepreneurs and investors, including Niall O’Leary, John Devine, and Ulick Kenny.

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Ion Equity’s investment philosophy is to partner with management teams to provide capital and active strategic and operational input.

Unlike Private Equity investment funds, they invest their own capital and select a small number of companies to partner with.

They have a track record of hands-on, active ownership, delivering exceptional results for all parties. They are proud of the trusted relationships they have established with their company managers, investors, banks, advisors and other partners.

Ion Equity’s investment focus is on businesses with annual sales of €10-€50 million and EBITDA of €2-€10 million. The firm looks for businesses that have strong management teams, good growth prospects, and the potential to be sold or floated on the stock market in the future.

Ion Equity has a team of experienced investment professionals with a proven track record of success. They are committed to helping businesses grow and succeed, and they are always looking for new investment opportunities.

Here are some of the companies that Ion Equity has invested in:

  • Topaz Energy: A leading independent fuel retailer in Ireland.
  • SWS Energy: A provider of energy solutions to businesses in Ireland.
  • Ocean Media: A provider of media and marketing services to businesses in Ireland.
  • Actavo: A provider of facilities management services to businesses in Ireland and the UK.
  • Celtic Pure: A provider of bottled water in Ireland.

If you are an ambitious entrepreneur with a private business that is looking for growth capital, Ion Equity may be a good fit for you. The firm has a proven track record of investing in and supporting Irish businesses, and they are committed to helping you achieve your business goals.

Here are some of the key features of Ion Equity’s investment strategy:

  • Focus on private businesses: Ion Equity invests in private businesses that are not listed on the stock market. This gives the firm more control over the businesses and allows them to provide more hands-on support.
  • Long-term investment horizon: Ion Equity invests for the long term, with a view to achieving attractive returns for its investors. This means that they are willing to take risks on businesses that have the potential to grow significantly over time.
  • Active ownership: Ion Equity takes an active ownership approach to its investments. This means that they work closely with the management teams of the businesses to help them grow and succeed.
  • Experienced team: The investment team at Ion Equity has a wealth of experience in the private equity and venture capital markets. They are committed to helping Irish businesses grow and succeed.

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